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Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello Sparkpeople…

Spark your life and get those flames going –okay!

So, yo’ girl has been on a mission for the past 60 days. I’ve been on and when you turn me on there is no shutting me down. Not one negative word or vibe will stop my shine, you hear me. I hope you hear me loud and clear; because in this blog I hope I reach one of you tonight or in the morning or the next day –whenever.

So, it’s been a rough start. You try stuff, you do stuff, you create stuff, and you even follow someone’s plan, but you don’t go far with those things. You’re really trying your sh—and their sh—too and you are trying to get it together, but you’re struggling with how to put it together. You’re working out, you’re counting calories, and you’re lowering your effing carbs, fats, sugars, and sodium and you’re trying to do you along with everyone else. Now how I word this blog is all about my true self, so if I offend any of you, please let me be the first to say. Excuse me! This is all about real TALK, and if you ain’t with REAL TALK, then please, please, please, please don’t explain your views to me. I got me and I’m making it happen.

So, it’s been 60 days. A full 60 days of doing me, and I said I wasn’t going to do anything until the end of the month. Like report, change my weight ticker –you know stuff like that. I said I was going to keep this journey private, but now I’m all open because the way I see it I’m finally on POINT. Who on earth can stop my shine? I mean, there is a lot of stuff out there that can get me down, but you know what.
I’m moving forward and doing all I can with the grace of God and the power within. Now God knows I’m not perfect, he never asked me to be or expected me to be. Hey, none of us are perfect, we have flaws, and we have countless flaws, from head to toe. None of us are made to be perfect so please DO NOT expect me to be perfect. I’m flawed!

And the reason why I’m bringing this up is because. Everyone is looking for the perfect diet or dieter that is going to fit their needs and their standards here on sparks, you’re going to find someone you “think” you can follow. You have the same body measurements and whatnot, but you don’t have the same DNA or MINDSET. I remember when I saw a sparker built like me. I thought… She’s me up and down. She’s short, she has heavy thick hips, and she has the mommy belly like me, but she wasn’t me. Girlfriend lost her weight and she was gone –girlfriend lost her sh—and left sparks in a flash. No more say and see from her. She was finish with her spark program. Bye-Bye…

And you know what. That was my number 1 problem with my journey. Looking for someone who will give me the motivation I needed to keep on going, thinking what they were doing was all perfect and that it would fit into my standards, but when I tried the sh—I couldn’t get past day 3 or 4; because that wasn’t me. It didn’t fit my personality, it didn’t fit my body, it didn’t fit me mentally, it didn’t fit me spiritually, it just didn’t fit me, but what she was doing was dead on and perfect for her. She created that plan for her, and she marched to the beat of her own drum, and she didn’t need any drummer girls’ helping her roll those sticks –okay. She did her, she got her, she used the tools that fit her standards, and she kept it 100 and personal.

So, I’m here to keep it 100 with you.
When you find your beat you march to it. When you find what rolls with you-you roll with it. When you find what works you stick with it, you don’t change up nothing, you just stick with it. No matter what the commentator might say, you stay with it, because this is your course this is your journey of action, these are your plans; because your plan is all based on your wants and needs are.

This is your ROAD MAP as IMSOOZEEQ would say, and you have to make plans for those detours.
Because that person you’re following could be one of your detours; a detour you weren’t expecting because you were following them, and watching their every move and using them as your inspiration and motivation –most of all your blueprint to getting this done.

So, I’m making this be known today, and I hope you like my advice.
-1 it’s okay to step back from sparks and adjust some things, it doesn’t mean you don’t love or support spark. It just means you’re taking the time to finally support you.
-2 it’s okay for you to pop in and out, we are not going to leave you or stop supporting you for not being around sparks. I mean, this is cyber space and I’m sure only a hand full of us will meet down the road of life one day, but don’t let this place become your personal friendship space.
-3 when you say you’re doing you then do so… Do you –don’t let everyone do you in the process of you doing you, when others do you your progress stalls. That’s a true fact! You’re trying to take their 10cents worth of information, but the truth of the matter is –what works for them may not work for you. Always remember that. What works for them might not work for you. Search the internet and find out what will work for you, try some things –research and learn from your researches on what will work for you.

What works for me is this. And I’m telling you, because I don’t mind. This is my blueprint, my road map, my course to my healthy living.

I do me, I’m one with me, and I understand me; because I’m 100% me.

I can’t be Sweetlips, Sunshine_dime, Aleshawalker, Carmel_466, Kajana or Rockin Robin. I have to be me when it comes to my journey. You have to be you when it comes down to your very own journey.

No one can do this for you –you must do this for yourself.

Look at what I’ve done.
A side by side of 2012 to now…207 STARTING OUT THE GATE IN 2012
159.6 TODAY
It was a rough start, I mean a rough start, but I had to start somewhere.
I made some wrong moves along the way; because I was trying out everything and not giving it a chance to stick. I’m just going to be honest here. It wasn’t my stick! I had to become my stick!

My stick was what I did in 07-10 that was my stick. Raw living, eating and taking in a lot of fiber, that’s my stick. Not eating a lot of meat, and not going overboard when we do go out to eat.

Case in point! On why what works for others might not work for you.
I used to take in a lot of fiber, roughly around 17grams to 20grams per-day, and around 60-70 grams of protein. I had added a fiber supplement in my diet and I was taking Omega 3 fish oil 1000mg or Flax seed sometimes both and B-12. A lady tried my plan and she gained. Now when I was doing this I was dropping 3 to 4 pounds a week, but I was drinking over 96ozs of water that was 6 –16oz bottles of water per-day. Sometimes I would do 7, but I was getting in the water and eating very green and lean. This woman was upset and said to me. “Your fiber advice didn’t work for me.” That just pissed me off because she gained on what I was doing making it seem as if I was the one who made her gain and it made me feel it was my fault for her gain. A sparker who is no longer an active sparker tried what worked for me. So here’s some advice. What works for them might not work for you, so when you try something you better try with caution.

So I went back to what works for me. 07-10 was great years for me, and I knew I had to go back to my full veggie lifestyle movement. My 80/20 rule, I’ve been doing this, daily and I will tell you this. I’m far from the perfect dieter. I do cheat, but it’s a guilt free cheat. That’s another thing that will mess YOU up. The guilt! As if we did something wrong, by enjoying a cheese burger or hot fast food fries. My advice to you is to ENJOY YOU and ENJOY LIFE. Everyday doesn’t have to circle around the word DIET.

REMEMBER THIS! Your life doesn’t revolve around the word diet or diet talk!
“Oh! How many calories are in that?” Just eat the stuff and enjoy the reward. Just don’t go overboard!

Here’s proof…
Current weight 159lbs
Waist Measurement 28 ½ Big freaking jump from 38” a big jump –that’s 9.5 gone. Yeah it might have taken me a year to get those 9.5 inches off, but it’s mines to have and to be proud of.
Hip to Hip once 49 ½ almost 50 inches around, and here I am standing with 44” around hips -5.5 inches gone.
This can be a slow journey it doesn’t have to be rushed.

Not for long; because I’ve been there. Up and down and up and down again, but no more. I finally get it! I mean I get it. And I understand more about me and my body better than before.

You can get an education in fitness and nutrition, but will you get schooled on how to create a better you. NO! You have to learn that, and create that new you during your spare time. You can’t do that sitting on sparks for 3 to 4 hours a day. You just can’t!

So, this is my last drop of advice.
Do something for you. I mean do something for you.
Cut your spark time in half, and do you.
Find something active to do, like get a hula hoop and hoop, or take the kids to the park and have fun. Enjoy life and don’t rush the scale or the measuring tape, everything is going to happen within a reasonable amount of time. You can’t rush the perfect body, because there is no perfect body, and there is no perfect diet plan –every plan has a flaw –because nothing is perfect, but if you believe in what you are doing, and willing to put in the time and the work and also do the research on whatever it is you plan to do, you will be successful. I’m living proof.

I’m living proof that what worked for me in the past will still work for me today.
I’m living proof that everything labeled “DIET” isn’t the best food for you.
I mean look at weight watchers now –they have designed their plan to work in the real world.
COME ON NOW! Look at info…

What I’m trying to say in THIS log ass blog is this.
Do you, learn you, and do what works for you.

Peace and Blessings.


Hope you enjoyed the video show.
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