Sunday, April 21, 2013

We have them to in our life A job we do not get. Our aims turn out different them we want Some one we trusted lets us down Our dreams happen differently then we plan That is life God did not promise all we want our life has many blessings God gives us trouble to make us depend on him He puts us were he wants Do you you think Moses wanted to lead a bunch of complaining disobedient people for 40 years He did it because that is whot God wanted for him All his exspeareance trained him for that job His 4o years in exile was whot made him the man he was It trained him to have the strength faith patienes to deal with whot was ahead of him So it is with us to We are were God wants and to do whot his plan is for us We are the servants He is the master God be with you my friends in Christ
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