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Busting Excuses!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I've mentioned some of the real-life (IRL) challenges that I've done in the past with a small group of family, but we haven't really done one in awhile. I think the last one we "truly" did ended last summer. We ran another two cycles, but one of them had a bunch of people fall out of it through the way and then the last cycle, I fell apart health-wise so we suspended it since I wasn't able to run it. But I was really beginning to feel like I *NEEDED* to be challenged again, so I asked if they were ready and they agreed. So we're back at it again for a mini-challenge that is running for 4 weeks only that I am calling our Jump Start Challenge because I really wanted it to get us in the mentality of getting going especially since some of the participants had signed up and quit along the way in the past. So part of this cycle is a Weekly Challenge where I am giving them a journal prompt. Okay, so with that out of the way I figured I would do mine here as well since it is good excuse busting!

The prompt this week was to come up with 5 reasons why I can't complete the challenge and then do some excuse busting on them!

1. Time constraints: I'm a full time employee in a somewhat stressful job, a mom, nana, wife, etc. So finding time to do 30 minutes of cardio and 3 sessions of strength training each week, along with the weekly challenge and extra credit points is TOUGH!! It's very easy to let my brain say "no time for that".

emoticon Pssssh - NOT making time for healthy living is like saying that I'm not good enough to treat myself right. Yeah, it might mean giving up part of my lunch break, or waking up a little earlier, or spending some of my "lazy" time, but giving myself these four weeks to Jump Start my healthy self is well worth it!

2. Physical Constraints - My body is still in recovery from a very serious illness and injury so I definitely have some physical constraints that aren't normally there. I can't run, so getting the 30 minutes of cardio is a lot more difficult.

emoticon More difficult? Yeah, I kind of scoffed at myself a little bit right there. What does not being able to run have to do with it? Really? I wanted to say that since I can't run, it is more time consuming, but then I realized that 30 minutes is 30 minutes. Whether I'm doing it running or walking it is STILL just 30 minutes. That was a really silly excuse.

3. I lose motivation - It's always great the first week, but then I struggle a little the next, and so on and so forth.

emoticon It's FOUR FRIGGIN' WEEKS! If I can't keep up motivation for four weeks, well, then, Houston, we have a problem! (And could I use any more commas in that sentence?!? LOL)

4. I am competitive, so if I don't keep up on the points then I develop an "it's already lost" attitude. Enough said there.

emoticon Use that competitive spirit to my advantage by not allowing myself to fall behind on points, for one. But also if I do fall behind on points, then I can make it a competition with myself. After all, that's why running works for me - because I can compete with ME, nobody else. This is no different.

5. It's challenging, hard, difficult - choose your adjective.

emoticon I've been through WAY worse and survived to tell the tale - this is NOTHING in comparison to what I've been through just recently. Recovering from a horrible infection? Yeah - got that. Recovering from surgery? Yep - did that. Physical Therapy? Yep - still doing it. Four weeks of a challenge - NO PROBLEM!!!!

So there you have it - those are five VERY valid excuses...and believe me, I know they are valid because I've heard them in my own head! And I've busted every single one of them. There is no reason why I can't button down over the next four weeks and challenge myself to work harder, lose weight, and have a great time while I'm doing it! And even if I don't win the challenge I am still walking away from it with a renewed sense of purpose, hopefully a little less weight, and a greater arsenal of excuse busters!
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