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Weekly Recap, and the Week Ahead

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Terrific! Apparently I gave my body the right kind of exercise stimulus and nutrition last week, and it has let go a full 1% of bodyfat this morning!

Using a bioimpedence device to measure my bodyfat can fluctuate as much as scale weight, so I use a moving average to 'smooth' the variations. Last week I averaged about 28.6% bodyfat. This morning I recorded 27.6%. I am 0.5 inch down on my waist.


This means the trend is going down - it's working! Incidentally, my scale weight has held steady the entire time: 129 lbs.

I need the scale to calculate my bodyfat percentage, but I'm not trying to shoot for a certain number. My body composition is the only thing I'm focused on, not my weight. I don't know what my final weight is going to be if I reach the bodyfat percentage I want. So I'm not paying attention to the scale.


Here's a recap of what I did last week:

Resistance: M-W "New Rules of Lifting" weight training program
Cardio: Walking, bicycle (low intensity less than 60% HRM)

Carbs/Fat/Protein(%): 25/50/25
Calories: 1500-2200

I ate 5-6 meals every two hours of approximately 300-350 calories with a high volume of freggies and lean protein (fish, chicken, lean beef, eggs, pork). I cooked everything either in olive oil or coconut oil, added avocados to my eggs and salads, and snacked on nuts.

I ate about 80-100g of protein per day. I estimate my protein requirements by eating 1g of protein per pound of lean mass, which is currently ~93lbs.

I keep my carbs between 60-120g. Bananas and sweet potatoes were eaten on higher carb days. Minimal grains. I made an eggs benedict with Arnold's Sandwich Thins as the base yesterday.

Non diet food was a martini on Friday and a couple of glasses of wine during the week. I don't have a weekly treat food or anything, as I don't want to associate foods or desserts as a reward.

I intended to do 3 days of the NRoLL weight training, but DH had time off from work, so we spent it together with a day shopping out of town Friday, and a bike ride Saturday. We rode 14.5 miles, and unfortunately got a little bit of a sunburn! I put aloe on it this morning.

Today I'm going to take as a complete rest day to do schoolwork. Only three weeks left until the end of the term. The weather is calling for thunderstorms today, but I'm going to try to get a two mile walk in before the rain comes.

This week's plan is to continue with the NRoLL lifting starting tomorrow. I'm shooting for the full three M-W-F days, and ride my bicycle on T-Th this week. My eating plan will remain the same.

Start your week off strong!

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