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Thursday on a Tuesday

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So I think I've mentioned a time or three that Thursday is my nemesis. It's the one day each week that I just seem to be spinning my wheels instead of getting anywhere. It's like that's the day each item on my to do list starts generating offshoots. Plus, if I'm going to get bad news or have crap happen it's a fair bet that it will happen on Thursday. I'm not talking about giant, life-altering stuff here - just run of the mill inconvenient I could really do without the hassle type stuff.

So today, Tuesday, was my Thursday for the week. I'm officially calling it.

Just a million little grievances that all together have left my little brain swirling. A checkbook snafu (I sometimes wonder if the couples who maintain separate accounts are a step ahead of me), a rescheduled evaluation (freaked out for 2 solid days and rewrote an entire perfectly good lesson and then was told the principal would have to come another day), out of control kids (spring fever much?), last minute training requirement (because I have a spare hour and 15 minutes this week to watch a powerpoint slide show that's just going to annoy me), a computer snafu (when the powers that be don't allow us minions update/install rights on our computers how can they expect us to have to most up to date versions of stuff like Java and Adobe?), and my allergies have been kicking up the last couple days so that's fun too. Plus it's really cold outside but the beautiful, huge snowflakes we had this afternoon didn't stick around. So yeah, Grrr! I'm going to watch something from my dvr or finish my book and go to bed.

Yesterday hubby had a dr. appointment for a follow up on some routine bloodwork. His blood pressure and blood sugar were ok (not great, but ok) but his cholesterol was off the charts. Seriously, in the oh my gosh I didn't know the charts went that high range. I thought he had a typo in the text he sent me. He freaked, I freaked, and even the doctor freaked a little I think. After I calmed down a bit though I've chosen to see this as a blessing. Not the blood test results, but the fact that we found out about this as a result of a blood test not some catastrophic thing like a heart attack or stroke. So the next three months are going to be focused on bringing down his cholesterol through diet and taking his meds as prescribed (no missed doses). Hopefully as a side effect he will lose some weight and bring his blood pressure and blood sugar under even better control. I'm hoping that as an extra side effect I will lose some weight too.

I want a cookie - but I'm not going to have one. I guess that's my small victory for the day.
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    Cholesterol problems are just that opportunities to better yourself. Appreciate you sharing and remember that the changes needed are now life long! emoticon
    1732 days ago
    Boy, you certainly had quite the day! Those kinds of days really suck! It's good to vent though and not internalize or eat something you shouldn't as a result of your day. So, that in itself is good and a NSV. emoticon emoticon

    At least you found out now about your DH's cholesterol and not after something catastrophic happened. It's good to turn some really bad news though into something that is a positive to a certain degree. Definitely a good opportunity to make changes to your lifestyle for the better to get his numbers down and hopefully as a result will help you to lose some weight.

    With team work the two of you can lower his cholesterol and help you to lose weight! emoticon emoticon
    1733 days ago
    It really is a good thing that you discovered hubby's high cholesterol through a blood test and not anything more major. I sure hope he's on board with you to turn this around.
    1733 days ago
    It IS a blessing to find out this way and an extra blessing that it give your family even more motive to be healthy! emoticon
    1734 days ago
    Well, you got it over with early? I'm so sorry you had to have a day like this. Glad you vented.

    Hopefully things will be nothing but better from here!
    1734 days ago
  • A*L*P*
    My whole week has been a Thursday (or in my case, a Wednesday...)

    So sorry about your husband's cholesterol. I think its way cool that you're looking at it as a good opportunity to make some good changes. I hope he can get it down.

    Hang in there, hopefully now your Thursday can be your Tuesday.
    1734 days ago
    Yay for small victories! As a team you and your hubbie will conquer that cholesterol!
    1734 days ago
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