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Phase 1 - Day 2

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yesterday went great. Always encouraging after seeing the scale budge downward a little, even though I am certain it is just water, it's still going in the right direction.

Food yesterday - I pretty much ate the same as the day before, just a little less. I was so stuffed on Monday, I just couldnt eat it all yesterday. The plan doesnt count calories, but it counts servings (ounces & cups &/or pcs. of fruit) and if you want to lose more than 20lbs, you add half a serving. For each additional 20lbs, a half a serving.

So my meals, I ate pretty much just my one serving. My snacks, I had two fruits each time. I am a fruit whore though. I stuck with just apples and oranges.

I did have a serving of blackberries with breakfast. And I discovered something about blackberries. I thought I LOVED blackberries. Now I am thinking it was just all the sugar and crust (as in blackberry cobbler) I am sure vine-ripened from the garden or the wild (where we use to get them as kids) - I am sure those are much tastier.

Ok so anyways............ drum roll please.......... down 1.5 emoticon

Again, I know it is just water. But I am very happy. I also ate breakfast around 4am already, and I didnt weigh until 7:30. I like to weigh after 7, and I like to eat after I weigh, but the plan wants you to eat at least 30 minutes after waking. And I got up at 3, so I was ready to eat by 4. I also laid awake for awhile, so I didnt know if that counted?

Which brings me to my sleep. I didnt sleep quite as well for some reason. But I was able to go back to sleep after DH left for work, and slept until the weather radio went off, flood warnings. That is what woke me up yesterday also.

Ok so anyways, 1.5 loss even though I ate breakfast before I weighed, and this after another pretty high carb day. emoticon

High to me, not high per SAD. Even high per Sparkpeople. And you know, I didnt look at my net. Wow, what a difference between total and net! Usually it is just like 10 - 20 pts difference. WOW. This is like 100 - 200pts difference! That is more like it, the net carbs. But still, losing water weight on those carbs even? Crazy.

Ok, so today is protein and veggie. I can do this! emoticon emoticon

Update: OH sorry, for those that asked, it is called Fast Metabolism Diet - Eat more Food & Lose More Weight by Haylie Pomroy.

I started a team to chart my progress, incase anyone else wants to join along. I may or may not blog daily, just have to see how my time goes but I do hope to post to the team. The author's personnel got back to me and gave permission to use the book cover and they are very excited about the new team and are anxious to see how we progress :)
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