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Monday, April 22, 2013

So, my old job took half of my paycheck back from me.
I'm still fighting with them.
And then I did my finances, paid bills, looked toward the future...and cried. Student loans, rent, utilities...I'm so strapped, I've got $30 left to me each month, and that's without taking food into account...and my dad is still covering my car insurance, health insurance (actually, that's at no cost to him because my brother is already on it, so we both agreed that it just made sense), and phone bill. Life terrifies me.
I re-applied for food stamps, and felt about an inch tall...I shouldn't, but it was like a point of pride that just...hurt. I applied in December while working part-time at Target and unable to find full-time work, and I felt bad about it then...but it was only going to be for a couple months, just until I got a better job, got a handle on things...
My loan payments were the straw that broke this camel's back. I'm so stressed, so worried, afraid that an extra dollar spent anywhere will throw me off completely. Thank god next month is a 3-paycheck month!!
So, I've been researching healthy recipes--not just for me. Bf is still working the low-carb diet (and loving it, the boogerface), and trying to make that work on the cheap is...trying. lol

We'll survive.
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    Thank you all for your support and advice--I sat down with my bf and figured out finances, and now have a whole list of phone calls to companies, etc. I'm couponing like never before, and I've broken the news that the low-carb diet is going to go by the wayside a bit... But he's hopeful, which makes me hopeful. He even made spreadsheets... :-)
    1638 days ago
    ((((HUGS)))) I hope things get better for you soon. Hang in there!
    1639 days ago
    These days you have to do what it takes. I have had a brother and three stepsons on food stamps. My brother gets very little now and just one stepson and his family get them. When times are tight and I know it, business is down 50% from several years ago and every bill is behind, I write down everything in my freezer and search for recipes using it up. It's hard to learn how to budget and stock a kitchen. Sometimes I look at my pantry and its so full, I wonder who's eating it all! Dry beans are a great way to stretch abuck. Now I hated beans my whole life until I made my own refried beans, tried black bean soup and discovered great northern beans. I'm soaking a batch right now for baked beans and ham and beans later this week. On a good week I make a menu and find if I use what's in the fridge,pantry and freezer I have to buy little. Try cooking a ham,turkey,roast or whole chicken and then freezing portions of the cooked meat and you'll have meat for omelettes,sandwiches,soups,casserol
    es,wraps,tacos etc.The best tip I got ever was to save all the bits of raw veggies you would throw away, put them in a Ziploc in your freezer and when you have a couple bags full make veggie broth. It is free basically! Then you can make soups, stews use it to poach fish or chicken. I have 5 ziplocs full of onion cut offs and skins,carrot shavings,bits of celery, fresh herbs, potato skins etc. Just don't use things like broccoli,asparagus,cabbage-stinky veggies. They can make the broth bitter. I've learned most of this stuff in my 40's so it took awhile!
    1640 days ago
    Sounds very stressful! Please don't be ashamed of the food stamps. Imagine if a friend needed them - you would give nothing but support to that friend. Be your own friend! You pay into a system and now you are getting some support from it. That's all it needs to be.

    How wonderful that your dad is helping out! I hope things look up soon.

    1640 days ago
    I would check out about getting your payments never hurts to see if you can defer them or put you in a lower bracket, especially if your income has changed. As for applying for FS I wouldn't feel bad. You pay taxes and it is there when needed. I had to have help when my daughter was born and I felt bad at first too. I think it is the independent strong women in us that makes us feel that way. LOL
    1640 days ago
  • NICB87
    You should see if you can either defer or lower you loan payments. Usually they will work with you, especially if they are federal loans. If your loan company is Sallie Mae (like me), you are SOL unfortunately. They won't work with you at.all.

    I'm right there with you moneywise so don't feel alone. One day we will both be rich! Or at least not poverty-stricken!
    1640 days ago
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