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Is This GoodBye?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

For the past few years, I’ve had a lot of issues with fatigue. It doesn’t matter if I’ve slept 10 hours; I’m still just as exhausted as if I hadn’t slept at all. A lot of times, I’ll feel good upon waking and maybe an hour later, will be absolutely exhausted, ready for bed. To me, this is ridiculous in someone that’s only 26 years old. I’ve also been experiencing some breathing issues and lightheadedness too which at times is pretty alarming. This morning I was brainstorming with my BRITT831 and came to the conclusion that bread might be the culprit. I’ve gone to my doctor who is working with me, having me take lots of tests to see if my sleeping patterns are at fault (possible Sleep Apnea) or if there are issues with my heart (have a family history of it). I’ve covered all my bases except for diet, so that will be my next experiment.

Beginning Friday, I’m going to do the following:
emoticonNo bread for 1 week
emoticonCheck each morning at 1pm to see how my energy level is
emoticonRecord how I’m feeling here on Spark

Easy enough right? I think so. If I don’t see a change, I’ll try for another week and see if that does anything.

I’ve looked up some symptoms of having an allergic reaction to bread and I fit quite a bit of them (DiscoveryFit&Health.com):

abdominal pain, gas, bloating, constipation, malabsorption of nutrients, weakness, chronic fatigue, memory/concentration problems, skin irritation, headaches, joint pain, muscle cramps, irritability, behavior changes, depression, difficulty breathing, drop in blood pressure, and lightheadedness

Seriously, I suffer from ALL of these at one time or another. It’s worth a try.

Zumba tonight and then I’m promptly going to bed!
Keep on keepin’ on SparkBuddies!

Miss B
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I hope you figure out what the problem is. Bread gets blamed for a lot of problems, so if it's not actually the bread doing it to you, I hope your doctor can help you figure out what's doing all this to you because it all sounds very unpleasant! Good luck with the bread trial!

    1733 days ago
    I can empathize as my fibromyalgia began at a young age and I was finally formally diagnosed around the age of 35.. I'm now almost 58.. and for me, a lot of the symptoms you mentioned are those of FM.. check it out..
    1734 days ago
    Have you had Vitamin B 12 levels done? I felt much of these same things and when my doctor decided to check my B 12 level it was down to 50 where normal is 211 to 918. After receiving injections every week for 8 weeks, I sure felt so much better. I am stabilized now on one injection a month....Elsie
    1734 days ago
  • JLITT62
    It could be gluten, not just bread. I eat very little bread these days - only keep it around for my husband & sometimes indulge before a long run. And I don't even think I have a gluten sensitivity / I just am more satisfied eating this way.

    Good luck!
    1735 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    I hope you find out what the problem is! Good luck & keep moving! emoticon
    1735 days ago
    I have similar problems that you are having. And all my life I had very low B-12 and iron in my blood. And my doctor said that was the reason I felt so tired and light-headed. It's been a few years but I started to feel that way again. So I will go see a doctor about it and find out what is causing this. Maybe it's because of gluten, I really don't know but I'm determined to change it :)

    I wish you luck with the changes. I hope it helps you to feel better :)
    1735 days ago
    Hey, it MIGHT BE BREAD! I feel so much better when I don't eat it!!!! Really!!! And, we don't need it for good nutrition, nor health! Actually, without all those starchy carbs, I have more room in my diet for healthy fruits and veggies!

    Oh girl, it's soooooo worth it to try and see if it makes a difference.

    1736 days ago
    Hello Miss B!
    I think you are taking the right step. I will say that when I dont eat bread I have more energy and stamina....loss the bloating, lose the bad the complexion...and ultimately I lose more weight. My problem is that I'm mentally addicted to it.
    I can only go a few weeks at a time.
    I do have a friend that had a glueten allergy & doesn't want to go back to bread because of how awesome she feels without it. I wish my improvements were that awesome! But I guess I'm lucky that my reaction to bread in my system wasn't that severe.
    Good luck! I bet you are going to LOVE how you feel!!!
    1736 days ago
    I'm another big fan of WHEAT BELLY and giving up wheat really helped me.
    I finally have normal BP after a lifetime of high blood pressure meds. But it goes along with giving up processed foods and sugars. You will definitely feel a difference. Just make sure you fill up with veggies and fruits instead.
    1736 days ago
    Best of luck to you
    1736 days ago
    Good luck finding the culprit. Kudos to you for being so pro-active!
    If it's not the bread, don't forget to have your thyroid checked. (That directive came from the 28 year old nurse living in my body, Sweetness :-)
    Have a wonderful day Miss B!

    1736 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    Listen to the lectures on YouTube of William Davis MD on "WHEAT BELLY". He has a book out and he is SO interesting. I quit eating wheat products. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1736 days ago
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