SparkPeople repurposed: Wannabe-developer edition

Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm committed to complete what is considered an intense, self-paced course on computer programming: Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails Tutorial. To succeed in this task, I will broadcast my progress here. SP helped me lose 15 pounds and understand basic nutrition. It gave a supportive community to pursue my goals. Though I'm still tracking my fitness/exercise, for the next few weeks I aim to intensely apply SP principles and methods to learn how to develop web apps.

Day 1 (today): Wow, once again the power of SP worked. I was able to slog through more than ever just by committing to doing an initial 15 minutes. I got to a halfway point in Chapter 1 of Hartl's tutorial. It wasn't as hard as I dreaded it might be. Some takeaways: 1) Ruby on Rails is the language that Twitter and Hulu were developed on, according to Hartl. 2) I installed the required software on my computer. Question: what web app would I like to develop?

I didn't do ten minutes of exercise today, but I think I'm going to try to add that to the Upside of Downsized team goals. If it is anything like what I did with the tutorial, I'll be doing yoga again very soon!
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