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she woke me up at 4:30 AM!!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I have been up since 4:30 in the morning. As I layed in slumber, my phone rang. Guess who it was? My little sister! Those of you who know me know the struggle I have had motivating my little sister to lose weight. She was on track, right along with me for about 7 months. The last 4 months have been a complete struggle; she gained back most of the 42 lbs she lost. Lately she has tried to motivate herself to get back to it and she has started doing HerbaLife shakes and supplements. Initially, I felt like she was trying to use it as this miracle cure because she was doing the program but would turn me down at every turn to workout. The other day she asked me if I would start working out with her again in the mornings. I told her she would have to take the initiative. I was not going to get back in the habit of doing wake up calls and getting someone to exercise with me and then deal with the attitude that came along with it.

Well she called! Just like she said she would. As annoying as it was for me to get out of my comfortable bed, I was very proud of my little sissy. Ultimately, like so many of my SparkFriends told me, I needed to let go and allow her to find the inspiration herself. When that happens, that is when the weight comes off. Just think of how many times one of your big-mouthed aunts or uncles told us we were getting too fat and to go on a diet. Did it work? Hell no. Many times we drink the healthy lifestyle Kool-Aid and try to force it down everyone else's throat. If it is going to last the long haul, you have to allow people to pour their own Kool-Aid.

So she and I were at the gym by 5 am. We stayed just under an hour. I am no longer trying to be her personal trainer. I don't want her to dread working out with me. I think what she really needs from me is to just be there and be available. So we started our workout together on the elliptical and then I moved to the treadmill to run. She stayed on the elliptical a while and then did weights. It was good. I wasn't frustrated trying to get her to do some hardcore workout routine and she wasn't frustrated trying to keep up with me. We were both chill. I liked it.

In other news, I had to drop my engagement ring off to the jeweler on Monday. Despite the fact that I wore a ring snuggie to keep the ring on my newly thin fingers, it was still sliding around. I would go running and have images of it flying down the public sewer. They just called me and told me it was finished so I am super excited to be "engaged" again. It was hard keeping all the hot guys off of me without my ring on! emoticon Actually, the only people who noticed where my girlfriends. I don't even think Derrell realized it was gone, but then again, I was out of town the whole time.

More exciting wedding news: I wrapped all my invites and took them to be weighed to see what postage would cost and was told I could use a regular stamp! That may not be exciting to most but that was like Christmas for me! I bypassed the stupid inner envelop because really it is unnecessary. It is like opening a Russion Doll! I also didn't do RSVP envelopes and instead had them cut to postcard size and put a return label and stamp on them. Not having those 2 extra envelopes really helped.

Well folks, I better get going. Today is my nephews 16th birthday and we are having a big family dinner. I am so proud of him. At his age, in the world we live in, he still believes that he is not ready for a relationship and he justifies that by saying that kids his age are too dramatic and he would rather wait for a girl with brains and good morals than waste his time with drama queens! AMEN!!! I have to shout to the Lord for that because he is like my child and I would probably make some little girl's life miserable if she hurt my nephew!

ANywho, have a great day SParklers!
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