Sunday, April 14, 2013

Have you ever "put off" your health or diet routines until the time was "better?" I did. I felt too stressed and had to spend far too much time in a chair either reading textbooks or writing papers for the last two years of college. I felt certain I would get back to it with vigor after I graduated.

Putting it off meant gaining back most of my weight. Yuck. My body looks lumpy and I have felt weak and frumpy. BUT... I know how to do this 'diet' thing, and the hypnosis I have been doing has made controlling my food intake relatively easy.

However, I have found throughout my life that I can lose 10 or even 15 pounds without increasing my exercise, but that is about it. Honestly, I don't eat that much. Sometimes I eat foods that are too high in calorie density, but overall I am not one who stuffs my face. I like good food, salty food, and sometimes rich food, but I am not one to just cram in gobs of it. So, I can adjust my diet and lower my calories, but in the end I find that exercise is key.

I have tried and tried the last two months to get back to my walking regime but I have had ever-increasing foot pain. With our on-again off-again medical insurance, I had to wait to get an appointment for an x-ray. By the time I got in two weeks ago and got the results, my doctor was on vacation - then my insurance lapsed again (sigh). So, while I have the results, I have no real explanation for what they mean.

It appears (from what I can cobble together) that I have a congenital deformity, a slightly flat foot and several spurs. I spoke to a doctor friend of mine (out of state) who is still concerned that they missed a tiny stress fracture because of the location of the pain and the duration of it.

For now, I am on ice, and regular ibuprophen. And, I am off walking.
And I am not losing any weight.

My doctor friend (of course) recommended that I lose weight to ease the stress on my foot. Yeah, like I needed someone to tell me that.

Hubby suggested I buy a bike - the same day as a woman was knocked off her bike on the trail by our house and nearly raped. That sort of put a damper on that idea.

I'm not giving up - I will figure something out. I'm just going to have to use a different strategy. I am not sure how to keep off the foot and have a life- how to do laundry, wash the car, garden, clean house...pretty danged impossible without putting weight on my foot. Perhaps I have to get better at hopping *lol* Although, I don't want to stress fracture the other foot.

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    I've been missing you so thought I'd check in and see how you're doing!
    1623 days ago
    Hey dear sorry to hear about your foot issues. Hubs has the same problem and he can't walk because of it and it is driving ME nuts...why? Because he's crabby when he doesn't get his walking exercise in.

    We are in the same insurance being self employed. Luckily he hit medicare this year so once he gets his deductible in he should be good to go.

    We went to a doctor (D.O.) I trust them more since they are more whole body. He recommended a foot therapist...they call him the 'foot whisperer'...ha funny. But I'd take ANYTHING natural before they start cutting or shooting in corisone.

    In the meantime how about swimming...great for exercise without weight bearing?

    Good luck and hang in...YOU can get this foot back to have the will, the smarts and the stamina! emoticon
    1768 days ago
    Oh, no!! Not good news. I can relate.

    I am finally on the road to recovery from the pneumonia just in time to have seasonal allergies but I'm pushing on. So relieved I can breath. The prednisone and antibiotics stirred up old problems but I'm dealing with them. Arthritis sucks right now. And, I am fat as a tick. It's hard to get back up to speed for me too as I don't lose much without diet and lots of exercise.

    Hang in there. Will yourself to heal. Guided imagery. You can do it.
    1773 days ago
    Oh dear friend,
    It is so good to hear from you. I know you are busy but it's just better with you around emoticon
    What a bummer about the insurance and foot issues! I would be put off on biking too with that kind of thing happening....scary. Okay, you are the smartest woman ever so I feel lame making any suggestions but annoyingly, I will anyway emoticon
    Sit and Be Fit? I have done them before and believe it or not, it's a challenge! Free on PBS but I know there are videos too. Our gym offers it
    If Hubby will buy you a trail bike will he maybe consider a stationary bike? I bought one relatively cheap at Costco but had to sell it even cheaper on Craigslist last year because of my lower back. I got in in lots of miles while watching movies.
    You are the one who turned me on to T-Tapp and I know that is weight on the foot but I wonder because of the form is it less painful? I know she talks a lot about re-building the arches of the feet and my class instructor talked a lot about the burning being the muscles of the foot being strengthened but I wouldn't do anything without talking to your doctor friend.
    Oh I do hope you get some relief soon and again, it's just so fab to hear from you. You know how to do this thing, you have the benefit of being really successful and you know just how to again. You really rocked the school thing and I can't imagine the total shift you are in the middle of but I know thus is all about getting back to self- care first and you are doing just that by icing and profing.

    1774 days ago
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