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Thursday, April 18, 2013

How is the week going for you guys?!

I’m here to have a bragging moment. Just a little one, and it probably isn’t much to some people but it means a lot to me!

I made probably the best dinner I have ever made in my life last night. Hands down. I made chicken tikka naan pizzas. Check it:

What’s so good about these, you may say? Well first of all they tasted like heaven.

Second of all, I edited the recipe to make it “healthy”. It originally called for heavy cream, oil, full fat cheeses. I subbed nonfat greek yogurt for the creams, bought reduced fat cheeses and changed up the proportions. Instead of frying the chicken pieces, I marinated them in seasonings and greek yogurt and baked them in the oven. I bought whole wheat naans and compared their nutrition to others in the store before buying. I sliced up the red onions like no big deal. Instead of buying canned tomato sauce, I made it using tomatoes, garlic, seasoning and a blender - NOT oil laden or jarred. And I TRACKED IT ALL. Gasp!

My boyfriend brought up a great reminder… he goes “Remember when you tried to make healthy pizza when you first started this journey, and you cried, and you couldn’t chop onions, and you dropped the dough on the ground?” I mean – I STRUGGLED. It was true, I couldn’t even chop the onions! And now look at me! Not only chopping the onions like a pro, but I refitted the recipe and it turned out amazing! Woo hoo, pat myself on the back, I have come so far! And we had an amazing dinner because of it!
Sometimes I forget how things really were “BEFORE” I joined Spark. Now I drink 8+ glasses of water a day, on the regular, without thinking and BEFORE I would have done anything in my power to avoid water. Now I buy veggies, try new recipes, make recipes healthier, cook at home. BEFORE I used to beg, even CRY some nights to go out to eat. We still go out sometimes, but now I make an effort to eat at home more and make better choices when I go out (90% of the time…) I have my gym bag packed with me today, we went on a walk after dinner last night, I enjoy hiking. BEFORE I actually didn’t even own a pair of tennis shoes. Now I do, and look at all of the great things I can do with my legs!

On that note, a few people pointed out that I neglected to share pictures of my hike with you guys from Sunday. Here are two from the hike of the lovely blooms and the clear blue sky:

And one I took walking around at night on Saturday. I was struck by how the light was fluffed up by the clouds of white flowers.

Anyways! Tomorrow the humane society is bringing doggies to my office for us to walk at lunch, so I am packing my tennis shoes to do that. Saturday is my old roommates wedding… her dad ran this event venue for something like 40 years, so they are going to have every bit of food and drink imaginable. I’m not even kidding, the list she told me was miles long. I know I’ll be dancing a whole lot but I’m sure there will be some indulging. I know a few tears will be shed because I am so happy to see her so happy! The good news is that the weather is supposed to be cooler and sunny – perfect outdoor activity weather! So maybe I can make up for Saturday on Sunday? All of this is stuff that makes me happy and so far I am feeling pretty good today. I’m riding that high from last night’s dinner & walk, and tracking everything, and going to the gym today, and pushing forward. I have another new recipe to try tonight and I can’t wait. Ahhh the next couple of days will be awesome!

Hope you all have a good weekend too!
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