I Have a Crush!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Okay this blog is not going to be about weight loss and exercise. It is going to be a silly little blog about the guy I have a crush on. Why? Because I have not had a crush in years. It feels kind of amazing actually. I have that giddy school girl feeling. So, guess where I met him. yea, Karaoke. He is really cute and sweet (oh dear me, I do sound like a teenager). But, what I think was so nice was that he had different plans instead of going to Karaoke on Friday and he "surprised" me and came anyways. He broke his other plans to hang out with me. *blush*. But, what was BAD, is that I was thinking of doing the same thing. What would have been bad, is I don't drive lol. OOPS. So, good I stuck with my plans and got my surprise. Snicker.

I wasn't planning on going to Karaoke tonight, but when I was walking him to his car he asked if I was going tonight so hmm, I guess I will have to make an appearance. ;) Squeeeee. I don't now where this is going to go (if anywhere), but it is so nice to feel pretty and attractive.

I will let you know how tonight goes/
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