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Monday, April 15, 2013

(... and applying alliteration apparently.)

I've been really quiet on the blog front, I know. One of the things with participating actively in the BLC (Biggest Loser Challenge) is that most of my other Sparking activities were side-lined. Not for lack of things going on in my head or things going on in my life, but because I was already sharing things with my teammates and most of my time was spent tracking, reporting, and trying to keep up.

I'm not bashing the BLC by any means. It was a fabulous time, from round 20 through the break and round 21. It gives back in full measure what is put in -- in companionship, support, fun, good habits, and even weight loss/maintenance.

I have learned about myself through the process.

For whatever reason, I really CANNOT successfully make weight loss my goal. For some reason that gets a whole game going that I don't like. I start in with working out a little harder or eating a little less, just to encourage the scale along. That's been true for me all along, but it became more clear as week after week I reported a weigh-in on a specific day, with all challenges on a weekly basis sort of focused on the result on that day. It works fine for others. It just doesn't work well for me.

I have to want the habits to be part of my life just because. I don't drink water because it will help me lose weight. I don't eat reasonable portions to lose weight. I don't do cardio to lose weight. I don't do strength training to lose weight. I don't try to get enough sleep to lose weight.

All of those are good habits that can, indeed, help us to lose weight. But for me that can't be the reason I do them.

I drink water because I enjoy being well-hydrated (and get headaches when I'm dehydrated). I drink water because I credit it with my good health. I eat reasonable portions because I like being able to focus on and truly appreciate each bite. I do cardio for my heart and lungs and endurance. I do strength training for strong muscles and healthy joints, ligaments, and tendons. I try to get enough sleep because I make better decisions and am able to get things done more quickly.


More blogs to come since I don't want to clutter this too much with all the various side-routes. One of those relates to what I hope to achieve through strength training.


On the life stresses side, I'm not doing too bad though one situation does make me laugh at the same time it has its worries.

I'm living in a literal Chinese drama right now. Before anyone gets offended, I mean Chinese very literally -- that is their language and nationality. All I know is the couple I rent a room from aren't really married, he's in jail/prison, his brother lives next door and is taking over. His brother taking over equals kicking her out, demanding the rent from me, and not being willing to meet bail. (It gets even more fun than that, with an apparently forged signature on the rental agreement and a failure to provide any proof of the change of landlord other than service of a realty management company's information to pay to them as of next month.)

Sooooo, I will be moving probably by June. Rooms are a dime a dozen as summer break looms, and price-wise in the same range. I might be able to be pickier and get one with washer/dryer access or space so I can clear out storage or both. Which means that what could be a very stressful situation is actually more of a blessing in disguise.


Last comment for anyone who has noticed this -- other than the last weekend challenge of BLC#21, I have not been tracking my food. One of the things I burned out on was all the various things I had to keep track of for challenges. Some weeks it was hours of sleep or freggies eaten, other weeks it was CICO (calories in, calories out), every week it was ST on Thursday and intentional exercise minutes on Tuesday.

I intend to go without tracking for the rest of April. I might continue through May - or work on getting my meal planner software set up so I'm using that instead.

I do track my workouts -- both using a phone app and on SP. (I consider SP's phone app fitness tracker very unworkable for what I do, unfortunately.) That might drop to just the phone app by May, but we'll see.

I do NOT intend to let this be a free pass to overeat or "fall off the wagon". I'm eating normally for me. I pretty much maintained through BLC#21, with bounces up and down, and was eating at or just above a maintenance range. So I know I'm eating fine.

I do still weigh in daily. I don't do that to worry over weight loss or weight gain. It's just to keep track of the trend. Because I have that, I'm not worried about the food. I've set a cap at which point I know I'm not doing as well and need to reverse the trend (if I hit 180 on a spike) before it becomes a problem.

I do NOT intend to drop out any of my fitness. I'm working on making my cardio much more about physical fitness and endurance. I want to set goals for intensity levels, how quickly my HR goes back to normal, how much oxygen I get (how hard am I breathing) and use that to plan my activities. I'm working on making my strength training keep challenging me while not causing injury.

I'm not going to fill any goals in for April, though in a way the above defines the path I want to be taking.


On the not stressful side, at least for me, are taxes. I got them filed back in February. I got them paid today. (Total less than $50 for both, and I'm very happy to have owed and such a small amount. I'm the sort who dislikes getting a refund and feeling like the government got to hold my money interest-free. This way they got most of their money and I got to "hold" their money interest-free. Haha!)

Hope all the rest of you Americans (of the United States of America variety) have gotten through or are getting through yours with as little stress as possible.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad you are back missed reading your blogs emoticon back
    1664 days ago
    I understand what you mean... about tracking your every move or thinking about food, and every single bite. I know this doesn't appeal to everyone, or these get obsessive.

    Because you listed some really terrific reasons to do various things, like drink water, or exercise, that really are great. If this motivates you, that is what one needs.

    Obviously, having this apartment or living situation is rather stressful.Now a days, they have groups that do a background check on room- mates, or people who have a room.

    I was blessed to find good people through a friend, a church bulletin board or blinder, or though school or club. emoticon emoticon
    1672 days ago
    We will miss you Blue!! Good luck with the move and I hope that things are less stressful for you in the coming months. Thank you for being a great team member!!!
    1676 days ago
    Hang in there. If you need support thru this stressful time, just let me know!!
    1676 days ago
    We'll miss you, Blue! And I hope an amazing rental shows up!
    1676 days ago
    BLC will miss you. I guess, like anything else, what you get out of something completely depends on your personal perspective. The reason I love BLC is that I find it really reinforces all the healthy habits.

    Hope you find a great place to live - maybe something nearer to the trails.

    I got my usual extension filed today - now I have until October! emoticon
    1676 days ago
  • CHRIS3874
    Sounds kind of scary. Hope you can find better digs sooner rather than later.
    1676 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    I totally hear you on the "For whatever reason, I really CANNOT successfully make weight loss my goal. For some reason that gets a whole game going that I don't like ..."

    You gotta do it in a way that resonates with who you are and what you are trying to accomplish!


    1677 days ago
    Got my taxes filed today... had to pay the Feds but getting a refund from the State. I am very happy to see this day done and over with... until next year and the fun starts again.

    1677 days ago
    The rent situation certainly warrants a change and how like you to be so positive I hope you get a great new place.

    Great to catch up with you hope all turns out well.
    1677 days ago
  • KARL1266
    Nice blog. Sounds like you have a pretty full plate. I liked your comment on the SP app. I, too, have found the fitness tracker lacking. But the rest of it is fine for what I do.

    Good luck with the drama...hope it all works out for you they way you want it. And I also had to pay in this year. A bit more than you, but still...your reasoning makes it seem much better than just "Oh darn, I have to pay in this year!". I've had to make a few financial adjustments to ensure I don't pay in as much next year.

    1677 days ago
    Good luck getting out of all that drama! Hope you find a great new place to live!
    1677 days ago
    Wow, sounds like you've got quite a lot going on. Good luck finding a new place. I completely agree with the life style changes as opposed to changing things with the goal of losing weight. Although it's easier said than done, because I still want to see the scale going in a particular direction. Keep up the good work!
    1677 days ago
    Hope you find an awesome new place to rent. emoticon
    1677 days ago
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