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Mini Blow outs and all that jazz

Saturday, April 20, 2013

OH it's been a rough week. Ups and downs. And my eating has followed suit. What I have learned from my mini blowouts ( the whole box of mini eclairs, a family size bag of chips - - ok not on the same day but you get my drift) they aren't worth it.

I felt like crap after the mini eclair episode - why I even bought them ... well lets not go there... feeling like I"m owed something... like I deserve a treat - - but let's face it = they are evil and should not come into my cart let alone my house! Somethings I just don't have the control over yet.

Last night I got off to a bad start when I agreed to A & W for dinner on the way to the lake... burgers and fries... boy did it make me feel sluggish.... but did I stop at that???? NO siree Bob! A few hours later I was into the bag of potato chips that I brought for company tonight.... disgusting.

So now I feel like crap for eating a bunch of crap. The good is I am craving water today - my body trying to get back into balance is what I guess it is....The Eat to Live program sure is calling my name today. I am channelling the feeling of fresh fruit, fresh veggies and beans in my belly. Lots of water... crisp cool lemony water..... And I have salad stuff out here at the cabin - so today I will eat better...

This April is like my October was - change of seasons - changing reasons.... wanting to look better one minute and feeling overwhelmed with frustration the next at not being there or not feeling like I can get there.

Logically I know I have to get back into gear - firing all pistons at the same time ....balanced food, a good dose of cardio and strength exercise, 8 glasses of water, 8 hrs sleep.... the top 4... every what my grown up body needs. The child in me is cranky with winter weather still holding me hostage... snow on the ground - temps in the minus range - it is enough already!

Today I will go walking. I will drink my water. I got my sleep. I will start the Eat to Live program to get my body back into balance because that is one thing I know makes me feel really good. Get the toxins out from the processed food I've been consuming this past week.

Emotional eating is my downfall. I am so human. It makes me crazy sometimes that I haven't been able to get better control of this at my advanced age. I know that it is time to bring out the journal and start spilling my emotions onto paper instead of shoving them down my throat. I am being honest with myself and all you readers. It gets me everytime the emotional eating...

So there it is. I know what to do. Now grown up me needs to go do it. The grown up has to look after the 2 year old in me that is screaming for attention. I need to give her positive attention. Feed her, cuddle her and let her burn off the steam in a healthy way. Back to basics....that's where I need to go.
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  • DS9KIE
    your not alone and you will get back to it. emoticon emoticon
    1760 days ago
    I have had a week of weekness too! We can do it! emoticon
    1768 days ago
    I'm very familiar with feeling overwhelmed one minute and frustrated because the goal was so far away the next. Don't beat yourself up over the slip, just pick yourself back up and move on with your plan. I've reached my goal, and you can get there, too. Just don't give up.

    Journaling sounds like a good idea in order to examine feelings and "causes of behavior." Best wishes on this next stage of your journey.
    1768 days ago
    At some point we all will learn to listen to our bodies. Right now - since I am doing healthier things with my life - it is easier to listen. It is a bit harder to do it at first. However, I really feel bad after having sweets. I am hypoglycemic and even eating more than one pancake can make me feel sluggish. So, I stay away from them. I don't stay away from all sweets - for now I try to eat only what I make - I try to make them with whole wheat pastry flour - I substitute most if not all of the fat content in the recipe and use much less sugar. I am fortunate that I have a group of people to feed - so I don't end up eating it alone. As long as I balance out my diet - this doesn't seem to hurt as much. Now - this doesn't mean I don't succumb to temptation now and again - but that awful feeling afterward (we are not even talking guilt here) but the sluggishness - tiredness - weak and lazy feeling I get reminds me why I don't eat that stuff.

    I also try to educate myself about food and more healthy living. I don't really consume diet books - but I consume books about food - how it is raised - how that affects us - how it affects our environment. It helps me a lot. I RARELY ever go to eat out - but I do sometimes get tempted and find myself there. I normally eat fries - because for me - that is a HUGE TEMPTATION. However, I recently read an article (I think on WebMD that was saying that fries have the same amount of fat as eating a hamburger. Well - I already ate a hamburger - and I would never think to order another. So, finally (and I really do mean FINALLY) I don't want to eat those fries because I truly know for once that it really isn't good for me. Since I don't get the craving for the fries . . . I rarely get the craving for the fast food joint to begin with. So - knowledge about foods - what they put in them - how it affects your body - it helps me a lot.

    Gosh - about the child in you - my child is screaming "I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE - NOW!!!" In the Spring and Summer my family has made it a habit (once I started gaining my healthy lifestyle) to go hiking at least one day a week - usually the weekend. We will go to different places - explore and enjoy all the beauty the place has to offer. We even actually plan vacations around places - not touristy places - but places where we can go hiking and discovering. I love it. However, the weather is still cold - it is supposed to start snowing again on Monday and there is still snow left over from last week. So - I definitely hear you on that one!

    You can do this - you are on the right track. Don't forget to let that 2 year old get her way sometimes - let her run in the sun and smell the flowers that we often overlook. Keep up the great work!

    1768 days ago
  • MARIANNE9855
    sounds like you still haven't hit your groove yet- what if you concentrate on the sleep and water- then movement and then food. I think you are trying to make too many changes at once- it's hard- your body rebels and you get discouraged and then you eat. If you give yourself permission to concentrate on one thing and get that down- you would feel more successful and ready to add to your plan. emoticon emoticon
    1768 days ago
    YOU can do it!!! don't give up!!!!! I know exactly how you feel.....Got up totally disgusted because I ate too many calories yesterday..(potato chips)....and a dessert at a friend's house .....BUT....went to Zumba this morning...going to walk the dog later...calm down....I, also, am trying to remember that we are not always perfect....We are still works in progress.....Happy sparking.....Happy getting back on track...Hugs! emoticon
    1768 days ago
    Sometimes I feel like I have an inner 2 year old too, that conflicts with what my grown up self wants to accomplish =)
    1768 days ago
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