Struggling to succeed, plus BLC #18WUB

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm struggling.. Oh how I am struggling. Struggling to make the right food choices. Struggling to get exercise in. Struggling to drink water. Not that I am drinking anything else.. but I haven't drank more than about 8 ounces of water today. That is nowhere near what I should be drinking.

I've really been struggling the most with food choices lately.. I will start out good and I have good intentions at the end of the day. But night comes around and it's like I haven't eaten in weeks. Not only that, but it's junk food. Seriously.. can I justify throwing out my kid's Easter candy because I am eating it instead of them? Because I really want to! If it's not in the house, I don't feel the need to buy it. Except I do get Fiber One brownies.. and some dark chocolate for the rare occasions that I really have a sweet tooth. I haven't even been touching them. It's been jelly beans, peanut butter m&m eggs, sour gummies, chocolate. It's horrible. I need some motivation.

I joined a biggest loser competition in one of my groups and I thought that would be motivation enough. Maybe I should be participating more? I feel like I spend more time online than I am able to spend doing things though. I'm spending more time reading up on the challenges so then making time for the challenges makes it hard for me.. and trying to keep up with them because there are the 5 constant challenges and then daily or weekly challenges. I would like to get all the points for the challenges but I think it's just unrealistic.. so I am just going to do basics. I am going to start making sure I have at least 10 minutes of exercise each day and I am going to work on cutting out sugar.

I have decided that at the end of my blogs will be where I post my BLC stuff like goals, struggles, challenges, etc. That way if people don't want to read all that, they don't have to. Not that they have to anyways..

BLC #18 WUB Goals, Etc.
This week has been full of struggles on foods, water, and exercise.. so here are some of my goals.

1.) Cut sugars out of my diet.
- 1 SMALL sugary snack allowed daily (obviously can skip it if I want to!) or every other day so it doesn't backfire on me and make me eat to extremes.

2.) Eat more fruit and vegetables. My diet usually always involves stuff from the other food groups.. with little amounts of fruits and veggies. I want to try to get to eating clean.. so what better way to start.
- Eat at least 1 serving of fruit and 1 serving of vegetables each day.

3.) Drink more water.
- Drink at least 3 bottles of water a day. Preferably more but this will allow me to build myself up to the 8 glasses. I currently drink about 1 or 2. My water bottles are the 16.9oz bottles.

4.) More exercise!! I don't exercise every day.. or even every few days. I need more exercise. Enough said.
- Exercise at least 10-15 minutes every day.
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  • JEAN111766
    I agree with all the other comments on here but mostly, I say YES! get rid of the candy!
    emoticon emoticon
    1770 days ago
    Good for you on your list. I have many lists that I write down, usually on my blogs. When I started a few times back, I kept trying to do everything at once or I set my goals too high. This time around I set my goals slowly. I have accomplished all my goals except my current one, so I will not set another one until I get my 'exercising' under control. Keep your goals attainable for you and you will succeed! Keep it up!
    1770 days ago
    I especially like the way you laid out goal #1! Any time people say they're going to "cut something out", I get nervous. Because cutting things out is a great way to make yourself feel deprived, and it won't be long before your cravings for that item or food group become so intense that you finally cave and binge. So I really liked seeing that instead of cutting sugars out entirely, you're doing the wise thing by just reducing them to a point where you can still have them, but in moderation. You've got a good head on your shoulders--I know you can do this!!
    1771 days ago
    Dear we have all been there. Its emotional eating, Do you journal your thoughts? Whatever is troubling or concerning you has you in a tailspin, and food is the culprit you have chosen to suppress the feelings perhaps.

    It begins with a plan, but you have to work the plan. Its Mind over Matter. You have to believe YOU are Worth It! You Are.

    Take today, and plan your meals. Put on your tracker what you will eat, and then tweak it where you need to before consuming so as not to go overboard. In the evening plan a walk, a game, an activity that will keep your mind and hands occupied. Such as reading, sewing, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, anything that isn't food related.

    Eat at 4 hour intervals, plan your meals, and snacks apart throughout the day to keep your hunger at bay and your metabolism going at full speed. Do sets of 5 exercises throughout the day, example 5 sit ups in the a.m., before breakfast or after, before snack 5 jumping jacks before snack, 5 lounges before lunch, 5 push ups (can be wall type) before dinner, 5 leg lifts after dinner, and so on and so forth. Finding 5 minutes here and there throughout the day works better for some than others and Hey, by the end of the day, you've done 30 to 45 minutes of exercise and didn't even realize it. Take an evening stroll to clear your head, listen to your mp3 or engage in good conversation with a walking partner, and you will rest well, and sleep is vital. It all begins with a plan and putting that plan in Action. I hope this sets you back on your road to success.
    emoticon Debbie
    1772 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/19/2013 8:01:11 AM
    You can make all the rules in the world, but unless you get inside your head and decide what's really going on- all the rules in the world won't do any good. I know, because I'm struggling with the same thing. I start out good, but by evening, I could eat the kitchen sink! I can't seem to get a job--no one wants me--I'm too old--so what's the use?--this is really whats inside my head--figure out what's bothering you-maybe together-we can get through this thing and turn our world around.
    1772 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/19/2013 6:33:36 AM
    Be kind and listen to your mind as you try to sort out what's really going on. Then make a plan for yourself that starts with small steps and rewards success. Best of luck!
    1772 days ago
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