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Weekend Shenanigans...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Well, howdy, SparkFriends! I can definitely say on this Monday morning that I had a FANTASTIC weekend!! Was it always healthy? No. Was it always active? No. But it was exactly what me and the hubby needed, and even though it wasn't a model Spark weekend, it had some successes in there too.

First things first though - thank you to all of you that provided me with tips on how to battle the UTI! I took my first antibiotic dose on Thursday evening and had immediate improvement on Friday morning. What a relief that was, let me tell ya!! I continued to take the oral pills two times a day throughout the weekend, and will continue for the next several days as it is a 10-day course, but haven't experienced any symptoms since I began. Again, Whew!!! Seriously.

Hubby and I headed up to Lake Arrowhead, CA for a little weekend getaway/celebration of life and it was absolutely perfect. The weather was amazing. Some of the food was fantastic. I got more relaxation than I have in forever. The knee didn't bother me even once!

We got up there mid-afternoon on Friday and once we got settled headed over to Lake Arrowhead Village - a collection of shops and restaurants overlooking the lake. I can't stress enough how absolutely gorgeous it was. And you know what, I would love to share photos with you, but I didn't really take any! I left my purse behind every time and kept my phone use to a minimum because this was definitely about unplugging from life for at least a couple days. We had pizza overlooking the lake for dinner (the pizza was not good at all - very disappointing). I also got a caramel and chocolate covered apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and I have to say, it was SO NOT WORTH IT. Seriously, it was probably the crummiest apple I've ever eaten. I couldn't even taste the caramel there was either so little of it on the apple or it was just sub-par and the chocolate had absolutely NO flavor whatsoever. I don't know if it was just that shop, but I won't be too keen on having anything from Rocky Mountain Chocolate ever again. If I wanted to indulge I should have taken a box of See's Candy up! haha

Saturday we had the advertised "free full American breakfast" offered by the Inn we stayed at. Coffee was delicious and the toast was good. hahaha They had eggs, sausage patties and breakfast potatoes but none of it was all that great. But it filled me up for free so I couldn't complain too much. But I have to say that this is probably the ONLY time I would have preferred a continental breakfast because some yogurt and fresh fruit would have been much preferred. We then headed down to the Village again to enjoy the lake front. We thought about seeing a movie, but I decided that there was no way I wanted to be holed up inside for over 2 hours, so we skipped it by heading to a little "town" near Arrowhead called Blue Jay for some Mexican food. The food was actually really good and my one little success there was that I only ate maybe 1/4-1/3 of the massive burrito! Feeling very full and satisfied we headed back to our room for some relaxing before our dinner reservations at 6 PM. Hubby hung out and relaxed in the room while I headed down to the gazebo and deck to read my book. It was so amazing just sitting there listening to the wind rustle the Evergreens, the birds chirp away, and the just overall "stillness" of the world during that time. I was even visited by 4 happy blue jays for a very brief time. :-)

For dinner that night we went all out and headed to The Saddleback Grille - the restaurant within the Inn where we were staying and I'm thrilled that the breakfast was not an indication of what we could expect for dinner. Oh my goodness was it delicious!!! I got the Surf & Turf of Filet Mignon with Jumbo Shrimp...all cooked to perfection and the hubby had the Rack of Lamb. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!! The victory here? We skipped dessert even though we seriously thought about it! Not so much a victory? I ate WAY too much of the bread basket! LOL

Sunday morning I was hoping for pancakes or waffles at the free breakfast, but no - it was exactly the same thing. DARN! So the good news about a crummy breakfast is that I only ate until full instead of stuffed. Small favors? But later that morning I am sure I worked off what I ate because I took a sort of accidental hike. Okay, so you don't normally "accidentally" go hiking, right? Well, I started off by just walking up the street from the Inn, but felt good so I kept going and it turns out that it went in a big loop dropping me off towards where I started, but there was another road that went back up the hill and I took it thinking it would take me closer to the cabin we were in. Um, not so much! It actually went UP the hill and then DOWN the hill in a big loop dropping me back where I was. So what started out as a quick walk, turned into a bit of a hike. But guess what? It felt GREAT! I was a little sore and stiff in the knee last night, but not enough to matter. This definitely tells me I am on my way to being fully recovered! I imagine that I will eventually do that and not even think twice about it. That day IS coming!!!

But of course, as the old adage goes, all good things must come to an end. And our perfect weekend did too. So my victories?
* Drank all of the minimum, and usually more, of my water all weekend even though I was travelling
* Skipped dessert on Saturday night
* Got lots of walking in...and didn't pay for it with knee pain
* Didn't eat the whole crummy apple
* Ate until full most of the time and never felt like I had to clean my plate...I left food on it every time we ate, actually
* Didn't get any candy for the ride there OR home! (This is a shocker because it seems like I "feel" like I need candy when I'm in the car for long trips)
* We stopped at a Rite-Aid and I saw the Thrifty ice cream cone stand over in the corner and considered it for the briefest of seconds before deciding it was a no-go because I was already planning on dessert that night - which I skipped completely (see above!)

Some of the areas that I could improve on:
* I really need to quit being such a carb whore - too much bread basket on Saturday, too many chips at the Mexican restaurant
* Even though the apple sucked, I still ate a little more than half of it hoping that it would magically become "better" or something
* My fruit consumption was way down over the weekend

I'm happy that my victories outweigh my areas of improvement! I actually am kind of wracking my brain to figure out if I'm leaving something out...but I don't think I am. I truly think those are the worst of my deeds. And that makes me pretty darn happy!

I will leave you with the two pictures I did manage to take:

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    So glad you had an awesome weekend!! Too bad the apple was crummy. Yay for all the successes and yay for relaxation!!!
    1610 days ago
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