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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pulling my hair out...ok, so it's falling out anyway emoticon
I have had a tough go this past week and I really need a pause button! No pause button, well then I will create a vent blog. I do this while I am waiting for 'ding' of students emails (they are freaking out).

Had jury duty last week. I had to sit on a 3 day trial. It wasn't bad, kind of interesting actually. Met a new friend, had a few days of good lunch time walks. Surprised they picked me with the answers I gave at jury selection. I refuse to lie just to get out of it. Nevertheless, they picked me. But I lost SOOOOO much time, my head is spinning. I will likely not sleep much the next few days, too much to do.

My students have a BIG project due this week (college level class) and I am feeling guilty that I have not been there to help them. Email has had to be my connection to them, but not all students reach out this way.

Found out today that I need a root canal emoticon Grr, my wallet can't handle much more. That will have to wait a month or so.

I have to get ALL my grading done for 2 classes by Friday. I leave for Vegas and I refuse to take work with me on a girls weekend getaway (the only silver lining to this rant). But I only have Wednesday to get it done, hence the lack of planned sleep in the next few days!

It all really comes down to this...I am feeling really guilty that I haven't been there for my students. One class in particular (the one with the big project), my students ROCK!!! I don't want them to suffer because my life has been chaotic!

Miss you spark friends! Finals are next week. After that, I am so reconnecting here!!!!
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