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Thursday, April 18, 2013

I just spent several days away from home, the computer, everything, except my husband, the Gulf of Mexico, and sunshine. Sounds idyllic, right? Well, it was an intervention for us. Oh, our marriage is fine. It was a grief intervention. We needed time, alone, to be in one of Chris's favorite places and just cry and remember, and celebrate. We have given our other children, our families, and our jobs almost two years our time without stopping since losing Chris...it was time for us to grieve a little. :(

We decided not to eat out on this trip, so we bought food and used our little kitchenette. We discovered some iteresting things about ourselves on this trip, Because we had no agenda, other than just sharing and being together, we allowed our natural biorythms to guide us in eating and sleeping. Amamzingly, we both felt better with just a large lunch and a light dinner, allowing for a 10-12 our fast. We also slept right around 8 hours straight. In fact, we got frustrated with not being able to "sleep in"!! LOL. Also, contrary to popular belief, we both appreciated exercise more in the evenings. We looked forward to it, and it did not interfere with our sleep. On this schedule, we felt no need for snacking and we had time to enjoy our daily water intake.

I discovered that the more I relaxed, the less need I had for food, and the more need I had to be outside. I am, apparently, very sensitive to sunlight. It is a real mood-changer for me. Perhaps I have a little bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder fueling my emotional eating? Speaking of that, as we worked thru the heavy emotions and let them out (for now, losing a child is never a one step process), my need to emotionally eat (snack all day) disappeared!

However, we then returned home to a trashed house (teenagers@#$%!), andstressful jobs......wish me luck!
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