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Loving Yourself: The ABCs of Living a More Positive Life

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Always think with an open mind, realize that nothing is ever is bad as it seems in the moment.

Before you open your mouth to say something negative - think again.

Conserve your brainpower and energy by not thinking negative thoughts.

Do always look for a better way to accomplish the task.

Every day try to say something positive to another person.

Forget about what is bothering you, and focus on something better.

Give yourself a virtual pat on the back at least once a day.

Have a look around you in every situation, and see something positive about it.

Interesting people; the world is full of them. Sit down, and talk with them.

Joyful; when you are joyful you tend to be more positive thinker.

Keep negative people at bay unless you want their negativity rubbing off on you.

Let others be who they are, just as you are who you are.

Make each day a little bit brighter by doing at least one random act of kindness.

Never say “I can’t do anything right”.

Optimistic is the way to be in your thinking.

Practice an attitude of gratitude for everyone and everything in your life – even the “not so good” things. It all serves a purpose to help you grow and move forward.

Quietly contemplate all the good in your life in every moment, and that will put you into a more positive thinking frame of mind.

Remember that there are other people worse off than you in every situation.

Stay aware of your feelings and emotions to help you remain more positive in every moment.

Think about what is good in your life and the world around you in every problematic situation. It will gently nudge your brain, and help you to creatively move toward possible solutions.

Understand that positive thinking is a systematic process; the more you do it, the better you are at it.

Very often, or whenever you start going to that dark place of negativity, remind yourself that you are a good person, and give yourself a virtual hug instead of the usual critical judgments.

Worry less about things that you have no control over, or cannot change.

Extra focus and TLC are needed during stressful times to think positively; remember to be more tolerant of your mistakes.

Yesterday is in the past; it is no longer productive to worry about it because you cannot change it.

Zip away all the bad thoughts, and negative thinking.

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