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Day 11 Juice Fasting

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Getting a late start with my blog. quadratic equations... hate them. Even home schooling mothers look forward to the start of summer. If my son doesn't get going though, he will be doing school all summer... sigh.

So my juice fasting is going good. I am staying strong. I weighed myself though this morning and it is unchanged from Monday. hmmm. I am going to stop with any fruit for a while to see if I can kick it into gear again. I was doing a bit after my workouts, but they were very little, perhaps about 1/2 a frozen peach, 2 strawberries, 1 cup almond milk smoothy that I added a scoop of protein powder to. Calorie wise it was about 300 which isn't a lot, but maybe the carb count was just enough to stop the weight loss. I could make it with water instead of almond milk which might do OK since the protein powder is low carb.

It could also be because I have been lifting weights this week and other muscle building stuff. I could be retaining fluid due to injured muscles. The 30 day shred of Jillian's was a killer yesterday, but not as bad as the pain from the over abundance of squats from when I did the ea sports. I was planning on a walk today, but there's a major snow storm and the road is one big mud mess. I thought Spring was here. My daffodils are buried.

I am so happy. The scale didn't show what I wanted and I wasn't freaked out! I still want to do the fasting and I am still dedicated to getting healthy. To be honest, I dearly need clothes, and I have refused for a while to buy any at the size I am wearing now. What little I have is looking extremely tacky. I need to fit into my smaller clothes. It is a huge incentive to lose the weight. See, I am surrounded by my special online friends for support and also, supported with the fear of my clothes becoming indecent. There is no way I can not do this.

That said, the smells from supper cooking is wafting my way. I need to make some more juice and start filling up.

thanks for the support.
stay strong
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    Well, if you live in the U.S you are luckier than I am. My coach lives in St. Petersburg. Florida. We communicate online via email, videos and conf.

    Also amazing that you squat too. Everyone should include squats in their week. Second best exercise in the world in my opinion after deadlifts.

    Keep up the great form. Kia kaha.
    1672 days ago
    So MARATHON RUNNER, are you really a nurse? If so, another thing we have in common. I like your visual of my cells jumping with joy due to the added nutrition I am giving them. I may be a poor dancer on the outside, but perhaps inside??? I need to get together with my Greek mentor, SMEXYVEN, and have her teach me few wild moves. LOL
    1672 days ago
    I agree with your coach, for you, you need the protein, and although veggies have protein, not in the amounts you would need. I would recommend that you add a daily green veggie juice to your diet. It is a great way of getting the needed micro nutrients you need especially when you help your uncle out.

    Now for me, the sleeping hasn't been as good as this since I was a child. I am actually getting 8 hours or more, if I would choose, of uninterrupted sleep. I have never felt so good. Before juicing, I was happy to get 4. Those 4 were horrible, my brain just would shut down. I'm sure it is because of the thyroid.

    I have read quite a few books on alkaline diets which tend towards vegan life style and I agree a lot with what they say, which is why when this is over, I am planning on continuing to juice along with the vegan lifestyle. I have never been as clear as I am now.

    I am setting up an indoor growing area so I can have my fresh organic produce even in the winter.

    It's great that you are talking to your coach about me. I actually have a minor in nutrition on top of my RN. I am thinking of becoming a health coach myself. I would love to meet him.

    Thanks again
    stay strong

    1672 days ago
    Well done on day 11, you keep on going and so will I. No pressure lol.

    So I spoke to my coach who, has a degree in nutrition, and asked him about juicing. He was like: "Those days are years behind you now, let's try and do this thing sustainably and set you up for the rest of your life besides, they're too expensive now days." Huh? Wha? No no no, not that, vege juicing LMAO! He was like whew haha.

    Anyways, he pointed out that juicing is a great method for achieving weight loss. "But it's not going to support you in what we are preparing you for." Huh? Wha? No no no, i'm asking about it for a friend ROFL! Whew, haha.

    Soz, rant. So I asked what might aid sleep while juicing. He explained that when the body begins to fall in or relax for the night your anabolic engine starts up and begins the repair process. However, the body needs protein, fibre and good acids to facilitate this natural process.

    Without protein, your muscles will not be fully supported and it will become restless and remain agitated like when a child has to sit in a room without toys or entertainment.

    Fibre increases the body's ability to breakdown and carry away bad acids in the blood stream. And finally, alkaline increasing acids (green veges, lemons ect...) help the nutrients to enter our tissue.

    He recommends adding sprouted lentils to your recipe for your night juices. With 9% protein and 0% fat per 100g you can really boost your protein. Also, green peas with 6%, spinach at 4% and Kale at 3%.

    Lemons, kiwifruit and oranges are acidic but the digestive enzymes change these and the body absorbs these as alkaline. Add a squeeze of lemon.

    And finally, fibre. Most juice machines strip food of fibrous material decreasing the fibre content. Not sure if it does in your case. However, perhaps try a fibre supplement and see if it helps. Debatable but maybe worth considering.

    All this should go a long way to helping your body settle down for a good nights sleep. Hopefully.

    Hope this makes sense and maybe something here you may want to work with. Keep up to fantastic work, much love, Kia Kaha!
    1673 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/19/2013 10:14:26 AM
    Hi Sweetie,

    Don't you let that scale tell you lies. Here, from Nurse Jane (hehe) you get the straight goods for the day: there is no such thing as homeostasis (hehe, even 'big' words, wootwoot) when you are tinkering with the levers, as it were. Your body IS getting high quality nutrition AND a Thanksgiving helping of exercise for dessert. Can you imagine your little muscle cells just jumping around for joy, never mind that -- your brain cells lightening up like fireflies. What brilliance!!! They're just starting a whole new cleansing of the liver and kidneys program for you, that required just a little bit more water than usual, so the muscles are holding on to just a little more of the H2O for you than usual!! Well, how is my science report!!! Good 'nough for the State Fair???? (Oh, I feel so wise, but just know that it's true!!!) Sigh ... :) :) :)
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1674 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/18/2013 11:15:27 PM
    thanks SMEXYVEN for the advice. I have to admit that I have a fear of carbs which is why I put the protein powder in with it, that and a friend had given it to me and I wanted to use it up. Today I haven't had any fruit. I have just been doing the veggie juice. I think I will do that for a couple of days (in good amounts) just so that I can kickstart things again. Wally Mart actually had my kale today, so I stocked up. The regular stores usually don't have it. I like how I feel when I exercise... well, I do when I don't feel sore from too much. Today though, I am just going to do a good yoga.... or maybe some pilates.

    Wish I could do the Zumba with you. It would be a hoot.

    1674 days ago
    Wooohoooooooooooo On still going strong.

    Now I will point out a few things that I think might be stalling your progress.
    1) Almond milk
    During a juice fast you should not be having anything with too much fat in it. Almond milk is made of nuts. What that does is makes the digestive system to work to break it down. So you will be better off to stop using it. Replace it with water.
    2) protein powder
    Though you can use it, it might be stalling your progress for the same reason Almond milk is too. The fruit and veggies in juice form just provide nutrients. Protein powder is not natural and the body will be triggered to break it down - slowing your weight loss
    3) excessive exercising. Yes I did say Excessive. Jillian is not easy. Yes it might have something to do with the muscles but if you read on juice fasting, it is a time to be gentle with your body as it is going through major changes. If you still feel that you want to work hard then you MUST up your juices. If you are burning too many calories and you are ending up with under a certain amount in your body - it will go on starvation mode and you won't lose an ounce. I only do 20 min zumba and if I skip even one juice my weight loss automatically stalls. So either do something easier, or up all the liquids girl! And don't stop using the fruit. You need the sweetness and the carbs they provide.

    I think that if you make these small changes, your weight will start falling off much faster. I would hate for you to be doing all this hard work and not see the bonus of the weight loss. I am sure though that other things in your body are improving :D because you are giving it the nutrients.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1674 days ago
  • JOHGLO2011
    Good for you - keep up the good work! emoticon
    1674 days ago
    Does she though. I picked up the DVD for a buck at Good Will. She really doesn't do any screaming on it, which is good. I don't deal well with screaming, but it is a killer, even at level one.

    Congrats on the looser clothes and it has to feel good to be able to zip when you couldn't before. You are doing wonderful.

    I know I will lose if I stay with it. I won't get down.
    1674 days ago
    Stay with it Hun, you're right about the muscles, give it a couple days and it will drop. Way to exercise-Jillian scares me. Back in my skinny days I did p90x... Yikes! I can't imagine doing even 15 minutes of that now :( little by little ill get there...

    Keep the new clothes in mind-my yoga pants are already looser, and I could zip my favorite jacket up today when I went for a walk-it had been at least a year since I last did that. Clothes will make you feel great too!

    Stay strong :)
    1674 days ago
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