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Busy Day

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Had a busy day today--went and picked up Du from work about 10:30 and we headed to the Doctor's office. We had a consultation visit with Du's Urologist to discuss the Cancer Treatment Center's (CTCA) opinions, treatments and philosophies. He was very supportive and had some good input to offer us. I think Du has decided to continue his treatment here in town with this doctor rather than return to the CTCA. We always have the option of going back there in the future, if we are unhappy with the care here or think we need more help. We have all their recommendations and will continue to follow them, including the supplements and special dietary things they suggested. The doctor here can give the shots, and we won't have to worry about not having someone local if and when Du gets sick. I think it is a good decision, and I really don't think we will regret it. I was a little frustrated with the CTCA anyhow. I had called their medical records dept. twice to request that they send Du's records to his local doctor, and they did not do it. I did have a copy with me of what they gave us when we left there, so I let his local Doctor keep them. I have another copy for our use.

After we left the doctor's office we went to Red Lobster for lunch. I had grilled tilapia with broccoli and green beans and a salad with their red wine vinaigrette, and not even ONE bite of a cheesy biscuit! It was pretty good, but I'm getting pretty burnt out on broccoli. (Then I made beef & broccoli stir fry for dinner!) I took Du back to work, and then headed to oldest son's house. He had asked me to accompany him to his 7-year old son's school for their Research Report Day. Each child had done a research report on an animal and were to read it to their family members and then to others as they moved about the library, where it was held. It was fun to see Duncan at school. My grandson had a few problems at school, when he started kindergarten in 2011. It was a real struggle for him to follow the rules. He wanted to do what he wanted to do WHEN he wanted to do it. He got in trouble numerous times, actually got kicked out of their after-school day-care program (in his first few weeks of kindergarten)! Neither of his parents have a history of misbehaving at school. We all (both sides of the family) just have a healthy respect for authority at school and in life, and have done what we are supposed to do most of the time, avoiding getting into trouble if at all possible. It got to the point, where my son told me he would cringe when the phone would ring at work, fearing it would be the school again, complaining, and he would once again have to pick his son up, or attend a meeting regarding his behavior. But about half way through his kindergarten year, something happened. Grandson just changed, and became a whole different kid, it was like a light went on inside his head and he realized there were certain behavioral expectations and he needed to live up to them. Before he was the kind of kid that I loved with all my heart, but sometimes it was hard to like him. Now I adore that little boy. He is so smart and clever and he obeys the rules. When he comes out and stays with us, he entertains himself with video games or the computer and you hardly know he is here. He gets along well with his sister and his cousin and pretty much does whatever we ask him to do. He has problems with his vision, and I think that is hampering both his reading and writing skills, but I know he will be fine in both eventually. After all, he is only in first grade! He did his report on Meerkats, because he wrote, "they are cats and they're wild."

It was fun to be alone with my oldest son for a while too. We had a nice talk before we left to walk to school. He is such a great kid--and at 40 he's no longer a kid, but as my child, he will always be a kid. He was always my golden boy. He had golden curls as a baby and young boy, and I let them grow long, after all, it was the 70's and long hair was in style for boys. He sure hates those pictures of him from that time now though! He loved to run and participated in a local kid's track club and also many 1-mile fun runs and 5 and 10K's as he grew up, and when he got to middle and high school, was a member of both track and cross-country teams. In fact his cross-country 4-mile relay (3200 K?) team set a school record when he was a senior and made the local sportscast. He still runs and it helps him keep his weight down, so he remains tall and lean. He was smarter than me, knowing early on, he needed to keep his weight off, since he had inherited a tendency to be obese. We walked over to grandson's school, about 5-6 blocks on a brisk Spring day. But the sun was shining and we haven't seen much of that as we continue to set record low temperatures. This morning, in fact it was 24 degrees, breaking by 3 degrees the old low temperature record of 27 degrees for April 24. By this afternoon it had warmed up to the mid-50's and made for a nice walk both to school and back to son's house again. The new few days we are to see a major warming trend-- it is to be in the 70's clear through the weekend. I am ready for Spring. I think we will be barbecuing this weekend!

I stopped and picked up some groceries on the way home, and when I got here, about the same time as Du got home from work, Lola (the Bulldog) was so excited and rambunctious after being home alone most of the day, I knew I needed to get her outside for a walk. We skipped our walks the last two days due to the cold and the rain, but it was halfway decent today, so even though it was time to get dinner started, I took the time to walk the l.2 miles down the road with Lola. It was a good walk. The lady who lives across the road from us, stopped in her car as she passed us and told me that she had seen us on TV last November. She thought that was very cool. (We don't talk to our neighbors very often--can you tell?) Then I passed my other neighbor who walks her dog very single day. I asked her if she had gone out the last two days to walk her dog, since it was so cold and rainy. She said not on Monday when it poured pretty much all day, but she did yesterday. She is my role model. She is at least 10 years younger than me, and very tiny. I know she uses her dog as an excuse to get out and walk almost every single day, which in turn helps her keep the pounds off. Oh it takes more than a short walk everyday with the dog to maintain this weight loss, but I am also aware it helps! So thanks to Lola, I am inspired to get out there everyday, like my neighbor, weather be damned....and walk to keep those pounds off.

Dinner was still on the table by 6:30, with youngest son's help. I love my boys!! A busy, wonderful day....full of major decisions and good times with family.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sounds like a good busy day!
    1666 days ago
    A good day, I think. I never did like broccoli. I know it would be good for me, but I just can't eat it without gagging.
    1667 days ago
    It sure sounds like a busy day. I'm glad you feel comfortable with the doctor and the plans for your husband.

    It sounds like your grandson finally came to terms of what his limits and boundaries were. Children do need to learn those and we can't give in to them all the time, otherwise they don't learn what is right and wrong and can be confusing. It is great that you can really enjoy your time with him. I hope his vision problems get worked out because that really does play a part with his reading and writing.
    1668 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    I am so glad you had some time with your oldest son, who sounds like a wonderful man. Boy oh boy, could I ever relate to the naughty kindergartner stories. All three of my boys were naughty kindergartners - my middle son told me, at one point during his kindergarten year at Catholic school "it turns out, Mommy, that there are some words you just don't say at school!" Aaagghh, I had been telling him that but it took awhile to get it through his stubborn little head. Anyway, I am glad to hear your grandson had such a nice turnaround. My youngest is in the third grade (my oldest TEACHES the third grade) and I still get the occasional call which makes me cringe. Take care, Miss Pam.
    1668 days ago
    Mine are girls 3 (almost 26 almost 24 and Oct. 25 20), but I know what you mean. Good days! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1668 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    It sounds like you had a pretty good day all in all. Those doctor's visits can be really tiring. I'm glad you got to see your grandson at school. Family is wonderful, isn't it?
    1668 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    Yes, our kids are always kids in our minds! It's nice you had help getting dinner on the table on time while you also got in the walk. Sounds like you had a great session with the Doctor today.
    1668 days ago
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