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Phase 2 - Day 3

Thursday, April 18, 2013

So yesterday was a protein and veggie day.

I have not fixed just egg whites before, I saved the yolks maybe for the fat days, maybe for the dogs if I can't use them all. Now I know eggs are not bad for me, it's not about that. It is about certain macros at certain meals/snacks on certain days. I can have whole eggs on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday if I want. But the 2 protein & veggie days are low fat, low carb days.

I was just getting tired of turkey, but it was ready and I needed protein, so turkey it was. I usually have chicken breast cooked and frozen, so I could have mixed it up a little, but I didnt see any for some reason. I also could have had steak or something, I just stuck with the turkey. It was already cooked and it was quick and easy. I didnt have to think about it much. So getting tired of turkey was my own lazy fault. There are all kinds of options.

I did have some roast for lunch, though only a serving, as I wasnt sure what kind it was. I fixed it for my son and I just didnt pay attention to what it was. Not sure how you tell either, never had to think about it before.

Energy was good. Though I was tired last night, but I had been up since 3am. (really about 1 if you include the trying to go back to sleep) That is about normal for me though, not due to the plan.

So, this morning. Up at 4am. Slept pretty good all night. Breakfast ready by 5 but I decided to go ahead and weigh first, even though I like to weigh after 7. I like to give my body at least 12 hours to do whatever it is going to do with my food. But I wanted to weigh so I could eat breakfast.

Result.............. drum roll please................... minus 2.6lbs!! Now.... I know it is water, but that is okay, the water needs to go also right? I could be starting to see a little fat loss now though, as I have eliminated the water gain from the weekend already. I also think I have a few more pounds of water gain, so maybe it's all water, maybe it's fat, maybe it's a mix. I think very little (if any) is muscle though, so that's a good thing.

So.... after that... my turkey and egg white/spinach omelet that was waiting for me, looked pretty darn tasty. Maybe I am not so sick of turkey after all!! emoticon emoticon

Update: OH sorry forgot to mention again for those just tuning in, it is called Fast Metabolism Diet - Eat more Food & Lose More Weight by Haylie Pomroy.

(Now that you have read this, you will probably see the ads for the book here on Sparkpeople)

I started a team to chart my progress, incase anyone else wants to join along. I may or may not blog daily, just have to see how my time goes but I do hope to post to the team. The author's personnel got back to me and gave permission to use the book cover and they are very excited about the new team and are anxious to see how we progress :)
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