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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whew, sometimes I didn't think I was going to stick with this challenge. But it is time to change and I just have to keep pushing on. I think I am actually doing okay. I am exercising consistently - 5 days per week, I have increased energy, I sleep better at night, my endurance is better, I feel stronger, I am making some healthier food choices, I have cut way back on takeout food and soft drinks, I am drinking more water, I am participating more on the spark people site which I am finding very motivating, not much weight loss but feeling better overall is reward enough right now. I have not done very well with tracking what I eat, it is kind of sporadic, I think that will be my next step. Once I start tracking my food and meeting my calorie intake goals I think I will start to see more changes and weight loss. I think overall that goals are being met, but there are always more challenges/goals ahead...which is a good thing.
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    You're doing a great job! I always say to do whatever you can, even if it's baby steps. emoticon
    1767 days ago

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    Good job on keeping working out consistent :) and yes once you start logging your food better and meeting your calorie goals you will get those results. That is the only way I lose the weight is by watching my calories and sodium intake. I am glad you are seeing non scale rewards for your effort though :) I never seem to focus on those and I know I should, so you have given me something to think about. :)
    1767 days ago
    Tracking throughout the day is hard. I'm guilty of not doing this as well. I like some of the suggestions about tracking on paper and entering everything in at a later date. That might help! emoticon emoticon
    1768 days ago
    I have to agree when you say that having more energy, sleeping better and eating better are rewards in itself. It's amazing how big of an impact making a small change can have. So glad that you are sticking with the challenge!! emoticon emoticon
    1768 days ago
    You're doing great. You can't change everything at once, but you can get to everything you want ot change eventually. Keep up the good work.
    1768 days ago
    You have made bounds and strides! I can also attest to the fact that tracking your food is so helpful. I am super busy though so it is really really hard for me to track during the day. What I do, is take an hour on Sunday to sit down and track everything for the entire week. (If you are cooking, you can also cook everything on Sunday and package it in to-go containers, etc. to take with you on the run!)

    That way, every day at the beginning of the day I know I will hit my calorie ranges for the most part (unless something unexpected comes up, which happens sometimes). Most of the times, I leave myself about 150 calories to use as an "eat whatever you feel like eating that day" snack.

    Then in the mornings, I just pull up sparkpeople, grab whatever my food plan for that day spells out, and go.

    It has worked wonders for me and gotten me to only 25 lbs away from my ultimate goal (from 75!)

    I also find some really good things that I like to eat that I just know the calorie count of right off the bat... like wal mart salads, etc. that are only 250 calories or so and pretty filling.
    1768 days ago
    It sounds like you are doing a great job! Congrats on your progress so far. And keep up the good work.
    1769 days ago
    I think it can be difficult to track your food online if you're really busy and are out all day, but you could write it down, then track it later when you get home or to a computer. I find that tool very helpful, because it lets me know how much I have left to eat, and if I'm getting enough to fulfill my bodies needs.
    1769 days ago
    Yes, tracking your meals will give you greater results. I can personally attest to this as I lost another 25 pounds just by adding that to my discipline tool belt. It's amazing how turned off I have gotten from eating some foods because now I know how many calories they have. I have not had fries in forever. To me they are just not worth that many calories. I would have to starve myself the rest of the day (not a good idea) just to be able to eat some of the "cheat meals" I used to eat. I still eat some junk (I had two birthday cake oreos today and a wonderful breakfast at Bob Evans with my husband). I think it's allowed in moderation. If you know how many calories you're taking in, you know what you can have. You don't have deprive yourself of everything, but you have to have knowledge before you can decide what's worth it to you. If you can't imagine a life without a certain food(s), you can find a healthy way to incorporate them into your life (again, in moderation). For me, I have foods I have learned to live without, foods I have swapped out for healthier versions, and foods I allow myself occasionally because I enjoy them too much to give up. Eating is a social and good feeling-inducing activity. If you suck all the joy out of it by only eating healthy and boring food, once you lose the weight, you'll gain it right back. We cannot live without finding joy in what we do. I have said and continue to say, "there is no "bad" food, only eating habits that have gotten out of control". You can limit less healthy food in the ways I described above, but I would caution cutting out junk altogether. It's a recipe (pun intended) for a disastrous backslide. You sound like you are doing great so far and are keeping a positive attitude. That is half the battle. Continue to make small changes and I know you will reach your goals! I'm so proud of you. emoticon
    1769 days ago
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