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PROGRESSION of Diabetes, HBP & Wt Loss

Thursday, April 25, 2013

PROGRESSION of MY Diabetes, HBP & Wt Loss

I want to record my journey of sorts to document it so I can look back and reflect on how my journey has been progressing.

* I am newly diagnoised with Diabetes
* I am morbidly obese
* I have HBP

In the later part of this month I decided to change my way of eating to a low carb lifestyle and I changed my way of thinking from dieting 4 days per week and binging on the weekends with a feeling of entitlement.

In these past few days of consumption, I realized that protein and fat seems to satisfy me more for hours than eating my favorite sugar ladden carbs.

This 1st week I have been doing the following:
* Breakfast = high protein shake that I make with just water 6oz
* Lunch = A protein Lunch OR a high protein shake made with 6 oz of water
* Snack time = a small package of real bacon bits 2.5 oz
* Dinner time = 6oz or 12oz of package salad and 2 or 3 cans of tuna fish made with real mayo

* I also take a multivitamin a couple of times per week.

Deterence: On Tuesday I had a different lunch in the cafeteria. At first I was worried, wondering what I could possibly eat in there besides my usual slices of pizza or hamburger and fries.... but then I saw it... wings. I didnt think I would like wings because lets face it... they barely have meat on it but I enjoyed it thruoughly because it helped me stay within MY plan of low carb

Tuesday lunch: 5 wings for $2.15 and a dip sauce of ranch dressing for free.
I actually found myself longing for a beautiful display of freshly cut leaf lettuce that would have gone perfectly with my wings but it was days before payday and I didnt not have enough money for the salad.

What made me stick to my lower carb way of eating?
* To help control my diabetes
* Learning about living with Diabetes by attending a Free 7-wk course on Diabetes Mngt.
* Another reason was because I saw myself in a co-worker, literally on Tuesday and that helped me become MORE determined to change my life.

She is big and diabetic like me but has recently been gaining weight and it is very apparent. As she worked, I looked at her from head to toes with the elastic waist band pants and the pull over shirt and when I looked at her body, it was like a sloppy type fat with rolls and rolls of fat, big stomach and big bottom and I realized.... oh my goodness that is ME and how I look and how people must be looking at me.

Sometimes we dont see ourselves in reality unless we see a photo of which we may put in the back burner of our minds or sometimes we can really see ourselves in others and it wakes us up to reality.... do we want to continue this way or do we want to make a change?

She is still in the denial stage of her Diabetes and has elected to ignore it and live the fast food lifestyle regularly and that is her choice. I was in denial the past month as well until it hit me that the "complications" of Diabetes can kill me.

I am attending a 7 week course of Diabetes Management and the instructor explained that people dont die from diabetes, they die from the "complications" Diabetes can cause like nerve damage, loss of extremeties, blindness, etc.....

Exercise: I also learned that exercise helps move insullin from the cells into the muscles of the body to use as energy when we exercise that is a good thing. Have I started exercising this week... I did take a 15 minute walk on Monday... need to step it up more often to hopefully make it a habit because of the benefits it provides, not because I like it at all.

I listened to my new doctor and take my metformin twice per day 2000 mg total and I did the low carb way of eating on my own and my blood sugar are running Normal now, thank goodness.

Metformin really works in controlling Diabetes but when I first took it, I got stomach cramps from hell, it was sooooooooo painful. My doctor never told me to EASE into taking the prescription. I have since then changed doctors and re-started taking Metformin pills at a slower pace so my stomach could get use to it... 500 mg at first, then 1000 mg, then 1500 mg and now settling in at 2000 miligrams per day and no pain, thank goodness and its working!

Here at my results with taking my prescriptions for HBP and Diabetes and lifestyle change:

Week one:
4/20/13 = 343
4/21/13 = 347.2 = swollen feet/ankles, forgot to take my HBP pills = water retention
4/22/13 = 342 = feet and ankles Less swollen
4/23/13 = 341 = feet and ankles almost normal in size
4/24/13 = 341 = same
4/25/13 = 338.2

So that is my progression thus far

It is amazing that I can see what happens when I dont take my 3 HBP pills daily and I can also see what happens as I continue to eat low carb.... the results are improving to say the least :-)

Change is not and wont be easy but it can become a good way of life if I stick to it and commit.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love this blog. I am not a diabetic but I have HBP and High Cholesterol. The way you described your co-worker sounds like myself. Thank you for this blog. It has me thinking and that's always a good thing. My best to you. emoticon
    1278 days ago
    It's an amazing thing to start changing your life in the most basic ways. Congratulations! I'm REALLY looking forward to hearing how you're doing.
    You can look forward to getting off those meds as you lose weight and become healthier, but in the meantime, you could add them to your Spark goals, if you think that might help you to remember them.
    Walking will help you more than you can imagine. A 15 minute walk is a terrific start.
    Can you get in another one today or tomorrow? Can you come up with a backup plan, for days when you might not get in a walk on your lunch break? Maybe a short walk at home. Maybe a few minutes of walking in place along with a video. Anything to help you get moving and to start using those muscles a little bit.
    You've made a great start, and you should be really proud of yourself!

    emoticon emoticon
    1278 days ago
    Nature did not design us to eat the huge quantity of sugar and starch that we now have available to us. You've already experienced the first

    emoticon moment!

    Fat and protein fuel you and keep you from being hungry ALL THE TIME!!! Carbs just set you up for a roller coaster ride of energy highs and lows, frequent hunger, and miserable cravings.

    You can expect to ditch your meds somewhere in the next 60 or 70 pounds. Maybe you can be the inspiration that finally motivates your coworker to get on board, and you will have saved TWO lives, not just one!


    This is my favorite low carb motivation thread:


    Read the oldest posts first!
    1278 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/25/2013 11:50:41 AM
    journey to change yourself is long and hard . it is a good fight . It will make you completely over and change your health for the better .keep up the journey & good luck .
    1278 days ago

    Keep up the good work! Being consistent and taking small steps every day will lead you to success. 15 minutes each day of exercise is a great are on your way to better health. Good luck in your journey.

    1278 days ago
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