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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

emoticon Good early a.m. my sparkling friends! I'm up and at em early today! I have lots of paperwork to get to before I go into the consignment gallery at 10 a.m. The hubs has a construction estimate (he still does maintenance for our many, many customers from back in the day of the big biz). I'll have to man the ship alone til he gets in late morning then he's off to make a delivery on a HUGE contemporary king h/b and two nightstands.

He doesn't charge enough for his efforts! When does one get anything delivered..especially of this size and weight for $25.00...come on...the big SUV we use for delivery pulling our 8x10 trailor will have gobbled that up by the first quarter mile!

Sigh... emoticon Talk about giving the farm away! I told him absolutely positively NO deliveries for less than $35 period...and even that is ridiculous in this day and age.

I've always had the better business head, but then DH has the steadiness that I lack in dealing with frustrating customers...so I guess all in all we balance each other out. He pulls me back and I push him forward. It's worked for 35 years as of May and most of those years were us working together so sometimes I try to cut him some slack...sometimes! emoticon

Many of you have asked what's going on with the housing situation. Not much.

I talked to our lawyers last week which is like begging for a viewing with the Pope. They don't bother to respond to my e-mails...and when you call...which I HATE doing since my voice is so crappy over the telephone (I think my voice got damaged during a really STUPID procedure..tummy tuck.... I had done ages and ages ago under anesthesia) I NEVER get to talk to our lead attorney...just one of her minions..it's REALLY frustrating! emoticon

And to think I am paying them BIG bucks for this dis~service really takes the cake!

I can't EVEN imagine what would happen to me as a small business owner that didn't respond to my consignees e-mails or phone calls. I'd be out of business in a NY minute..but yet the lawyers continue to flourish. BLAHHH not fair...not fair at all.

Okay tirade over...this is what I contacted them about. What is going to happen at the judicial conference scheduled for May 8th and based on percentages what do you think our chances of remaining in this house are?

Straight forward question right...NOT so straight forward answer. Well...we don't know?

Okay...what can I do to make our chances better, should I attend the meeting? Have you reviewed all the other documentation that I spent WEEKS putting together at your office's request?

Another muffled side stepping answer. No you should not attend the meeting, the judge could set a trial hearing which can't be earlier than 30 days from the conference.

So...basically I'm in the same place we have been for the last almost three years. In the dark.
How DO you live your life that way? Never knowing what is going to happen to the roof over your head tomorrow. How do you put up with this knowing that you've done EVERYTHING right and STILL you might get your homestead stolen right out from under your nose.

It sucks..plain and simple!

Okay I'm whining now emoticon but it's allowed in Sparkland...and I do appreciate getting it out of my head and into my blog. Better that than eating...right?

The one thing I did get from the conversation was sometimes the bank is more flexible about modifications towards the end of the road.

Okay...but I've been there done that and paid NINE months of trial mod. payments while they were busy getting all their fraudulent docs together. What good did that do for us...just made our pockets lighter and they still get to steal the house. I'm suspicious.

BUT...never the less...maybe I should again try. We were notified in Feb. from GMAC that OcWen was buying out their troubled assets. GMAC being the stand up rats that they are filed bankruptcy to dodge their creditors and probably all the class action lawsuits that will be filed against them for the slimy foreclosure tactics they employed. OcWen wrote us a letter that same week saying they were our new servicer.

I promptly go to the web to find out what their guidelines are for their modification process. They are daunting. Then...I come across all the complaints that customers have written about them and the fact that since they aren't an actual bank they aren't regulated by the government and can pretty much get away with murder. OH GREAT...another ROBBER BARRON to deal with.

But wait...that very same day I get a letter from OcWen saying there has been a computer error (such a great thing to blame their screw ups on...some defenseless machine) emoticon and that in fact US Bank is the servicer.

What...we've never been notified that US Bank is in the play. I don't even think US Bank IS a servicer..I think it is a trustee for GMAC...you know the one who filed bankruptcy so many months ago.

Soooo at this point I don't think THEY know what is going on...I hope our loan is lost in never never land and that GMAC stops paying the lawyers who will promptly drop their deadbeat
butskies...if they aren't getting their hands greased every month!

If... they don't know...how can the homeowner possibly know or for that matter have a prayer of someone working with them to save their home?

This is the great land of the free that we are living in right now??? And it's SO true...money is the ROOT of all evil! emoticon I hope this greed takes them ALL down in a flashing light of powerful victory for the innocent and well meaning homeowners!

Okay...that's the GMAC end of things. It's called I don't even have a clue what's going on.

I sent all of this in a letter to our attorneys and I'm hoping someone takes a shred of interest and it helps our case at the conference meeting. All one can do is hope...and pray.

The little cracker house is still in play...but I'm a little in the dark about that too...I was supposed to go with the realtor to our city hall today at 3 to see about the zoning on the property. When I first viewed the property I had asked about the possibility of it going commercial because we were thinking it had to be zoned as such for our consignment biz.

Then as time went on...I was thinking that it probably would be okay in the light zoning that it now has because DH isn't convinced he wants the public trekking though our house every day. I get that completely..especially with all the kook~a~nuts out there today.

So I e-mailed the realtor and told her I thought the present zoning would be okay. She still wants to check into the commercial zoning which tells me that she has someone on the line that might be interested if the zoning can be changed.

Realtors are NEVER completely truthful with you. I wish if she weren't REALLY considering our deal that she'd just say so and not string us along for the ride.

This is why I'm just handing it over to the universe to figure out what is right or wrong with this deal. I'm exhausted trying and what ever is going to happen will happen so why get my panties in a wad? emoticon

I have enough to keep me busy with the consignment gallery and the millions of details that I attend to with that in the day to day.

The meeting with the city has been changed from today at 3 p.m to Friday at 1:30 p.m. We'll see what comes out of that.

Another interesting note...the cracker house just dropped $10,000 in pricing. We'll see if the realtor tells me about THAT! We had mentioned that we would pay asking price because we are in a position where beggers can't be choosers.

But I do check the website frequently and it has dropped $10,000..if she doesn't tell me..I'll certainly remind her..I won't pay more than the current listing price that's for sure no matter WHAT position we are in. emoticon

Like I said...out of the hubs and I as a business team...I'm the one with the better business head. He's the one that is the slow steady hand of reason...you've got to have BOTH to make a good business work.

That's it...that's all for now. Gorgeous pieces came into the gallery yesterday from the penthouse condo in Naples...REALLY pretty stuff..if a little retro.

Hey...I like retro! I'm a little retro me~self! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • DS9KIE
    I hope you get a solution to your house soon so you don't have to think about it anymore, cause that just has to be driving you crazy.

    Oh defiantly charge more for the deliveries.

    have fun in your shop.
    1757 days ago
    Are you planning on running the jewelry business out of your house or something else?

    I'm so impressed with your tenacity to keep working away at trying to save your home and your success at your consignment gallery. You are a real winner in my book.
    1761 days ago
    Don't let this house get away if you really want it. Hugs!
    1761 days ago
    Take advantage of the market, Bobbi - If the price is $10,000 less, don't offer any more than that! emoticon
    1761 days ago
    Wow what a doozy.... Of the mortgages and realtor NOT telling u on lower the price .... Man greed road here ... emoticon
    HATE roadblocks but stay on our goal if possible bit of bummer feelings for you results can be disappointing sometimes. emoticon emoticon
    1761 days ago
    1761 days ago
    Sounds a little too much like there is something rotten in crackerbox house. That big a drop is the result of something. It could be the sellers need a quicker turnover - who knows - but I'd probe a little deeper to make sure there isn't some issue/problem you aren't being told about. What sort of warranty's are offered as part of the sale or is it being sold "As Is"? Make sure your posterior will be protected.

    OcWen just bought my mortgage, too! I went to make my April payment with what I believed was my mortgage holder and found out I couldn't do it on-line because the mortgage had been sold. Not too sure about or impressed by this OcWen. Makes me think the dirty bankers/financial wizards are just using a new shell to continue their crimes. emoticon
    1762 days ago
    Sounds like some funny stuff going on with the house.
    Have a good day emoticon
    1762 days ago
    Bobbi, I really hope at the end of all the paper shuffling, you get to stay put, but here's what I know....BIG RED FLAG!!!! So, they've lowered the price and not called to tell you anything about it.....you know the wiring and plumbing and different items you cannot readily see in the cracker house????? They probably need work or replacing as well as......have you looked at the foundation? Taken stock of the location??? Y'all have had a lot of sink hole issues in FLA of late. And don't think the traffic and pollution won't take a toll pretty quickly! Who ever owns/maintains that road could also be planning to use that property for possible expansion??? or whatever. If you have talked with the agent and proposed a possible solution, that lowering of the price should have been taken up with you first before the general public were to find out. Something's rotten, here! You might move in and have to move right back out. I am just playing "devil's advocate" here, but (and I know you do your homework) I just don't want you to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire! You are good people and deserve to just enjoy what you have without having to get into any additional messes. This little house just sets off alarms in my head. (Maybe it's just the echoing in my brain case since I only have a pea brain anyway...lol)
    Hope all your dreams come true, whatever they be. (((HUGS)))
    1762 days ago
    I am so impressed how you stand strong with all that is going on. The fact that your little cracker house went down $10,000 after you have shown interest does make it sound as if they are not considering your offer. It will be interesting to see if the realtor informs you why this happened. Wishing you good luck with all of this!
    1762 days ago
    Seems you're doing the best you can with the cards you were dealt. Hug, hug - Evelyn
    1762 days ago
    Man what a schmozzle....... and did you know that in Ireland you can move there and just start claiming EI. My friend is over there with her bf, helping get his mother situated in a nursing home etc. and there is no property tax, and people go there put up residence and just get unemplyment. Man their economy must be resiliant or failing. I don't know much about overseas economy and if there are any Irish souls reading, correct me if I am wrong. One place I would love to see, my dd has enough air miles to get her and hubby there but are saving for spending money and boarding the dogs money! LOL
    Wow what a confusing mess you are in. and not fair about the other house, the realtor should tell you that there is more interest that the price went down .......
    oh well good luck at your own work today!
    1762 days ago
    Have a good day at the consignment shop!!

    hugs, Wendy emoticon
    1762 days ago
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