Weight Change: The Inside Stuff Counts

Saturday, April 20, 2013

While I now think of the word 'diet' as 'nutrition plan', many 'diets' out there have little to do with balance. They still get recognition, people still opt for them because they want results and want them quickly.

Periodically we see articles rating 'diets'. (Here note, that finding support and/or 'diets' for those who need to gain weight is hard to do!) This morning I was looking at one such rating list and some of the attached links. Those rated most highly are sensible, balanced, focal-points heading right to good nutrition.
As much as the lure of the quick-results claims may seem, the ultimate cost may be that temporary results have lasting affects on those trivial matters like heart-health and kidney function. So if the lure is worth it, sure: go for it. But I'm not going on that ride. The end of the ride just doesn't go to a place that suits my goal. Chemicals can destroy organs. Lack of protein or calcium or vitamins affect our health drastically.

Healthy goals are best reached by a healthy approach.

We occasionally need to tweak our plans to improve them. But sometimes the fact is that we frequently see no visible, discernable progress despite doing the best we can do.

This is when we need to enjoy the Inside Stuff - just knowing it IS the best, we ARE following sensible plans. This internal acceptance is important, because without it many people simply give up. The inside stuff matters. Big-time.

Inner goals are very important, and though no one else can see them and the mirror does not reflect them clearly, they lend a shine that those who look closely do notice. Doesn't it seem worth the time to just appreciate those feelings of accomplishment because they are important in the journey? I think so.

What are some of the inner changes that do not show?
Good lab or doctor findings, improvements in numbers.
Finding we walk differently, feel taller as we move along.
Feeling more content.
Realizing we laugh more often and with more joy.

A multitude of wonderful changes occur that don't measure visibly, and I think these are the changes I treasure most.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Inner work is just as important as the outside.
    1616 days ago
    Happiness with accomplishing a goal is one of the things others can't see unless we tell them, so express yourself often.
    1617 days ago
    I agree that quick fixes are not good in the long run.
    I am also taking it slow because I know this is a plan
    for the resr of my life. I am worried that my son is on
    the Ketogenic diet. He was on Spark and he was doing
    well and was losing by tracking his food. I hate whoever
    talked him into it is as he is not losing all that he thinks
    he should be. I worry about his kidneys with all that protein.

    He is 25 and is now responsible for his actions, but as a
    mother, I am worried sick. He sits on the computer all day
    and gets no fresh air or exercise - except when he goes to
    classes. What can I do? emoticon
    1617 days ago
    It's amazing much money is spent on quick fixes. Spark is great because it is free and great support.
    1617 days ago
    We used DASH in our wt loss study last year.
    Many of the ladies did well with that- very healthy- lottsa F&V's.
    1618 days ago
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