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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Some five or six weeks late, spring finally has sprung here on the Eastern Seaboard of the USA. Outdoors our lawn, trees and shrubs are remarkably late getting underway with green-up. The DC Cherry Blossoms are a full 30 days behind their late-winter bloom of a year ago.

I think Al Gore has been asleep on the job, as this part of the globe has not been feeling all that warm at all. You'd think, not being President and all he would have nothing better to do than to work hard warming the globe and proving himself correct, but apparently not this year so far. Not here, anyway. (Yes, I still believe that his book and movie were dead-on right and challenge you all to a debate on anthropogenic global warming, anytime you like.)

So what has Al Gore been doing? Seen a picture of him, lately? Whether you have seen him or not, it's pretty clear what he has not been doing: using the Sparky nutrition tracker. There is decidedly more of Al to love or despise (depending on your party affiliation and point of view) since he won the 2000 election and proceeded not to become President.

Al may be exercising; I am too. Al may be buying healthful foods; I am too. Al may be forsaking culinary temptations as I almost always do too. But here is one thing I believe Al is not doing or using, and I know this because I'm not doing/using it enough either:

A.I.N.T. - The All-Important Nutrition Tracker. Putting it firmly in control with the same unrelenting sternness of Seinfeld's Soup Nazi resulted in pounds melting away by the dozen(s), a year ago. Easing up on A.I.N.T. (as the flawed human that I am) generally has done me in over the last half-year or so, and has resulted in a moderately-bumpy extended plateau of my own damn doing. It's time. I ain't doing this halfway any more.

A.I.N.T. - It ain't always convenient. It surely ain't always quick. It ain't user-friendly when a recipe needs to be broken down by individual ingredients, or when nutrition labeling needs a microscope to decipher. But I have six months of solid data that SCREAMS that my previously stellar pace of weight loss simply ain't happening without it.

Who's with me? Ain't it time? For me, it is. Right here. Right now. (Now, ain't that a tad clever - even for a Democrat?).

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    Took an extended break from tracking during the fall and early winter."Peak" season in my business (coinciding with the start of the school year) leaves not much time for anything but nose-to-the-grindstone.

    kfully, (and "naturally" I might add) low carb is pretty intuitive, and once you've been doing it for a while you know the relative values of most food. Calories are a distant fourth place in importance, after net carbs, fat grams, and protein grams.

    Where the tracking pays off is in three areas:

    ~ Spotting "carb creep": 3g here and 2g there start to add up to way too many g at the end of the day

    ~ Overdoing protein: low carb is NOT high protein, but in a low-fat-obsessed society it's hard to get enough fat in your diet without getting too much protein. Unless you're a serious bodybuilder or runner you just don't need that much.

    ~ Planning: I try to fill in my tracker in the morning with the things that I'm expecting to eat or drink all day, and then I can see where I have room for some creativity.

    You can fault me for not wanting my name or image readily available on social media, but my menu is an open book for all the world to read and laugh at!
    1796 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/18/2013 9:48:30 AM
  • XRSIZE18
    I think you and I must have been drinking the same Koolaid this week. I'm done with this winter hibernation and the lack of blubber that's been falling off. So while you're on the A.I.N.T program, I'll be following your progress and jumping on the SET program Super-important Exercise Tracker. Ready SET Go! :) I'll cheer you on Bossman.
    1796 days ago
    A.I.N.T. - The all-important Nutrition Tracker.”
    “It ain't always convenient. It surely isn’t always quick. It ain't user-friendly”
    I strongly agree with this statement. When you go check the tracker and get over 20 entries for the same food and no none of the 20 have the same calorie count. Or it can’t find the food. I am like you have not seen the scale move or if it moves it goes up and down like a yo yo . After reading your blog it made me stop and think don’t sweat the small stuff pick a food and its calorie count pick one that is close to what think is right. Make groupings remember we don’t have to be perfect. Going to give the tracker a try again instead of just writing down what I ate in a note book. Great blog thanks
    emoticon emoticon
    1797 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/16/2013 10:43:55 PM
    I have also been stuck on this - although I showed meeting a goal weight for what was a first goal weight on this journey . Now , I have committed to losing the rest of the poundage that is incontinently formed on my body. And , yes I track everyday , I believe for me the closer I become to finish line which is still 30 pounds away to the second and final goal weight the harder it is to lose. Its a numbers game on the tracker with both food and exercise. The more I work out the more calories I am suppose to eat and sparky higher ups , keep bumping up my caloric intake ( hard for me to grasp) so I am giving in to their advice , and give it a chance . Replacing my stubborn , I know everything attitude aside, huge step for me , we will see.
    1797 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/16/2013 1:11:41 PM
    I don't know, Sparkfriend, I think limiting intake might have something to do with it, too! I've been pigging out, so the fact that I track my calories (and exceed my calorie goal regularly) isn't really cutting it either.


    Here's a toast to taking the time to track AND staying within calorie range!
    1798 days ago
    Love "ain't". I always do better when I use it.
    1799 days ago
    Love the acronym! I might borrow it! I too am an obsessively good user at work, for breakfast lunch and snacks, and then I meltdown at home at night and on the weekends. I think it is time to be honest with ourselves about our after work lives!
    1799 days ago
  • DRB13_1
    Al used to run marathons. Divorcing Tipper is another reason of "life happens." Hope he decides to balance his life out (or since global warming happens, maybe he figures nothing matters)
    1799 days ago
    I know that you're right. I do well at work, then don't track at home -- and it all falls apart. New week, better week. Go Giants!
    1799 days ago
    I've been tracking my food for three years now. I'm sure it helps me. I started with the SP Tracker about a year ago and it's certainly saved me a lot of paper.
    1799 days ago
    Great Blog Boss!
    Had me smiling the whole read!

    Gosh- if only the Republicans haddn't stolen the election that year- things would be different. and probably a lot for the better.

    I say probably because you never know. did you read steven kings newer book. 10/22/63? excellant book- I listen to the audio version. it was really good- time travel- back to when kennedy was shot to save him.

    as far as the AIN'T- I need to start measuring. I think I am underestmating. I have been holding my weight steady.. which is good- just that I am not where I want to end up.

    Have a great week!
    1799 days ago
    I'm a confirmed AINT user - because it really is all about calories in and calories out. Can't do it without that.

    And if not now, when?

    1799 days ago
    I AINT' gonna stop using the all important nutrition tracker . . . sometimes in advance. Key for me too.
    1799 days ago
    Fvck, if he'd only become president for real... :(
    1799 days ago

    Don't forget to drink your water and move your booty some every day!!

    (¯`♥´¯) .♥.•*¨`*♫.♥
    .´*.¸.•´♥ We can do it one day at a time!!

    ¸¸.•´¸.•*¨) ♥¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ .♥ (¸.•´ .♥ (¸.•*´¨`* ♥☆¸.•*´¨`*♥☆
    `*♥☆ Keep Spreading the Spark!!!

    1799 days ago
  • NOMIS1
    I have never gotten the hang of the tracker. I do it an old fashioned way notebook and pen. One of these days I'll join this century.
    1799 days ago
    Using the tracker is my version of chess. I enter foods, often most the day before. Then, as mood shifts, I shift the items around to other headings or delete and replace. It keeps me honest and off the streets.

    Thanks for the giggles.
    1799 days ago
    The Soup Nazi ("No soup for you!") . . . my favorite character! Poor Elaine . . . being denied soup!

    All I can say is being in maintenance, the need for tracking does not diminish -- at least not for me! Weighing remaining healthy vs. gaining weight back and becoming less healthy . . . I'll track to stay healthy!

    1799 days ago
    Yep sure is .... I'm with ya !! also been on that plateau and determined to get something done !! I'm also a firm believer in all that too !! Roc
    1799 days ago
    You give me hope that we too may see spring. Climate change, regardless of cause or blame sucks when my weather sucks! :)
    1799 days ago
  • MARYANN2323
    Ain't it the truth! It may be a laborious task, hence the usage of "favorite" food more often, but once I got most of my "often eaten" things entered, I found it has gone much quicker. If it works to your advantage, why change that? Is it not insane to keep doing the same thing (not tracking) over and over, and expect a different out come? I'm just saying......... emoticon
    1799 days ago
    Whimsical blog.

    Global Warming is indeed a concern.

    I'm not very politically active, although I am registered and do vote. I AM a "Jesus Freak" from my generation - and as such I believe that being made in God's image and given dominion over creation, we need to be GOOD STEWARDS. I may not be able to turn the tide of humankind self-destruction (taking the rest of creation with it!) but I can do what I can to delay it.

    Here's to diligence. Blessings to you on the journey to a healthy lifestyle, and a greener planet with cleaner energy.
    1799 days ago
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