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There’s no weight on my new driver’s license?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I was looking forward to renewing my driver’s license this year because finally my weight wouldn’t be a lie. Imagine my surprise to discover that weight isn’t listed on the license anymore.

Is this true in all states? I’m not sure when it ended in VA.
It lists my birthdate, height and eye color.
Hair color is missing too.

It also has that holographic photo, all in black and white. Hmm, I looked much better in color.

So I don’t get to tell the DMV about my wonderful weight loss? I suppose it was a useless ID characteristic. So many of us wouldn’t tell the truth anyway.

A few days ago LovestoWalk49 posted a blog entry including this link

The title “Extreme obesity the new normal” is somewhat misleading (so many headlines are nowadays), but certain facts in the article are accurate.

Like this:
''If you have got 60-plus per cent of people overweight or obese that has become normal viewing these days…”

In other words the majority is becoming the norm. Anyone weighing within recommended ranges is beginning to look skinny.

And this:
”The researchers, from Deakin University, measured the height and weight of nearly 1500 women who participated in the Geelong osteoporosis study, avoiding the problems of inaccurate knowledge that often plagued researchers who simply asked people how much they weighed.”

Like the weight on drivers’ licenses people tend to report an inaccurate weight. Maybe they’re lying like I did or just in denial. If you avoid the scale long enough you can forget about it and convince yourself that you are that person on the license.

Inaccurate self-reporting is one of the problems of many research studies. The tendency is to underestimate the amount we eat and overestimate the amount of exercise.

That’s why the SP trackers are so valuable. You can lie to them too, but what’s the point? Kind of defeats the purpose of being here, doesn’t it.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have to get my license this year, so will check, but honestly, I think it has said the same thing for many years, and of course I change weights like the seasons
    1768 days ago
    Ha! Mine says 185 and has for the last 12 years at least. For most of that I was more. Up to 33 pounds more. Now I am a couple of pounds less. I really hadn't thought about it in years but it it kind of cool to look back and realize that I actually weigh less than I did when I got my DE driver's lic right after my divorce. I know back then I felt pretty confident about my body (although I felt I could stand to loose a little fat around my middle)
    Your post made me fish my DL out of my wallet and look. What a nice comparative surprise!
    1769 days ago
    You could always add your own weight sticker ;-) emoticon

    When I renewed my Oregon license in 2011, they still had weights listed. I'm 24 pounds lower than that weight now, but the license doesn't expire until 2019... Sigh. I miss my glasses! They wouldn't let me wear them in the photo.
    1769 days ago
  • DEBBY4576
    Just renewed my AZ drivers license in December. We are still in color and it has my weight....thank God. I finally didn't have to lie.
    I have a weight site that calculates your weight according to the world and where you stand. Evidently, alot of the world is obese now too. It wasn't until I got down into Africa that I fit the people. If you ever want the site let me know.
    1769 days ago
    In Australia we just have a photo, with name, address and date of birth.

    Just as well it didn't list weight I would have not driven :) !!!! emoticon
    1769 days ago
    When I renewed last year, it still had the weight and I lied then, telling them I was 20 pounds lighter than I was at the time, although bringing it up 10 pounds from what I said on the last license. I'm now 22 pounds lighter than my license says and will continue to drop.

    The other thing that changed was my hairstyle. The woman commented on how short it was compared to my last license, I'll have to get it renewed in 3 more years and perhaps I'll be more truthful next time. Either way, I'll look much different again.
    1770 days ago
    I remember lying about my weight... well I don't know if I can call it a lie since I didn'T even know my real weight! When I was a teen I avoided the scale and stepped on it maybe once or twice a year so it was easy to think I didn't gain any weight if I didn't have any numeral proof :P
    1770 days ago
  • DR1939
    MN still requires weight on their driver's license. I just renewed mine in January and had to report my weight.
    1770 days ago
    I haven't noticed if they weight and hair color thing changed on my license... I imagine with the federal standard thing (booo no smiles!) they should all have the same info, I just haven't looked. Mine always said 155 lbs since I got it when I was 15... I wasn't 155 lbs when I was 15, I didn't know my weight and we guessed. So yeah... that whole self reporting thing for weight is tricksy.
    1770 days ago
    With me, the weight was about as accurate as the photo: highly likely to change between license renewals! And of course the weight was self-reported, so it's remarkable how I maintained at 125 so consistently for the DMV!
    1770 days ago
    No weight on the Texas drivers license either - I'm not sure when they dropped it!
    1770 days ago
    It ended here in IA too. I was looking forward to actually being honest with my weight! I was one of those who just flat out lied. I thought I can't look that different from 140 to 180. Well, now that I've made that journey (from 180 to 140), I realize that I DO look quite different. :)
    1770 days ago
    I just looked and I don't have a weight on my Virginia license either, tho I still have that old color photo that is an old hair color and style. Wonder why they took the weight off? It changes as much as hairstyle.
    1770 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I had the wrong weight on for years, We still have weight in my state.

    Obesity being the new norm is a tragedy. Plus inaccurate statistics do not help.
    Yey for Spark People.
    1770 days ago
    Had to pull out my driver's license and check...yep, no weight there. No complaints from me. On my old license, the weight remained unchanged from the accurate number on day of issue through prolonged weight gain and then back down. So most of the time, the weight on my license did not reflect reality.

    1770 days ago
    I think it dropped off when they went to the high security licenses. Since we only renew every 5 years, weight could have changed a lot in that time so the truth of a number was that it was only a moment in time.
    1770 days ago
    All good points! Why lie to ourselves? We can keep our SP trackers completely private and they provide a solid database of what works for us.
    1770 days ago
    I posted it to show the inaccuracies as well as the truth in it. I also posted a link that shows how ones weight compares to other Americans of the same age and height. I think that one is more shocking. emoticon
    1770 days ago
    Wow, how true you are. It is sad that the norm is now considered skinny. I guess those of us that want to become and stay healthy need to be more vocal about it, in a nice way of course. Sharing our stories and journeys may help someone else.

    As for your license, I renew mine this summer and I was really looking forward to giving my actual weight this year, too! I want to have weight on my license now!!! My how things have changed since I started this healthy journey!!!
    1770 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
    1770 days ago
    Yes, it's a tragedy.
    1770 days ago
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