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but for a lack of hanky

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a) There was no panky
b) Snot was running down his nose
c) No hammerin’ occurred this day
d) None of the above

I think my mind’s off in the land of d) but I’m not sure. a) and b) don’t apply, but c) might be accurate, since after handling a number of calls and clearing items off my plate quite well, thank you very much on Tuesday, Wednesday has seen less accomplishment. Maybe it’s due to being tired, an unthinking late caffeinated soda delaying that moment of snoozery conspiring with an achy jaw waking me in the midst of the dark night to rob me of a proper amount of sleep. Or an amount that suffices by my standards to avoid my feeling like a zombie.

That’s not entirely the case, though, as a coke and a smile (brought on by a George Takei facebook post) perked me right up soon enough. A larger part just might be the strategy employed by one Partha Sarathi Mukhopadhyay (25 letters, count ‘em and weep!) to prioritize the heapin’ helpin’ of support tickets received on Monday (I do healthcare help desk support, in case you’ve forgotten or are new to these parts, in which case, howdy!) (I also never use the word ‘howdy’, so please do appreciate the sacrifice I made in your honor). Basically, I took the pile, and mentally broke it down into Easy Stuff and NOT SO EASY STUFF. And I toyed with the easy stuff on Tuesday until they cried monkey’s uncle. The not so easy stuff seems to be toying with me today.

I was hoping to have the plate cleared, or near enough by the end of my week (aka Thursday), but having been voluntold that I get to handle the queue again Thursday, that won’t be the case. But I suppose that just sets up another Monday with Eazies to chase. That wouldn’t be the worst way to start a week, feeling, however artificially, like I accomplished something.
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