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Hike ...and burn 1000 calories + Pictures!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

My coach always challenges me on the weekends to "put my new fitness to fun" meaning do something FUN, outside (preferably) that involves movement. I had a bit of change of plans on my business trip and rather than free time on Saturday, a speaker was delayed in the airport in Chicago so the "free time" was changed to Friday afternoon. So, I drove from Branson, MO about 1.5 hours south to Hawksbill Crag within the Ozark National Forrest in the Buffalo National River area. It was supposed to be a 3 mile hike.. a 3 mile hike... (flashback to Gulligan's Island! HA).... but I took a bit of a detour and ended up going almost 3.5 miles.. hehe could have been worse.

I turned off the county road onto a dirt road and drove 5 miles into the forrest. It was quite a little, bumpy drive. I was relieved when I got to the area and there were 3-4 cars there. At least SOMEONE would be wandering around out there .. and maybe, if I screamed - someone would hear me???

I was hiking alone and had planned on sending a text to a friend to let them know where I'd be and when I'd return but I didn't count on NO cell service. Whoops. So, I left a note in my car - just in case... I know, I know.. not smart.

So, the trail was an out and back with about 3 miles with an expected time of two hours. Perfect. The trail was very rocky and rooty... and I didn't bring my hiking boots - I was hiking in my tennies.. yeah, not smart. Thankfully, I did bring my hiking poles and I would have had to turn back without them. The "out" part of the "out and back" is pretty much up and down hill but mostly down as seen here in the depiction of elevation:

I didn't fall once but I did stumble a bunch. I rolled my ankle about 6-7 times (dern shoes)... and my hamstrings and calves were feeling it.. WHOA! Here's a pic of the rocks and tree roots.

I spent most of my time looking down so as not to break an ankle! About 1/2 a mile into the hike,I glanced up and saw this and screamed like a banshee.. yeah, I know, lame.. but seriously?? doesn't that look like a wolf or a small bear?? come'on!!

Clearly, I am not an expert Hiker (I think that goes without saying, huh?).. but some areas were pretty steep and tricky in my stupid tennies...

Unfortunately, the trail wasn't all that well marked and there are many paths off the main path.. at one point, I could not identify the main path from an offshoot.. uhhhh .. and clearly I took the wrong route. It led me precariously close to the cliffs with lots of rocks to climb up. I gotta tell ya, it was nerve racking..

The good news is there are some really pretty views..

I finally decided that this was definitely NOT the main trail and decided to backtrack to where I made my mistake rather than wandering around for hours... and my little fauxpaux ended up taking me almost 1/2 a mile longer.. but that just means more calories babyyyy!

I finally reached my destination.. it may look familiar to you as it was the cover of Rand McNally in 2005 and is a pretty famous Arkansas landmark - I bring you Hawksbill Crag and me!!

As expected, the way out was uphill.. yep... fun.. but the good news was that going uphill I did not roll my ankle one time... but cardiovascular wise it was a heart rate thumper.

The trip took me 2 hours and 9 minutes. I covered 3.44 miles and burned 1000+ calories!! I checked my fitbit later and it logged 50 flights of stairs and woke up to this is my email.

What a great hike... I felt so exhausted but good afterwards... I would have NEVER done this 7 weeks ago. Nope.. but I am becoming a different person.. a more confident woman who welcomes an opportunity to challenge myself physically.. embrace the discomfort.. because going through life comfortable is easy but I want rich experiences ... and I want to not be limited by what we call in the medical world "habitus" (which just means body).. I want to be physically ready for any opportunity that presents itself... I love this quote..

There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.
John F. Kennedy

I also weighed in this morning and found THIS in my email...

PLUS, I broke through to the 280s!!! Just barely, but I'm there. I am never, ever, ever going to enter the 290s or lord forbid the 300's ever again. Ever.

118 days til Africa
34lbs to go for my Zipline Goal


Edited to add
[Y'all are a bunch of worriers! LOL I've received 4 emails now worried about and giving me a very kind "what for" on my poor planning.. so.. let me put your minds to rest.. yes, I admit I made two mistakes: 1) poor shoes and 2) no one knew where I was.. However, I did have a daypack and inside the daypack were the following:'

1. 2 liters of water
2. A packed lunch and some nuts for a snack
3. ***Most important*** My "Spot" communicator that I keep in my car. It has an SOS button that sends a message to a satellite relay to the International Emergency Response Center who then sends out search and rescue. I pay a yearly subscription fee and use it mainly because.. well.. have you traveled some of these roads in the country in Oklahoma?? Yeah, well, that's why I have it. Here's the link

4. A really cute pink Mace Gun - loaded

5. A small first aid kit
6. A tripod for my camera
7. A compass AND I'd seen a topo map and knew if I got lost, I should follow the cliffs edge back and it would eventually lead me to the dirt road

Finally, there was a family about 10 minutes ahead of me... and when I left the crag there was another couple that would be heading back behind me.. so although I was alone.. there were folks around.

So, here's my promise.... I will do better next time!]
End edit
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Loved the pictures and blog Annie! Awesome place for a hike emoticon
    1764 days ago
    WELL DONE!! on your weight loss!! A+++++!

    And good for you for going on a hike like that! yay you! I think it sounds like you were super prepared for an emergency. You do alright, Annie.

    I think you should get some good inserts for your shoes--I'm not sure if you use them already or not, but my inserts make a world of difference for me.

    Really happy for you for your weight loss!!
    1765 days ago
    1766 days ago
    I enjoyed your pictures and your story. emoticon You are braver than I am. I love hiking but I don't usually go on hikes alone unless I know the trail. But, I have been know to hike with children when we took a trip out west. My husband backed out so I went with our two foster children age 3 and 8. We walked a trail leading into a volcano. Taking the 3 year old was probably not a good idea we had to stop and rest a lot. But then again, it was in August and very hot. Maybe the rest stops were a good idea. Good luck on your weight loss.

    One of the things I want to do in the future is a Zip Line. I hope you take plenty of pictures on your next adventure.
    1766 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing! I love your pink mace pepper spray gun. I need to add that to my wish list or my reward list when I lose more weight! emoticon
    1766 days ago
    emoticon emoticon That looks like a Truly Awesome place to go Hike. Congrats on getting lost and getting those extra calories burned :)

    Great job also on the 35 lbs.. You are so kicking Butt.. WAy to go Done Girl !
    1766 days ago
    What a nice way to spend the day! You did awesome :D emoticon
    1766 days ago
    This is a great blog. Thank you for sharing your hike with us. I'm not sure I would ever hike alone on a trail like that because I'm a big weenie but I think it's awesome that you did. I can tell that you have caught the exercise bug and you are in the groove. 270-LAND is screaming your name and I told them you would be there soon!

    1766 days ago
    Woohoo!! That sounds like a really fun hike.
    1766 days ago
    Looks beautiful and sounds like fun... actually. Probably the closest I'll ever get to the Ozarks too.
    1766 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    You are genuinely awesome. That was a brave thing (you won't get me to say things like reckless, foolhardy and ill-prepared - those are my middle names), going out on your own. And yes, it does look like a bear.

    I've never hiked in the Ozarks, but now it's definitely on my list. It's beautiful. Thank you so much or posting the pics.

    Congratulations on the weight loss!
    1766 days ago
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