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Omni diet

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So DH has started his omni diet this week, he leaves me food for the day it seems to be working out so far. But really it is no different than eating clean. My problem is the emotional eating and unable to get in the kind of cardio I am used to.

I am a third way to getting the jogging stroller, I have come to the conclusion that Kijiji is going to be the place to find the best deal for me, and most are asking 300 for a stroller and some are giving accessories as well. Can't wait to get one and start using it. I scoped out the pathway by the zoo and there is a small path leading up to the zoo entrance. It is about 5 k from my house so we can jog there, see a few animals and jog on back. I plan on abusing my annual zoo pass! We went yesterday, it was nice getting out of the house. Can't wait for the weather to really turn nice.

The weekend was a total complete bust. You don't realize it until you have eaten it, that you are emotionally eating. I was quite upset on saturday and ate a whole pizza to myself crying.
DH was getting the guilt trip from his mom that his grandma hasn't seen Anissa. I have a feeling she was manipulating him so that she can see Anissa as well without me there. So he told me that his aunt and grandma are offering to babysit. They don't wait for us to ask for a babysitter, they tell us when they can babysit, weird in my opinion, and DH said yes and decided to go to a movie on Friday. So We dropped her off happy and giggling and when we were leaving his aunt told DH that his mom should be coming over soon. I knew it!
I had a sweater on her for the trip outside, but couldn't take it off as they just grabbed her from DH. Half way through the movie, we are getting a call from his mom. Anissa had been crying for over an hour and wouldn't eat. When we got there yep I had to deal with a crying baby. We took her upstairs so that I could try and feed her but she just wouldn't she was too upset she was boiling hot because they left her in that sweater and no doubt wrapped her up more. She then pooped and when I changed her I saw that they had incorrectly put one of the easiest cloth diapers on wrong. They had taken out the liner that I placed in the diaper, they didn't need instructions "they know how to put a diaper on a baby" Well that missing liner gave babe quite the bad bum rash, and they had the velcro up against her skin. No wonder she was crying! When I went downstairs they had the nerve to tell me that the diaper is too big, no it's not, they just didn't put it on right.
I also have an amber necklace on her for teething pain, I had a feeling his mom would have a problem with it around her neck so I had put it on her ankle ensuring that it wasn't tight at all. You could still put a finger under it. They also took it upon themselves to take it off because they claimed it was cutting off her circulation. I think they just visualize this stuff so that they can come back and say I am being a terrible mom. I felt awful for leaving her with them knowing this was going to happen. She has a face rash, bum rash, and teething pain because they feel the need to undermine my decisions on what I do with my baby.

Monday DH had come home from work and tells me "my mom is coming by tomorrow". I told him b we were going to go to the zoo, "then wednesday"he says. She has no regard for my schedule. I actually had made plans to see a girlfriend, that had her lil boy on my birthday, for Wednesday afternoon. I am going to be setting it up so that she has no choice but to visit when DH is home. She communicates with him so she can visit when he is available and I am going to stand firm on that. I want my afternoons to go for walks and runs once I get a real running stroller.
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    Are you still doing Omni? I'm going to start on Saturday and would love to hear about your experience.
    1452 days ago
    Jesus, sorry to say, but your MIL is a prick.
    Honestly, and this is horrible to say - do not leave the baby with his family ever again. You'll have to hire a real babysitter when you need to go out sans-child. And absolutely, she should not be there with you unless your husband is there to run interference. In actuality, I wouldn't let her there at all unless she learns how to behave like a grandmother instead of a dictator.
    What a horrible-sounding individual.
    The fact that your husband allows this nonsense is horrifying.
    1571 days ago
    Ugh..I wish I could be in Calgary to help you with your bully. I say bully, yes. She is bullying you. She knows she has you backed into a corner in this situation. She knows you would rather not have a confrontation, because you are a nice person. She knows that if you say anything to her, she can just go "tell on you" which in turn will cause problems in your marriage. I owe you a bday gift still you know...perhaps I can just help you with your jogging stroller?
    1577 days ago
    Wow. I am so sorry you are having to deal with all of this. I definitely wouldn't change a thing to accomodate when your MIL wants to come over. Like you said, let her be there when B is there. I honestly don't know how you are handling all that is happening. I would have went off already and been like, "Look. This is MY baby and if you can't accept the way I'm raising her and go by my rules for her, then you won't be able to see her. End of story." I know that's harder to say and stick to, but it's getting ridiculous and you don't need all that extra drama and stress. I hope things get better for you soon! emoticon
    1578 days ago
    It sounds like this is getting a bit out of control- sigh :( Try to stay as calm as possible and do hold your ground. Just think: Now Annisa is too little to remember any of this, but if there are no firm, healthy bounderies, she will be pulled in the middle of adults... like for example, what about when they start allowing her to do things or undermine you around her when she's older. The bottom line is that they either are mature enough to respect you or they need to keep their distance. You don't need them. While it is important for a child being around extended family and while I think that getting along with family IS VERY important, even if it is not always easy----- it is NOT okay for them to besrespectful of you!
    Plus, it is important for to find the right balance of being healthy and happy.

    I really hope things improve on that front for you!!!! Stay strong and hold your ground!

    And yeah for being 2/3 to your stroller goal--- perfect time of the year to start planning all those Zoo outings- how cool you live so close too. Extra bonus for sure!
    1578 days ago
    I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with all this unnecessary drama! I had no idea having a baby could cause so much stress!
    You might have to start being more assertive regarding her wrapping up Anissa so tightly/warmly. Show her the heat rash. Show her the diaper rash. Tell her she put the diaper on wrong and show her the right way! I really don't know what else to do!?!?! She's a GROWN ADULT, and if she is not going to follow your desires, then she CAN'T babysit! Period!

    I am not the best person for advice on this subject, but I do understand how you must be feeling! I really wish Byron would stand up for you more! If he seems to have a way of talking with his mom, then he should also stand up and explain to her how HE wants things done! (Your wishes for baby are HIS wishes for baby... I know that's how it SHOULD work since you spend way more time with her!)

    As for the Omni diet, I've never heard of it! I'll do some research! But like you said, if you can't control the emotional eating, this diet has little chance of working! I do hope that you can get control back of that situation soon!!!
    ~Be STRONG!~

    Let me know when you need some girlfriend time!!! emoticon

    1578 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/24/2013 1:19:39 PM
  • CHERIJ16
    I don't know your history but sorry you are having to deal with difficult people. Sometimes the best way to deal with all that stress is to take the higher ground. Be above criticism and "kill them with kindness".
    1578 days ago
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