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Monday, April 15, 2013

Well needless to say i'm feeling pretty bummed today. Over the weekend i threw a party for my 2 year old. And needless to say only 2 people showed up and left early probably because they were so bored. I was really really hurt, and i was left in a house with extra food that was supposed to be for guest and a WHOLE cake. So what did i do for the rest of the weekend i ATE, A LOT!! Now i'm just pissed, really. I couldn't believe that my friends would so easily disregard the effort and planning it takes into having a birthday party for my little one. And i'm more pissed at the pitiful excuses i heard as to why after they RSVP'd they had a change of plans. These where some of the excuses i heard...

"Sorry, won't be able to make it. Late night and i'm hung over!" Ok, grant you the party was at 3pm
" Hey girl, won't be able to make it. My allergies are acting up" Really, Take a claritin!
"Sorry, we can't make it" No explanations, that's just rude.

Grant you these excuses came from the woman who claim to be my sons "Aunties" and they couldn't even be bothered to come to his bday party. How hurtful, thank goodness my son is really young and doesn't understand what is really going on. But i'm old enough, and i'm appalled. I'm not even sure how to move forward...should i even say anything. I just have a feeling that whatever i say wouldn't matter. I guess i'll just suck it up, and try not to turn to food to make myself feel better. I didn't even want to weigh in today. Because i'm pretty sure i gained a ton of wieght =( hate facing reality at time.

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    So sorry to hear that the party didn't turn out as you hoped, it's natural to be disappointed and you're definitely not being too sensitive. It would have been one thing if people had not RSVP'd to say that they could come to only later change. If it were me, I would likely not say anything unless someone asks how the party went and I would offer that it was hurtful that nobody showed. Additionally, moving forward, I would likely proceed with caution when it comes to doing things with these people. In the meantime, I hope you were able to enjoy your special day - I remember when my son was 2 and boy, does time ever fly by!
    1804 days ago
  • KELLY19770
    I'm so sorry :(
    That's a hard one on whether to bring it up to them. If it was me, I probably wouldn't...this time. But, I would re-evaluate how much they give to the friendship on a normal basis. Sometimes people are very selfish, even with their time.
    It's a good thing your son is so young so he wouldn't notice, and I hope he had a Happy Birthday otherwise :)

    On a side note: My dad told me of a guy he worked with whose son graduated high school around the same time as myself. They had an open house for him and no one showed up. Not one person, family nor friends. I guess the kid was kind of shy and had just a few friends, and the family had other graduations that day. How horrible would that be to be 18, celebrating your big day, and not one person show up. So, it's not just your friends that can be careless on this subject.
    1804 days ago
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