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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Well here we are at TEAM -16 Days and counting... About a week and a half ago I received a letter from my Health Insurance Provider that they approved my surgery. Then Last week I received a call from my Surgeon's Office that my Pre Surgery Visit is April 23rd at 8:30 AM which is real funny because I have my Primary Care Doctor's visit on the same day at 11:15 AM several miles away. Don't get me wrong if everything goes as it should, it shouldn't be much of a problem. I started my Pre-Surgery Liquid Diet today as well, I wanted to start it on the earliest part of the window to start it that My Surgeon gave me to prevent any problems, but at the same time get the best results for everything. My surgery date is set for May 1st.

Everyone has been with me on this, which is a bit surprising. I honestly thought I would get a little resistance from a few people even if they are outside of the circle of Family and Friends, but really the only person who has said anything against the idea of me going though the surgery was my Ex-Girlfriend when I first started going to the weight clinic (But as I said in my last blog entry, it's not like she's still in the picture of things anyway.) The worst thing I got about things was from my Best Friend because her Birthday is the day after my surgery. But she also understands the situation and everything and is being really supportive. Even though has vowed revenge for me telling her husband jokes right after her C-Section 12 Years Ago. LOL! As far as Birthday Celebrations go I told her that her and her husband can have the weekend of her Birthday for themselves. But the first weekend I'm up to things... It's her and I! Her answer to that is "Nope, even though I plan a bit of revenge for the C-Section thing... I plan to come up to the hospital to visit and check on you since really don't have a lady to tend to you and such." I smiled and told her that it wasn't needed, I have no plans to be part of the bed. Don't get me wrong I'm not going to push myself to any limits or such. But I'm not going to lay in bed waiting for discharge papers either. I'm going to get up and move around the room (or the floor if allowed) Of course when I told her that I was even going to have my personal and work cell phones with me she started yelling about "Personal Cell I can understand, But your Work Cell?! NO FREAKING WAY! You will be there to heal, not to do work." Of course I simply said "Yes, Dear." LOL!
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