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A Monster Walk...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Well, the weather was perfect for my epic walk today. It was 71 and occasionally sunny, with a stiff breeze. It was comfortable walking in a sweatshirt and jeans. So, I walked the dog 4.2 miles this morning, then rode back downtown with my dad, so I could start my walk in town. I ended up walking 23.5 miles in just over 5 hours. (A measly 3 minutes over!) So, I have already walked more than a marathon today... and I still have to take the dog for his evening walk!

I noticed a few things while walking. Garbage trucks don't pull to the middle of the road when approaching a pedestrian walking alongside the road, but school buses do. The fancier the car the farther toward the middle they swerve. When I try and count my steps in my head I get to 23 and start repeating numbers. For some reason my attention span doesn't make it past 23. If I wonder about what I "should" be thinking while walking then nothing comes to mind, but if I am relaxed and chilling then all sorts of stuff occurs to me. (I think there might be an important lesson in that.)

Cooper had a good day out at the farm playing with little girls and other dogs. Much better than being stuck in his crate for 5 hours! He even got to take a couple of naps in my dad's bed. The girls walked him twice and took him out to play another time, so he got plenty of exercise and attention.

It was a terrific day, but I think I will schedule monster walks like this for Fridays, rather than a Monday. Saturday and Sunday are my rest days, which would give me more recovery time. I don't normally go to the gym on Tuesdays, so that should be fine, but I am wondering about Wednesday's workout. I'm not sure my feet will be sufficiently recovered to do my normal run. The bike and ST should be no problem though. I will try the treadmill, but if it is too much I will switch to the bike earlier than usual. I am surprised at how little pain I have in my feet right now. With the arthritis I expected more tenderness, but other than a hot spot on my heel they are just tired not painful. I guess I could walk a marathon if I wanted to. Good to know.
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