S.O.S maintenance confusion ... Why is the scale going UP?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weight keeps going up even if I log everything.
Ate within my calorie range. Most times I did not even eat my exercise calories.
Exercised 6 days this week.
What am I doing wrong?

My suggested BMR maintenance is 1440 cals and that is what I eat but I am confused.

I have been increasing: dairy low fat, soya yogurt, brown bread and some rice, more sugar too.
I think it might be the sugar.

Any ideas sparkers?
always yours
Andriana emoticon
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    Dear all

    So after the little increase which you have all rightly suggested: it was the sugar in my dairy. I eat low fat dairy but the fruity kind and have been abusing it without noticing the sugar content. So I cut back on that and would rather have natural kind, add my own fresh fruits for now. Also the sodium was a culprit. I have been having this instant soups. My gosh the chemicals in them. So instead I eat them rarely now.

    All in all I stepped on the scale and it went down. Lost what I supposedly gained. I am really happy with this weight and pray and work hard at maintaining it. With all your advice I am best equipped. Thank you soooooo much I really hope that others will learn from these interactions as well.

    We can do this
    Keep being healthy: body mind and soul

    Love all around
    1764 days ago
    Sodium, maybe?

    Have you discussed this with your doctor? They might be able to be of some help.
    1765 days ago
    It's funny, I just came back from my weekly Weight Watcher's weigh-in and I was fretting about the scale going up when I noticed your blog. I needed to see all the comments that are here.

    emoticon and so will I!! I'm rooting for you!!

    1766 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/18/2013 2:32:49 PM
  • OOLALA53
    Sometimes the body retains water and then it will let go of it in a woosh that shows up on the scale.

    However, suggested calorie amounts are just estimations. The body is the real measure.

    Are you eating reasonably, getting legitimately hungry for your meals and avoiding getting very full? Are you exercising moderately and consistently? Hold your head high no matter what the scale says.
    1768 days ago
    It is possible that your body is losing fat but replacing it with muscle. If this happens, it makes sense that your weight might go up some. If I spend a period of time not exercising, this tends to happen to me for the first several weeks. Keep at it for another few weeks and see what happens. emoticon
    1768 days ago
    I read the other comments and have to agree with all of them. With the increased caloric intake, your body has to be adjusting to that and the increase in sugar and salt found in the foods. Give yourself some time and keep experimenting with the mix of food, water, and physical activity until you find your balance. emoticon emoticon
    1768 days ago
    Be patient! Sometimes when you work out and start developing muscle, the scale will go up. It will be ok! Just give it time and hang in there.
    1768 days ago
  • VICKI-B-
    Check your sodium. You may be getting too much. To really lose weight, it's recommended you stay below 1500 grams. emoticon
    1769 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I would try cutting down on the sugar. Great job of exercising 6 days. Hang in there. You are learning about maintenance and your body. You can do it.

    1769 days ago
    Dear Christina it went up by 800 grams in two weeks. Since I hit the 1440-1600 (max).
    I don't really know what to do because I feel so much energy now with more nutrition so may be it is just my body reacting. Should I readjust a little do you think?

    You are right. I am just going to relax, keep up my effort and we shall see. At least now I know when I am feeling down it is my mood and not my "I must eat because I feel tired".

    Thank you for your support
    1769 days ago
    Hi Andriana! Thanks for your comments on my SparkPage. To answer your question, yes, I think you could have experienced a gain eating only 1,440 calories a day on average because your caloric intake was so low when you were losing weight. Following an extremely low-calorie plan can mess up your metabolism, which can mean that your maintenance calorie range will be lower than another person's of your same age, height and weight who had never been heavier before. You might eventually be able to go up to 1,440 (or even higher since you're very active), but your body probably got used to eating less than 1,000 calories a day and is responding with a gain. I'd suggest scaling back a bit, maybe to 1,200, try that for a week or so and see how you do. If you lose weight, add another 50 each week until your weight levels off and see where you land. You may have just increased your calories too rapidly. Adding more sugar to your diet could also be the culprit. I often find that when I try new combinations of food, they afffect my weight--sometimes making it go up and other times making it go down. If you weren't accustomed to eating a lot of sugar before and now you're eating quite a bit more, that could also be the culprit. Successful maintaining involves a lot of experimentation, so keep at it and eventually you'll find the right balance. Good luck!
    1769 days ago
    I wonder how much your weight went up. It could be a simple fluctuation.
    If you are going to scratch anything, sugar is probably the best thing to scratch as it doesn't contain any nutrients that the body needs.
    I would not worry too much if I were you, my impression is that you are doing very well and are determined to take very good care of yourself so in the long run, this will pay off and you will be fine.
    You're one who keeps looking for answers - this means you will FIND them, too!
    1769 days ago
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