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Jogging stroller shopping

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So yesterday I had to make it a rest day. DH made an appt at the bank for mortgage stuff and he arranged for his mom to babysit emoticon yeah she just doesn't get it at all. It was really a waste all together. The banker guy wouldn't do anything since our old room mate didn't have a form from a lawyer saying he left the house and doesn't want any of the equity.. He didn't even live in the house for a year! DH is pretty mad because when he booked the appt he asked is there anything we can do before hand to make it go quicker and his answer was no, just go to the appt.

After the appt we went to the bookstore I guess DH wanted to get the Omni diet book. I of course kept myself away from the vampire book section. I still have quite a few I need to finish reading here. I instead headed to the children's book section. We need a few more learning books for the peanut. Last night I sat with her and went through the color book and she got excited every time I turned the page. This even got the attention of DH, saying she really is checking out the book. I hope she is absorbing all this information, because I want to have a smart and pretty little girl.

I have been checking out running strollers and trying to figure out when most have started running with their babies. I know that the stroller that we received as a gift was labelled jogging stroller but it certainly is not.I actually really wished that the couple that got the stroller had gotten some feed back from me on it. DH wouldn't let me shop for a running stroller because he felt that the one we got was good enough. I could tell on the first stroll I took with her. Her poor little head bobbling around as the stroller hit every crack and bump on the sidewalk and she was bundled good in it too and was still being shaken up pretty good. So I have been scourging Kijiji for a used one and I think I have it down to 2 types. The Valco trimode or the B.O.B revolution. Any one use either of these?

emoticon Babysitting recap, no need to read if you don't want too.

I know you all love reading about my MIL so I thought I would recap all the stupid things she did yesterday. When we arrived I showed her the wet bag to put dirty diapers into and showed her how to put on the clean dipe. I brought the easiest dipes velcro all in ones that go on just like a disposable. I then took out the packet of milk that I took out of the freezer. So she knew that she was going to need to change and feed baby while we were out. I had last fed her around 2 pm with a change at 2:30. Now I had a feeling that bringing all this stuff was redundant because I knew she wasn't going to do any of it. I had put her in a dipe that was super absorbent for this very reason, because when they visit for 3 1/2 hours she tells me she doesn't need to be changed or fed. We arrived back there at 5 and yep I sure was right. She of course wrapped up the baby and OMG their house was fricken boiling and she is wrapping up the baby to keep her "warm" her perspective of warm is ridiculous! So of course all she did was sleep the whole time. MIL always gets mad "she is always sleeping when we visit", that is because she puts her to sleep by making her too warm. When we arrived she felt the outside of babes bum saying nope not wet yet, don't need to be changed. I can't believe she raised 2 sons and cloth diapered them as well. I explained to her that she shouldn't be feeling anything on the outside, if she did the diaper is too full or the PUL is broken somewhere and caused a leak. So I changed her and of course she was SOAKED, I made MIL feel the difference between the 2 dipes and stated she should have been changed a while ago. Then DH said she should be fed too and started to warm up the milk, when she saw the volume of 2.5 oz she went on of course saying that I should be feeding her 4 oz and that we should feed her formula because that is what she fed DH when he was a baby. DH kinda laid into her on formula and that it is processed and that he didn't want her having processed anything yet. Then she started saying we should give her powdered milk, because what we brought wasn't enough. Again DH told her no. So DH made MIL feed her because in a couple of weeks she will be needing to feed her. DH got tix for dinner theater with some of his co workers and asked her to babysit. Now after this baby sitting session I am worried! When she was feeding her at the 2 oz mark babe started trying to spit the bottle out she was done, but MIL kept shoving that bottle in her mouth. I told her just because there is 2.5 oz doesn't mean that she must drink it all. Babe then started to cry of course signalling no more, she put the bottle down after babe choked back the other 0.5 oz and wasn't going to burp her. I had to do it, and she spit up a bit meaning her poor lil belly was too full. While I was holding baby, MIL started saying that she doesn't eat much because she is a girl. DUH!! Do I feel like we made headway on her old ways? I say no! Something tells me she will just go back to her old ways again.
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    I know I don't know you...but I saw you had something on your wish list.
    ...and I am a shopping queen.
    Do you shop thrift stores? I think that's a good way to get alot of luxury items and not bust a budget.
    The biggest thing about it is going enough so that you run into one. OR...telling others you're looking for it so you have lots of eyes searching right along with you in their local areas.
    I see so many great things for babies...but my youngest is 16 y/o. :)

    I see the jogging strollers ...and they always look BRAND NEW. You might check there or even Amazon.com
    If you're worried about germs you can give it a thorough sanitizing to feel better if that's a concern.
    GOOD LUCK with finding one. Keep up the good work.
    I know for me after a while I set aside myself and all ideas of fitness after my kids came along.
    So... keep sparkin!

    1614 days ago
    Good luck with the stroller!

    All I can do is offer hugs in regards to the MIL.

    My MIL yesterday went on a whole thing about how it's OK for babies to have bottles past 12 months, which I very strongly disagree with. My step-son's mother was giving him a bottle of milk when he went to bed at 3... by the age of 4, the dentist had to remove all of his front teeth because the backs of those teeth were rotten from the milk. She also believes in giving the kids solids, and also is a big believer in the idea that you need to bundle babies up as much as you can without suffocating them (with my son... he would be SWEATING and she would claim he still needed his socks on...).

    Having her living with us when I have this baby may drive me absolutely insane. So, you know who can sympathize with you!
    1617 days ago
    I agree that it's nice that you have Byron's Mom so close to help out when necessary, but it's definitely tough that she wants to do everything "her way" which you think is the wrong way! :( Babies are not always the easiest things to figure out... sounds like your MIL forgets that!

    As for a jogging stroller, I can't wait for you to get one! I think that will give you so much freedom and help you get out of the house more and feel great again! And I agree, Anissa will be much more safe in an actual stroller designed for running!
    Let us know what you finally decide on! (I am NO HELP in this department! ;)
    1618 days ago
    I hope you find a good stroller soon. Perhaps I can help out with it...:) I think you might be stuck with MIL being like this. I don't think DH is going to be much help either. You will just need to stand your ground with her and him. Next time just let her screw up babysitting again so that you can tell DH that you would prefer to use someone who isn't just going to be lazy and wrap her up and put her to sleep and not even change her. I have never even had a child, yet I would have made sure to check the diaper to make sure she wasn't wet. She sounds like a know it all that knows nothing. Be strong!
    1618 days ago
    HI! I love love love my BOB stroller..but the only drawback is that it isn't compact or tote-able for someone 5 feet tall (ehem, me). I have it but rarely use it unless DH is with me to lug it in and out of the SUV.

    I'll spare you the long story of how I came to this stroller, but it is my everyday and jog stroller...the CityMini is amazing. It's a good jog stroller, but folds flat with ease and i throw it into my Camry with one hand! This is the one I'd recommend if you want it to cross over as a daily stroller too.
    1618 days ago
    The B.O.B is what all my running friends with kids used- when my kid was little, they didn't have those, but everyone I know really swears by the B.O.B. I don't know anything about the other one-LOL.

    As for MIL- I say, keep trying to be patient with her- if you continue to ask her to babysit. I think it's hard to babysit babies and if you are already crazy, it's even harder-LOL. But, love goes a long way and as long as you trust that she doesn't neglect or endanger the peanut, all those other little things will come together :-) That's my take anyways.

    Do you have other reliable sitters btw? That might ease your mind :-)
    1618 days ago
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