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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Theodore had just retired and was having a discussion with his wife, Sylvia, about the future. “What would you do if I died before you?” Theodore asked.
Sylvia thought about it for a while and replied, “Oh, I’d probably share a house with several other single or widowed women. Since I’m still in good health, I think the other women could be a little younger than me.”
Then Sylvia asked Theodore, “What would you do if I died first?”
Theodore replied, “Probably the same thing.”
What European country kept the music to its national anthem but dropped the lyrics after its longtime dictator died?

Spain. The most recent lyrics for its “La Marcha Real” (The Royal March) were written for General Francisco Franco—and abandoned following his death and the restoration of the monarchy in 1975. No official lyrics have replaced them.
Late Night Lore

Joan Rivers vs. Victoria Principal

While guest-hosting The Tonight Show in 1983, Rivers interviewed Principal, then starring on Dallas. Principal remarked that she had just celebrated her 33rd birthday, then later claimed that she was the first American baby born in Japan immediately after WWII … which ended in 1945, meaning she was really 38. Rivers called her on it, and Principal left in a huff. From then on, Principal’s white lie became regular joke fodder for Rivers, who went on to host The Late Show on Fox in 1986. While interviewing Dallas costar Ken Kercheval, Rivers got the idea to call Principal at home to mockingly wish her a happy birthday. Rivers dialed the number and got a busy signal, so she asked an operator to break into the line, saying the phone number on TV. Principal still didn’t pick up, but was later inundated with prank phone calls. She successfully sued Rivers and Fox for $3 million.
Jack Benny initially used Ben K. Benny as his stage name. (His real name: Benny Kobelski.)
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