Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I got a cell phone for my husband with long distance minutes added on and connected to the system I wanted him to have it so that he would have a phone to call out if he wanted to in rest bet care I got mine 3 years ago I went in picked one out and sighed for it My daughter got one to Then they went out of business and transferred me to another company . I went there and sighed up again I picked out one for my husband and signed up for it They said it would be ready in 24 hours Ofter that time we tried to use it and it was not working .Phoned the store why it is not working They said my husband signed for it I told them my husband was in the hospital and was not able to do anything at that time They said he used his car license for it I found out they but in by mistake the regular phone many years ago not the cell phone I had to go in again today to straighten the mess the first company made Hope it works this time I kept saying I am not a child no more and kept my cool I pictured myself going into a temper tamterm and that made me smile
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