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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Does stress ever get to you emoticon

Is your life just constant stress, to the point that stress is your normal emoticon

Part of my Spark Coach program today was talking about stress and how it affects our weight loss. Plus, in reviewing the Spark People Blog today I found an article about how we deal with stress and some ideas to destress (now, why does that make me think DESSERT?) ... here's that article: www.sparkpeople.com/blog

(ya think someone's trying to tell me somethin'???) LOL

In my life stress is my normal. My therapist says I need to work on accepting low-stress days as normal more often. My body seems to stay in a "fight or flight" mode 24/7/365. That's partly the PTSD, partly situations in my life, partly people in my life that I can't just walk away from, and partly my health issues which make it harder to deal with stress. So what can I do about it? emoticon

Some of the things I **TRY** to do are:
Deep Breathing
Taking a Nap!
Playing a game on my computer
Reading - magazines, books

Some of the newer things I've been attempting to do:
Jumping on my Gazelle for a few minutes
Working on a "ME" project (sewing, writing)

Am I successful? Sometimes. I wish I could say one of these works every time, but it really doesn't for me. Probably that is connected to the very simple fact that I always seem to be short on time so I feel like I don't have the time to do one of these things to the extent that I should. This is something I'm working on; both to help me not be so stressed AND to help me realize better that it is OK to do things for me ~ to do things that serve no other purpose than to make me feel good.

Do you find it hard to be good to yourself? emoticon

This is the suggestion made from Spark Coach:
Today's action plan is to think about the top two stressors in your life right now that are within your control. Ask yourself if there's anything you can do to make your life easier. Is it looking for a different job? Getting up 20 minutes earlier so that you can miss the rush hour commute? Delegating some household chores to your children or significant other? We so often suffer from stress without ever thinking about the problem long enough to find a solution.

Next, commit to a daily stress-reduction activity. It should not be a major commitment unless you have plenty of time to devote to it (otherwise, it'll just stress you out more). Make a list of three activities that make you feel better and more like yourself, and schedule 5-10 minutes each day to do that activity. Here are some ideas:
Getting a massage
Working out
Deep breathing
Taking a nap
Reading a magazine
Taking a bath
Playing a game
Sitting quietly
Affection with a loved one or pet
Doing this will not only make you a happier, more balanced person; it will also help you to eat healthy and keep your energy levels high for those workouts. Follow these great tips for a much calmer journey to weight loss!

Well, at least I can see I'm doing some of the right kinds of things to reduce stress! emoticon
Right now it's really hard to narrow down my stressors to just TWO! So I think about what's really within my control. Another tough one! UGH!

My stressors within my control. My brain just goes 'round and 'round.

A big stress is money, or rather the lack of enough of it. Can I control that? Being disabled and relying on disability checks shout out NO! But then my logical side says I can build my Melaleuca business and eventually make more money than the disability check pays me. In my case, I can get into a program, once my business shows a profit, that will reduce my disability pay in relation to my business earnings. So then this is somewhat in my control.

Another big stress is dealing with all the dysfunctional family members and the various problems that come up like wildfires needing to be put out right away! Is that in my control? Well, I can't control what other people do. But I can control how I react to those actions. And that is a work-in-progress already. I'm a long way from being in control of that one!

More stress comes from all my food allergies and how they affect what I eat and sometimes when. Again, not really in control of that but can to some extent control how I deal with it.
Health issues bring a lot of stress too - mine as well as those of other family members. Some of it can be controlled to some degree BUT a lot of it can't. You have to deal with the health crises as they arise and most of the time they do not give advance warning.

Hmmm... guess this is one I'm not going to resolve today. I'll just keep doing my best to keep moving forward, mostly, as much as possible, given the moment's circumstances.

At least I haven't broken my Rise'n'Shine streak yet! emoticon
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    Those are very good things to remember. I know that when I take my feelings out of a stress situation and try to think why is this person yelling at me, I can try and see things from a different point of view and try to make it less stressful for me and the other person. I really rely on Jah for a lot. I will keep doing that!
    1800 days ago
    I know the feeling. Seems like the government is whack when it comes to helping out our family. I can see why so many people break the law and work under the table.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1801 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/18/2013 1:05:08 PM
    I have tried some, actually most, of the destressors. However, when there is turmoil that is not in my control, there is little I can do except be an absentee in the upheaval. Prayer is one thing I rely on more than anything else. Knowing there is a God who cares and can do something about each situation, makes for more peace. Inviting Him into any situation through prayer and praise is a peace avenue for me.
    1801 days ago
    most of the time, i find that living in the precise moment in which i am drawing my current breath is much less stressful than dwelling on past regrets or situations that i cannot change or worrying about the trials i will face tomorrow. all i have is this moment and what i choose to do with it is up to me. you are on the right path...keep up the good work.
    1801 days ago
    emoticon keep at it emoticon
    1801 days ago
    Great blog with helpful advise!!!! emoticon
    1801 days ago
    1801 days ago
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