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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yesterday was supposed to be a cross train day but I didnít workout at all. I had a meeting after work and I had errands I needed to run after the meeting. I usually run 4 times a week with the running group with a workout routine that follows each run. So I get over an hour of exercise 4 times a week. I think thatís pretty good. Itís not a daily thing . . . but itís better than the nothing I could be doing. I am trying not to get too frustrated with my weight loss efforts. Iíve been running for 6 weeks now and my weight has barely changed (think a 1 to 2 pound loss). I have seen a change in my body. My stomach has flattened quite a bit and my face isnít as round and puffy . . . however that darn number on the scale just REFUSES to move. I wonder what I am doing wrong. I eat within my calorie range, albeit at the high end. Iíve changed my eating habits to healthier foods and I no longer eat when Iím not hungry ( no random snacking or eating because food is presented to me). I always exceed my allotted calorie deficit for the week but yet I seem to be stuck in a rut. I will say that since I started this journey Iíve lost 8 pounds . . . but only 2 of those pounds have been during the 6 weeks Iíve been running. I feel like I must be turning my fat into muscle and thatís why my body shape is changing but my weight is not. Oh well I may be frustrated but Iím not deterred. Iíll just turn this frustration into motivation and see where that gets me.

I ate at the high end of my calories (without going over) yesterday. I didnít reach my allotted daily calorie deficit. I was off by 111 calories. I would have reached that goal had I either been more active or not had that skinny cow candy cluster pack after dinner. LOL, oh well . . . coulda, shoulda, woulda . . . but didnít! Hopefully I can keep myself on track today. Today is a run day with the group, however the weather is looking really bleak. Iím going to have to force myself to do something inside if the weather doesnít permit us to meet.

As usual, here are some random thoughts and experiences Iíve had recently . . .

We (the teachers at my job) were basically told in a meeting yesterday that we were not only going to be responsible for teaching children but we are also going to be expected to raise them as well. Now it wasnít said that way . . . but that is what it boils down to. We were also told that there would be less punishment for bad/inappropriate behaviors and that weíd just have to deal with things on our own and teach students correct behavior in the process (because Lord knows their parents are too busy being productive citizens to do actual parenting and therefore the responsibility lies on us--- note the extreme sarcasm). Now that sounds bad . . . but for me, I always deal with things on my own. Rarely do I ever send a student to the office for punishment. I have established a good relationship with my students and through that relationship they usually behave for me because they genuinely donít like disappointing me. If for some reason they misbehave I address it . . . fuss at them about it (by the way, fussing doesnít have to mean screaming and hollering) . . . talk to them about it (after I fuss) . . . and we squash it. Granted, I donít have severe misbehaviors in my classroom. I just have a lot of moody kids who forget whoís in charge from time to time and need a reminder. After I give them that reminder, everything is copacetic. Most times, when students are disrespectful to me, their classmates will jump down their throats and tell them how wrong they are for acting that way towards me because Iím one of the teachers that really helps them out and really cares. I usually get an apology from whichever student has wronged me, either because their classmates have shamed them into apologizing or because they are genuinely sorry. Either way I take it and donít hold grudges. You really cannot hold grudges in this profession. If you do, not only will you become extremely stressed out . . . but you will fail your students in the process. They will NOT perform for someone they think does not care. You HAVE to learn to let things go. I think a lot of my coworkers have not learned this yet. I guess Iím lucky. I havenít sent a student to the office all year . . . havenít had to. I really have had a great bunch of students this year and I think this may be the first time in my history as an educator that I will actually miss my students once theyíve moved on.

Spring means I can sport my hair in a wash and go . . .hereís a pic:
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