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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2:05 PM 4/17/2013
Hi everyone !
Wow so much has happened .. I was sick for over a week but well now .. Still getting my strength back but ready to kick Feet and Take a walk thats my new
one lol .. God is so good he is always there .. ever present .. I want you all to know I felt every prayer .. this was one of the fastest comebacks I have
had in a few years So I knew so many were praying .. I have a new Great Grandson .. I like you,, have only seen pictures so far as i cant go that far but
will see him in person soon and look forward so to that .. We take so much for granite .. God is the most important thing in my life and he is first but
next I would have to say is my health without it we loose so much .. I would encourage anyone to put yourself right in line after God .. look after yourself
get your sleep get your water .. eat healthy .. let go of the bad things .. I was a all or nothing person .. I am letting God change that about me .. If
you mess up brush off get up and go at it again .. What is a day in you life?.. I mean we may not have the next minute so don't beat yourself up .. Lean
on God and make a support group.. Make a list .. and After God who is your next support person .. WE all have them I have tons more than I had before I joined
Sparks .. Now I have so many I thank God and you .. him for sending you and you for being obedient and listening .. We can never have enough people in our
lives who truly love us and want what is best for us .. I encourage you if someone is bringing you down and you can eliminate them do .. and I don't mean a spouse
lol .. But if you have someone in the family even your husband or wife who does not support you just distance for now as much as you can .. look for some
one who says you can do this .. and builds you up not tear you down .. You can do this you know we can do this together .. we may have set backs I just
had one .. but im ready to go after it again .. Do this for you not someone else .. This is not a selfish act .. you are important .. God loves you
and so do we .. There are real people .. there are people who really love you and you don't have to look hard on here to find them .. Join groups that will
help you .. I am in many but it has taken me a few years to find the support I have now it may you to .. but there is someone on here looking for the same
thing you are .. Ask yourself in a month where do I want to be .. even if its a pound loss it is so worth it .. find a partner to help you on here .. Some
one who has a lot of your goals .. I love Sparks .. I know it has helped me so much and I have found so many awesome people on here and so will you .. The
only way you can not win is if you quit .. please learn to love you .. you are worth it .. Well im off to do my things I do .. God loves you and so do I
have a awesome day and do something to help someone today .. love Betty
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