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Plan for the detox 10 plan... to begin tomorrow!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I hope to begin Monday which is tomorrow. And if you read my last blog you know this is not a typical detox... just getting off bad foods and into good habits.

For me, I have to plan meals. I need to check out my pantry and freezer and inventory and shop. I am best adding in before taking away. For me "enough" protein means 84-101 g. "Enough" fiber means 26-30 g. Water means 6-8 cups of water and/or herbal teas.

My favourite bread is Silver Hill's "Little Big Bread" but I don't have any right now and it is only available at the health food store that is in an inconvenient location. So in the meantime I have whole rye bread which has 5 g fiber/slice and is 100% rye, or some teft wraps in the freezer. I have at least one whole wheat english muffin also in the freezer. I think that is a good start. Other fiber and grains include some cereals (sex cereal for her (yes that is the name); ezekial cereal; oatmeal; a gluten free hot cereal mix that my husband Bob says is OK but I have not tried yet. I have whole wheat cereal too. I would say between cereal and toast I have some good breakfast choices for this week without having to go shopping. I will aim for 10 g of fiber so it may mean adding some flax seed.

Lunch I do really well having soup. I have some lentil soup which is high in fiber and protein and some other soups that just OK for fiber. I have a bit of salad mix. I have cheese, some cottage cheese. I can add an Atkins shake for lunch to increase the protein and an extend bar if I plan to exercise to increase my fiber and keep my blood sugars stabilized.

Dinners - I have some sweet potatoes and potatoes, brown rice, and lentil pasta. I'm not sure if you can get the lentil pasta where you are and it is expensive but it is all lentils and nothing else. I have some turkey breast, some ground chicken, one beef roast, and a large pallet of pork chops in the freezer. Some frozen vegetable. Some tinned tomatoes and tinned beets, corn... I cannot see any reason I cannot make helathy meals this week.

Snacks - I have some grapes, I have celery and nut butters, I have grapefruit although it looks... iffy and I have some not nice at all strawberries. I have some snack pack size apple sauce. I have some peanuts.

My plan to NOT EAT out of plan is to write a PRAYER every night. It would be nice to have a pretty book... and actually I think I may have one from the dollar store.... and I want to walk around the block every night which my dog would be very happy about.

I think it is going to be hard... because I have been eating peanut M&M's in the evening the past few nights. (confession) I am going to need super powers to walk past my cupboard that contains snacks. The best thing I can imagine doing is cleaning out my freezers and cupboards. That will probably take me the entire week to get through. I was just talking with my youngest DD and one of my problems is having two Gluten free people in the house who are also hypoglycemic, the number of "desserts and snacks" has escalated in the house. I have 2 planned snacks I was going to prepare for them and I KNOW I will feel some kind of entitlement to eat them. So I will have to call on super powers to let me know that they are NOT meant for me. Or, simply not make them. And my 2 dear family members willl whither away. I may not be able to watch that happen. Or.. they may cope by themselves. This is a lesson I have still to learn.

This is a PLAN of course and things change. I need to confirm that my food plan is working with regular blood sugar tests. I need a way to remember my plan... which hopefully blogging every day about will do. I'll try putting the food into my foodplan to check that the protein and fiber amounts are within my range.

So... right now I'm off to make rissotto (turkey with brown rice and tomatoes and onions and broth) with a side of broccoli and carrots and celery.

OH - I need a better name for this plan than "detox". Any ideas?
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