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Gross Ingredients

Monday, April 15, 2013

Just read this article today and thought i would share it. it is just further proof that we should be eating more foods with fewer ingredients.

The original article is posted at...

A new (and disgusting) Food Beast report reveals that Cadbury Creme Eggs contain a substance from the castor sacs of beavers, which are located near the beaver’s tail. The secretions are found in an artificial sweetener called castoreum, listed as “natural flavoring” in the popular treats. Do a little more research and you’ll find that this “natural flavoring” is also found in ice cream, gelatin, pudding, alcohol, and baked goods.

While the discovery is rather disturbing, it’s only one of several bizarre ingredients found in food, some of which we consume daily.

1. Cochineal beetles
In 2012, some Starbucks patrons were enraged to learn the chain was using cochineal beetles in strawberry-flavored drinks like the Strawberry Frappuccino. The crushed-up beetles create a red dye effect. The chain declared it would stop using the beetles in its products. However, according to, cochineal extract can be found in meat, sausage, red marinades, jams, gelatin desserts, juices, noncarbonated soft drinks, icings, toppings, fruit preparations, confections, and dairy products.

2. Sawdust
Ever wonder how that bag of shredded cheese is magically able to avoid clumping? You can thank sawdust for that. Many brands of prepackaged, shredded cheese use cellulose to prevent the shreds of cheese from sticking together, according to Cellulose is also used in meat products, ice cream, and spice and powdered-drink mixes.

3. Sodium bisulfite
A combination of sulfur dioxide and sodium carbonate, sodium bisulfite remains a topic of concern. It has been known to cause allergic reactions and, in rare cases, death. While it has been banned from use in fruits and vegetables that are intended for raw consumption, it’s found in wine, potato chips, other potato products, and dried fruits.

4. Isinglass
Similar to the way cochineal beetles give red coloring to common food items, isinglass, otherwise known as dried fish bladder, is used to create the golden color of beer. According to, it’s not necessary; yeast separates from the actual beer within a few days to create the color. Isinglass speeds up the process, though.

5. Ammonium sulfate
Fact: Ammonium sulfate is a chemical fertilizer. Fact: It’s also used in many chain restaurant sandwich breads. It feeds yeast in the baking process, says

6. Propylene glycerol
Also noted on, propylene glycerol, commonly used in antifreeze and sex lubricants, is found in prepackaged salads. That’s how they’re able to look and stay so fresh. It’s also used in food colorings and cake mixes.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ah, yes, good ol' "natural" ingredients. I always remind myself that arsenic is a very natural substance. Doesn't mean I'd want to put it in my mouth!

    1750 days ago
    Had to check these out on snopes. Totally disgusting and hillariously funny, cause they're true! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1750 days ago
    I love the Omnivore's Dilemma. "Organic" means nothing unless it is grown in your back yard or by your local farmer...who you must trust.

    Sigh.... emoticon
    1758 days ago
  • BOPPY_
    "Natural" and "organic" have become completely meaningless.

    Lee emoticon
    1763 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    emoticon Interesting what we eat and don't even know we are ingesting it.
    Let's get back to natural ingredients and foods! emoticon emoticon
    1764 days ago
    Thanks for posting this information and link. I know some people are "not disturbed" by this, but I think it is indicative of what is allowed in the food industry and that allowing some of these unconventional "natural" things is a slippery slope. The problem with adding red color is that the public doesn't know what is truly real/natural anymore. It's all about tricking the brain into making one product LOOK better than another. People need to know what they are eating so they can take that out of the equation when they are picking between products.
    1775 days ago
    I agree with those who honestly aren't too bothered by this kind of thing. I've known for years that Red 40 contains beetles, and I don't really care about the beaver secretions or sawdust or fish bladders. What I care about are the artificial chemicals that are not found/consumed in nature. THOSE parts bother me, but the other things on this list, though they might sound gross to the Western palate, are no biggie. They just SOUND gross, but they won't hurt you. Still, it's always good to be fully informed! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1783 days ago
    Thanks for posting! sounds delicious!! At least sawdust and beetles come from nature!
    1784 days ago
    I was thinking the same thing as EFFECT25 as I was reading this. Not that I welcome additives but we have gotten too far away from nature in our lives. I imagine that most meat eaters would be grossed out if they saw how a cow was slaughtered (me included).
    1785 days ago
  • EFFECT25
    Am I the only one who wasnotgrossed out. I kind of was happy to learn that the strawberry color is from beetles rather t han chemical color and that it is beaver rather than artificially grown something. I dont mind having bugs and animal stuff in my food ( as long asi don't see them) and prefer them to any kind of chemicals.
    1794 days ago
    Another good reason to get rid of the super processed foods we Americans have all become used to!
    1794 days ago
    w! emoticon
    1795 days ago
    Mmmm... yummm.. lol. I do appreciate my fresh produce. Beavers? REally????
    1795 days ago
  • LINDAF49
    Leave it to a guy to find the gross stuff but i am thankful for your investigation and encouragement to keep reading the labels...
    at least 80 % of the food we eat at our house now is readable labels or home grown...eating out is another challenge that I don't approach very often anymore. I think my Diagnosis of celiac may have been the best thing to ever happen for my health..It forced me to seriously read labels and know what they mean or don't buy it!
    1795 days ago
    Amazing what people do!
    1796 days ago
    Eww! I'm so glad I plant a garden, do most of my own canning, and buy eggs and meat from family and friends with farms.
    1796 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/16/2013 7:09:07 PM
    That was an eye-opener! I'm glad I drink "craft" beers or beers I brew myself. Craft beer makers definitely don't use Isinglass!
    1797 days ago
    Yucky, yuck, yuck!! That's progress for ya'! We'd better stick with freggies.
    1797 days ago
    Yuk! Thanks for the heads up ANDYINBC! Ignorance may be bliss, temporarily, but it certainly is not healthy! emoticon
    1797 days ago
  • DRB13_1
    1797 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    All I can say is YUK!!!!!!
    1797 days ago
    EWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Thanks for the information. I will be making even more food changes

    1797 days ago
    1797 days ago
    Thanks for the information I will look more closely to the ingredients in my food....
    1797 days ago
    emoticon The article is a real eye-opener. More super reasons to make healthy choices.
    1797 days ago
    A lot on this list would still be considered "Natural', but it is not natural when it comes to what we do consider as natural food or wanting to know where our food is coming from (ex: beetle shells, beaver sacs, fish bladders...).

    As they say if you can't read what is on the ingredient list, or understand it, think twice before eating it.
    1797 days ago
    OMG, Andy! Thanks for this article. It is somewhat hard to comprehend WHY these horrible things find a way into our food. I mean, who thought these up? Did somebody just see a dried fish bladder and decide it would make beer turn golden quicker, or that beetles were a good idea for red food coloring. HOW can people, with good conscious, put this stuff into food we eat!

    You bet it is better to eat more wholesome foods! I am so grateful that the farmers markets will be opening soon after a long winter with less that fresh and hearty vegetables and meats from farms I know and trust!

    WOW! Thanks for sharing this one! (I think).

    1797 days ago
    OK I guess the thing to do it is plant a garden and use natural things to fertilize it. I'm not eating meat any more.
    1797 days ago
  • BLONDIE218145
    emoticon oh no, I agree...thank goodness for whole foods. Thanks for this!
    1797 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Yikes! Let's hear it for whole foods.
    1797 days ago
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