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Phase 1 - Day 1

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ok, so things have not been moving along as I would like. For quite some time. I have calorie cycled, carb cycled, low carb, low fat, high fat, high protein, moderate protein .... most every combination trying to mix it up.

I lost my first weight just by dumb luck I guess. Before I even knew what a carb was, or what a macro was. I knew good foods and I knew bad foods, but that was about it. And it worked. Just eating good foods. No more sugar. No more fast food. More fruits. More veggies. Then I became full on less and less, eating less often.

So I was afraid I wrecked my thyroid or something. But it checked out okay, at least whatever test they ran was okay. And I feel great, I feel healthy and I feel like everything is running a-okay, but weight loss is just not happening.

So, I have even tried to recreate the beginning, but no luck.

Did I learn anything the past few months? Yes, I learned that I can maintain. I can eat the foods that I enjoy, I can have the occasional night out on the town, and still maintain. So that is good. However I am not to goal yet, so it is time to be more strategic about the foods I am eating. I have heard sometimes to take a little weight loss break & just maintain - and I guess I did that, so now is time to ramp it up again.

So... I heard about the Fast Metabolism Diet. In looking at it, it looks like what I might have been doing in the beginning. Some days more fruit than others, some days more this or that than others. You know, you either run out and can't get to the store, or you just get hungry for something and then after a couple of days you aren't so much anymore? I can remember in the beginning writing to Dietitian Becky about how my carbs were off the chart some days but they were all good carbs, so I just went with it - calories were in check. And then some days, fats might be higher, etc. But weight loss was happening nice and steady.

So in reviewing this Fast Metabolism Diet, it looks like something I can do. I still dont feel like it is a "diet" per se (she says D.I.E.T - Did I Eat Today?) but my previous months of my new "lifestyle" way of eating (aka maintaining/stalling/plateauin
g) is not gaining me any ground so it is time to pay attention and really eat with a specific goal in mind. Eat the same foods as before but eat with a purpose - a strategic eating plan.

So yesterday was day one, of phase one.

Things went well. Little headache from no caffeine. I usually have a couple cups of coffee in the morning (2-4) and several cups of green tea throughout the day (3-4) It is the same as I felt when I cut out the sweet tea and sugar cold turkey. I use to never drink coffee, until I discovered Bulletproof coffee last summer and that worked well with fasting. Then I decided I didnt need the extra fat, so then I switched to just cream or half & half. The last month or so, I switched to almond milk or coconut milk. So that was an easy cut but it was sort of a morning ritual I guess.

Dairy free is an adjustment. It is not permanent, unless I choose to. I know that it does cause me some stuffiness (I always thought I had allergies but now I know it is dairy) so probably best to leave it out. But I do enjoy greek yogurt & cottage cheese, but it is just for 28 days. So I do not feel deprived w/o it. Some will say, oh I just can't live without my dairy or they will say oh you shouldnt do anything that eliminates food groups. But for me, my weight loss is not moving along so I am willing to cut out a few things and see if that is what is holding up progress for weight loss. I already know I can MAINTAIN with dairy, so now I need to see if I can lose weight w/o it. I have always said I would be willing to do whatever I needed to do, so it's time to put my money where my mouth is.

So day 1 is done. I ate alot of food yesterday. I could not eat all that I was suppose to, based on the amount that I want to lose. The book says not to track, but being a sparker, I tracked :) I had more calories and carbs than I care to have, but went with it.

Result? Down .9 this morning!

Now, I am happy with that but not too excited just yet, as I know I had some water retention from the weekend. Buuuuut I was happy that inspite of that, and inspite of more carbs than normal, that I still lost almost a pound! I usually have to go very low carb to get the water weight off, so this is interesting.

I am so glad that I spent the $12 on the Kindle PC version of this book. I have had several life changing moments along my journey, and I think this $12 is one of them. I am hopeful that it will help get me to my goal emoticon

(Now that you have read this, you will probably be seeing the ads for her book on Sparkpeople)

I started a team to chart my progress, incase anyone else wants to join along. I may or may not blog daily, just have to see how my time goes but I do hope to post to the team. The author's personnel got back to me and gave permission to use the book cover and they are very excited about the new team and are anxious to see how we progress :)
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