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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A guy from my church just opened his own CrossFit gym here in town. He used to teach it at another place, but it was "temporarily shut down" (I'm thinking something to do with the building, but not really sure...) My friend has been going faithfully and invited me to with her. The only thing is that it's at 5:25AM, Mon-Fri. The only day that I can really go is on Thursdays, since it's my husband's rest day from the gym, so he is able to get our oldest son up for school. I felt kind of bad leaving him, since it's normally the day that I let him "sleep in" (since I'm always off on Thursdays), but he was ok with it.

Last week was my first time there. We did sprints, pushups, and lunges to warm up. The actual WOD (workout of the day) was 12 box jumps, 6 thrusters, and 6 burpees. You repeat those as many times as you can for 12 minutes. I used a lower box since it was my first time, but I definitely still got a workout! I did a few box jumps on the big box before we actually started, and could do them, but felt more comfortable with the 12 inch box for the rest of the time. The burpees were different than I was used to. I'm used to the ones where you jump back into a plank position, then jump feet back to your hands and jump up/repeat. With these, your WHOLE body goes to the ground, you do a push up, then jump back up and repeat. It's much harder to get up from being all the way on the ground!

I was able to go yesterday instead of the today because the boys had a half day, but didn't have to go to school until lunchtime (they call it a late-start day). I was able to go workout and be home before they had to get up. We started with sprints and lunges again. Then we did squats holding a weight. Most people used the long bar, but those were all gone so I used a 35# kettlebell. I could definitely feel those! The actual WOD was toes-to-bar, pull ups, and walking lunges. With toes-to-bar, you are hanging from a chin up bar (and these bars are up high off the ground- we had to use a box to get up to them!). You try to curl your lower body up to get your toes to the bar, so almost like a crunch but you're hanging by your hands from a bar. Those were HARD! Next for the pull-ups. I have never been able to do a "real" pull-up. He had these straps with a big ring at each end that they attached to the ground, so you could grab those while leaning way back at a 45 degree (or so) angle, and you pulled yourself up. For the walking lunges, you hold a weighted plate over your head (mine was 25# and with each lunge your knee goes all the way to the floor. We repeated all of those exercises 10 times each, I can't remember how many minutes we had- I think it was also 12.

I had invited my friend over to workout later that morning. She came over and we did some cardio (Peak10 Pure Cardio), then we did the Jackie Warner Abs DVD. I was really tired by the end of all that! If she wasn't already coming over, I probably would have been done after crossfit. I woke up and could feel it a little in my thighs, but the biggest part I feel it is in my upper back, the V-taper area. And my chest. Oh, and my upper abs. LOL! emoticon emoticon emoticon

I am not sure if I will be able to continue going weekly or not... It's $5/class, which isn't bad, but it does add up... My husband pointed out today (and I had actually already had the same thought, but didn't tell him) that for the cost of taking one class/week ($20/month), I could just add on to his gym membership and have unlimited membership... I have considered it. I do LOVE my home workouts though, too. He said even if I only made it to his gym 4-5 times a month, it would still be worth it. They had a free classes weekend next Saturday and Sunday (they do those before each new season, to let people try out the new classes and see if they want to join), so I'm going to those classes and that should help me decide. I did tell him to see if I could go as his guest either this Saturday morning or next Thursday. I'm not sure if they have a guest pass, or if you have to pay their daily rate... I know that their classes are back-to-back, and if you are not a member and want to take them they are $7 a piece. If you stay for 2 back-to-back classes then it would be $14... We'll see...

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    1763 days ago
    Wow! What a workout! emoticon
    1768 days ago
    Sounds intense. I have always wanted to try Cross Fit, but been pretty intimidated.
    1768 days ago
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