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Look @ how far the MOCHAS Went...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

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At the beginning of the BLC-21 Round, the Mighty Mocha Hunters did a Fitness Test to see where we were starting. At the end of the round, we re-did this test to see how far we've come. The Fitness Test consisted of doing as many push-ups, crunches, lunges, bicep curls, and lunges they could do in one minute.

Here's how FAR WE'VE COME!! emoticon

NELLZIE04 (NELL) TEAM CAPTAIN:START: pushups: 31 on toes FINISH: pushups: 32 on toes
START: crunches: 45 FINISH: crunches: 50
START: lunges: 28 alternating FINISH: lunges: 32 alternating
START: bicep curls: 30 FINISH: bicep curls: 30
START: squats: 25 FINISH: squats: 27
STARTING WORKOUT: 75 minutes circuit training 5 minute warm-up, 5 minute stretch

HI52J9 (Jeanine) TEAM CO-CAPTAIN START:pushups: 26 (toes) FINISH: Pushups: (bad shoulder modified) 32
START: crunches: 39 FINISH: Crunches: 44
START: lunges: 28 FINISH: Lunges: 36
START: bicep curls: 41 ...with 5# weights, must be all the frosting buckets I move! FINISH: Bicep Curls: 49
START: squats: 27 FINISH: Squats: 25
STARTING WORKOUT: 45 minutes of interval training on the treadmill
SOMETHING NEW LEARNED: Actually, a big thing for me was eliminating purely awesome whole milk, then to my surprise, eliminating regular milks altogether. I use coconut milk now and I feel better with eliminating lactose from my diet.

ROX5CAR (Roxy) TEAM CO- CAPTAIN START: pushups: 40 on toes FINISH: Pushups: 61 on toes
START: crunches: 44 FINISH: crunches: 54
START: lunges: 32 alternating FINISH: Lunges: 38 alternating
START: bicep curls: 29 FINISH: Bicep curls: 48
START: squats: 30 FINISH: Squats: 35
STARTING WORKOUT: 60 min body attack, 30 min cxworx
SOMETHING NEW: did a crossfit class, and switched up my dairy products. Like almond milk now.

SERAPHIM_DREAM(Sera)START: Pushups (toes 1) (knees 21) FINISH: Pushups (toes 3) (knees 34)
START: Crunches 28 FINISH: Crunches 63
START: Lunges 19 (alternating) FINISH: Lunges 27 (alternating)
START: Bicep curls 42 (5# weights) FINISH: Bicep curls 42 (5# weights)
START: Squats 36 FINISH: Squats 57
STARTING WORKOUT: 1 hour of Zumba
SOMETHING NEW LEARNED: I remember when I first did this and how terrible my form was,especially on lunges. I'm very thankful to be able to see that I am making progress :-) was able to stay in til the end, participated in all challenges, tnts, and lcws. I also tracked better with my exercise and nutrition,Although I have tonsOf room for improvement...especially in my food choices, I am thankful for my progress though and especially for our cappies and my mocha sisters!

DVATCH (Denise)START: Pushups 26 on knees, FINISH: pushups (knees): 27
START: Crunches 47 FINISH: crunches: 45
START: Lunges 29 FINISH: lunges: 27
START: Bicep curls 42 with 5 lb in each hand FINISH: bicep curls (5 pounds): 34
START: Squats 40 FINISH: squats: 38
STARTING WORKOUT: I worked out this morning - Core 20 and Stretch 40.
SOMETHING NEW LEARNED: so many "news" for me! C25k is my newest new! I've tried Slim in 6, multiple Biggest Loser DVDs, my new heart rate monitor/calorie burn calculator (WHICH I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!), and just the idea of focusing on different things each day of the week - LCW, TNT, specific weigh in day.

MEKNOX (Meg)- START:, Pushups (on knees): 27 FINISH: Pushups (on TOES!): 23
START: Crunches (can't do these due to back issues, so I held my plank for as long as I could) - 35 sec FINISH: - Crunches (can't do these due to back issues, so I held my plank for as long as I could) - 42 sec.
START: - Lunges (stationary/alternating): 28 FINISH: Lunges (stationary/alternating): 30
START: Bicep curls (the gym only had 5 lb weights): 30 FINISH: Bicep curls (the gym only had 8 lb weights): 26
START: Squats: 39 FINISH: Squats: 41
STARTING WORKOUT: I did 30 min ENDING WORKOUT: cardio on two different elliptical machines - one regular and one that's more like a gazelle.

CJMITCH1588(Cyn)START: Pushups: (modified on knees) 15 FINISH: Pushups:12
START: Crunches: 32 FINISH: crunches: 36
START: Lunges (stationary/alternating): 24FINISH: Lunges: 20
START: Bicep Curls: 26 FINISH: Bicep Curls: 33
START: Squats: 38 FINISH: Squats: 36
STARTING WORKOUT: In addition to my 45 min walk, I did befit in 90 day 5 which involved two strength training videos and some yoga (not a big fan of yoga).
SOMETHING NEW LEARNED: though some of my scores went down I'm pretty sure I'm doing them with better form now.

KSMACKERS(Kimberly)START:, Push ups: (modified on knees) 10 FINISH: Push ups: (modified on knees) 10
START: Crunches: 23FINISH: Crunches: 23
START: Lunges (stationary/alternating): 22 FINISH: Lunges (stationary/alternating): 22
START: Bicep Curls: 23 FINISH: Bicep Curls: 23
START: Squats: 35 FINISH: Squats: 35

SUNNYSIDEUPMARY(Mary)START:, Push-ups (modified): 7 FINISH: Pushups, modified 23 (+16)
START: Crunches: 0 Core & knee strengthening workout (new PR for modified plank of 1:05) FINISH: Crunches 16 (+16) Modified plank 2:10 (+1.05)
START: Lunges: 23 FINISH: Lunges 40 (+17)
START: Bicep curls with 5# weights: 39 FINISH: Bicep curls (+12)
START: Squats: 26 FINISH: Squats 38 (+13)
STARTING WORKOUT: Recumbent bike for 60 minutes, 15.2 miles
SOMETHING NEW LEARNED: I know what I did today is an improvement.
Exercise prior to fitness test - run/walk 5.1 miles over 68.5 minutes


START: Pushups (Modified using my kitchen counter) – 30 FINISH: Pushups (Modified using my kitchen counter) – 43
START: Crunches – 42 FINISH: Crunches – 53
START: Lunges (alternating) – 20 FINISH: Lunges (Alternating) – 20
START: Bicep Curls 3lbs (all I had) – 50 FINISH: Bicep Curls 3#s – 53
START: Squats – 36 FINISH: Squats – 30 (but I have a better range of motion and I am getting a deeper squat then when I started, which I see as a plus. )
STARTING WORKOUT: a half hour walk this morning.
SOMETHING NEW LEARNED: I got better at tracking on SP. I usually just keep track here in my journal because I found tracking on here a bit tedious as a lot of what I use I had to enter everything, I couldn’t just select the product. And I cut out a lot of pre-packaged foods so that fixed that. Lol.

BECCA315(Becca)START: 30 modified push-ups FINISH: 30 modified push-ups
START: 12 modified lunges FINISH: 12 modified lunges
START: 60 curls w/3# weights FINISH: 60 curls w/3# weights
START: No crunches for this gal ~ still recovering. FINISH: No crunches for this gal ~ still recovering.
START: 20 modified squats FINISH: 20 modified squats
SOMETHING NEW LEARNED: on track is not like your job. You can't leave it behind on the weekends, holidays, events, etc. It's too easy to erase all your hard work with one bad decision on a Saturday night, even if no alchohol is involved...

KATHYM617(Kathy)START: pushups (toes): 24 FINISH: pushups (toes): 31
START: crunches: 32 FINISH: crunches: 36
START: lunges: 24 FINISH: lunges: 30
START: bicep curls (12 pounds): 32 FINISH: bicep curls (12 pounds): 42
START: squats: 31 FINISH: squats: 38
STARTING WORKOUT: in place for 20 minutes FINISHING WORKOUT: 15 minutes of circuit training and 17 minutes of yoga
SOMETHING NEW LEARNED: (1) getting back into yoga -- I've been practicing weekly; (2) working out on Sundays -- it used to be my off day; (3) really pushing myself with running -- I have shaved half a minute off my mile pace for steady runs and ran 6 miles for the first time (and now have run 9+ miles!).

BROOKRIVERS(Brook)START: Push ups - 30 FINISH: Push ups (modified) - 50 Push ups (toes -- new): 18 to 20 -- shallow, however
START: Crunches - 25FINISH: Crunches - 50
START: Lunges - 35 FINISH: Lunges - 46
START: Bicep Curl - 45 (5lb weight) FINISH: Bicep Curl - 52 (5lb weight)
START: Squats – 43FINISH: Squats – 65
STARTING WORKOUT: 40 minutes walk/jog on treadmill,45 minutes -- spin class,18,614 steps today FINISHING WORKOUT: 60 minutes walk/jog/hike (incline 1 to 15 @ 3.5 to 4mph for 30 minutes) on treadmill -- and including being able to run 30 minutes straight now @5 to 5.5mph. Just starting to be able to do some parts of the run @6mph,45 and 60 minute spin classes,Body Pump class,Reached 30,000 steps one day (Daily Average is currently 12,800 steps)
SOMETHING NEW LEARNED: Spark "Your Way to a 5K" -- Run Your Butt Off Program --Body Pump, Mindful Yoga, BeFit in 90, Watching Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of the Biggest Loser on YouTube, Listening to Bob Harper, Jillian Michael, and Renee Stephens podcasts (although regarding spirituality she and I differ, she has many valuable insights about the weight loss journey), Also, rel-listened to The Simple Diet by Dr. Anderson. New additions to my menu: Kale chips (homemade) and an Avocado/Banana Smoothie with Vanilla Greek Yogurt (and sometimes with 30-cal vanilla almond milk or light Soy milk)-- and recently with organic baby spinach -- so surprised how good this is.

HOLLY404040(Holly)START: Pushups 20 on knees FINISH: Pushups, modified knees - 28
START: Crunches 28 FINISH: Crunches 33
START: Lunges 14 modified FINISH: Lunges modified 12
START: Bicep curls 36 with 5# FINISH: Bicep curls with 10 pounds - 34
START: Squats 14 working on deep (butt to calf)FINISH: Squats 25
STARTING WORKOUT: I did 60 minutes of water aerobics
SOMETHING NEW LEARNED: for my new activities started deep water jogging and jumps in the water (legs do not allow on land)

JENNIW29(Jennifer)START: Push ups (on knees) - 18 FINISH: Push ups (on knees) - 21
START: Crunches - 40FINISH: Crunches - 52
START: Lunges - 29FINISH: Lunges - 37
START: Bicep Curl - 37 (5lb weight) FINISH: Bicep Curl - 51 (5lb weight)
START: Squats – 37 FINISH: Squats – 43
STARTING WORKOUT: 30 minutes elliptical ENDING WORKOUT: 60+ minutes of yoga completed today
SOMETHING NEW LEARNED: consistently exercising on the weekends. Previously, I used the weekend as an excuse to sit around because I worked so hard during the week. Now I try to do the majority of my sitting around while actually at work, because I am doing that anyways. I still love my couch, but I am more likely to only use it after I have put in my time for the day.

MARJIMAC63(Marji)START: Push ups (kitchen counter) - 28 FINISH: Push ups (kitchen counter) - 40
START: Crunches (reverse i.e. sit-backs) – 15 FINISH: Crunches (reverse i.e. sit-backs) - 23
START: Lunges (L+R=1) - 20 FINISH: Lunges (L+R=1) - 26
START: Bicep Curl (8 lb weight) - 22 FINISH: Bicep Curl (8 lb weight) - 30
START: Squats – 22FINISH: Squats – 25
STARTING WORKOUT: 35 min Walk It Out

TAHUNA(Tonya)I do know that I am half way to my goal to get me to my school. I need to lose 11 inches and I have lost 6 inches so far. I may have lost more in other areas but the 2 that I measure for the Army (hips and waist) is 6 inches smaller. Now I just need 5 more by August. I really thought this was impossible but it seems it is not a daunting and I thought and not entirely impossible to reach. I have a very good support system at work. A co-worker and I keep each other on track and we work out together everyday (ok we are on our own on the weekends).

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    Super! You all have built (and continue to build) a rockin' team! emoticon
    1695 days ago
    Wow! Such emoticon progress by everyone! Love that the beginning and ending points were taken as often we don't realize how far we've come or what we are truly capable of. Can sense the support and encouragement on the team! I'm currently reviewing all the team profiles for the upcoming round of BLC and Mighty Mocha Hunters are definitely one of my top choices I am looking at! emoticon
    1740 days ago
    Very impressive! What an awesome team you are!

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    1743 days ago
    I am impressed!!! emoticon
    1745 days ago
  • KPACE7
    The Mochas progress is AMAZING! The team has a lot to be proud of......I know BLC 22 is going to be GREAT too. emoticon
    1745 days ago
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