RE: Sorry Bout Having, A Long Long Break, But I've Been Busy.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

RE: Sorry bout having, a long long break, but i've been busy, doing stuff @ home, in my luvly luvly, FLAT!!!! !!!! !!!!.

I have missed you, all (my Online Family), so so much & i, have thought about you, all so so much, 2 since i last, came back online b4, (from my long previous break).

I have been busy, sorting out/painting, my luvly luvly Flat, i have painted my, Hall Sweet Sugar Pink, (Light Pink) i must, say that it looks, really really good!!!!, i have done the.

Colour Pink as it, goes with my Green, Carpet which are also, the 2 Colours that are, on my SparkPage 2, !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!.

Health - wise things, have not been 2, good my Cellulitis (, Swelling of both my Legs, & ankles!!!!), came back again!!!!, so that made me, mad!!!! !!!! !!!!.

Plus i also re - broke, my little toe on, my right Foot !!!!, (i caught it, on the bathroom door, frame as i was, trying to get out, of the Bathroom), this is the 2nd time, this has happened in, exactly the same place.

Those of you who, know me quite well, know that i am, on a Benefit called, (Incapacity Benefit) i get, this as i have, a Disability which stops, me from going to Work.

Last time i was, Online i told you that, i went to/, for a Health Assesssment, @ Lincoln this was, on Monday 4th februaty 2013.

On Monday 25th February, 2013 i received a, Letter telling me that, i could no longer, qualify for Incapacity Benefit, & that i was, able to go back, to Work.

I texted my Family, as soon as i, heard about this, they were so horrified, so i then went, to the Job Centre, to show them the, Letter & i asked, for an Appeal Form.

To try to win, back my Incapacity benefit, i also asked if, i could have a, form to apply/, claim Income Support, i was told to, do it Online &, to send it off, i tried to do.

It Online + it, would have cost me, £7.40p (printing off costs, 10p a sheet !!!!), & there is no, way that i could, afford to do that, so i asked Helen, my luvly luvly (Sister).

If she could do, my Form for me, @ work which she, very very kindly did, for me i then, took this back to, the Job Centre, which was posted by, them on 11th March 2013.

I then thought/, hoped that i would, hear about this within, 2 weeks which never happened, so on 28th March 2013, i went back to, the Job Centre &, i asked about my.

Claim Form 4 Income, Support i was given, a fone number to, ring which i did, only to be told, that they had lost, my form so i, asked for another Claim, Form for Income Support.

Which i filled in, & then the Job, Centre posted off 4 me, as it was Easter, i knew the Offices would, be closed & that, they would re - open on , Tuesday 2nd April 2013.

I then thought/, hoped that i would, hear about this within, 2 weeks which did, happen on Monday 15th April, 2013 i received a letter, telling me.

That i do not, qualify to get Income, Support & that i, should apply to get, JSA (Job Seekers Allowance), the reason that i, do not qualify for, Income Support is that.

I am FIT FOR, WORK!!!! !!!! !!!!, so i went to the, Job Centre & i, showed them the Letter, they gave me a, fone number to ring, up which i did.

Do then after a, 2.5 hour fone conversation, they took my Claim, for JSA (Job Seekers Allowance) then, i asked if i, could get an advance, on my Benefit as.

I had no money, i ran out of, money on Thursday 14th, March 2013 (my last, Incapacity benefit Payment which, i had been given), since then i have, had no money what.

So ever!!!! !!!!, TBC TBC TBC TBC emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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