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A rare creature

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Have you ever watched those shows about genealogy? I find them to be interesting. My family has a mixture of well documented, famous people, and complete mysteries. I am a rare creature because I carry a healthy dose of mixed genetics but I also carry traits from both sides which are the stuff of legend. I am fiercely loyal, generous, and gentile. In another time or place I would have been an actual Princess. I come from long lines of deeply intense people who put their blood where their loyalties lay. We fought many battles, won many, lost some, and grew famous through the works of playwrights. Its not that I'm famous, but I can see myself in those old stories, in those people. Many times I was cast as a 'Queen' in school plays because of my 'regal bearing'. It has to do with posture, internal fortitude, and something called 'Noblesse Oblige.' We are born with this idea that we are responsible for the well being of all man kind, we carry the obligation of the noble to his people.

I feel deeply responsible for those who are mistreated, even though I'm not the perpetrator of those crimes. In my heart I feel that it is my responsibility, neigh, my obligation to protect those within my kingdom (even though I don't have one!). Its a little like the son of a police officer might grow up to be a police officer like his Dad. Well, I grew up with the notion that I was to protect all of those around me, even if that meant (I don't have an army) raising an army and patrolling the border myself. Its not just what I think, its what I'm made of. My family is riddled with statesmen, ambassadors, and prime ministers.

I'm a blend. I'm an American blend, like the best coffees. I'm a blend. My father is native and Irish on his mother's side. His grandmother was full blood native. Often you hear about how someone has a native blood relative 'way back'. Well, for us, its not way back. Its just down the road. My father's maternal grandfather was an Irish man, quiet, gentle, kind, and very clever. I see many of those traits in my brother. My father's father was English and Welsh. The Welsh are so rare that I only know of two in all of show business. The word 'Welsh' means 'slave'. They are a Celtic tribe in the UK known for cheery dispositions, quirky spelled names (lots of double 'L's and 'Y's), and the Prince of Wales. The English bit is where the 'noble' part comes from. One of the men that I think of that most embodies the 'English' face and look is (oddly they say he is an Irishman. . . ) George Sanders aka the 'Saint'. If you didn't really know what an Englishman was like, there you go, its George. Incidentally, you may not have known that not all Brits are English and not all English are Brits! The Brits come from Brittany and are a different tribe all together. How an English country with an English Monarch came to be 'Great Britain' I don't really know.

On the other side of the family is my beloved Mother. Mom is also a celtic/native/English mix, just in a different ratio. Her father was native and Irish. That is where she got her good native looks. She got the pretty skin, the high cheekbones, and the perfect Irish nose. The irish in the family looks like Sean Bean. I don't think he is any relation, but he sure looks the part. Her mother was (I hate to write was because I don't know that I believe in a past tense for people.) English on her own mother's side and French on her biological father's side. The Frenchman was killed in a terrible car accident just like Cousin Matthew in Downton Abbey, thrown from the car and killed instantly. They say he was 'tall dark and handsome'. We don't even know his name. My grandmother was adopted by her mother's husband, a lovely kind Scotsman. When you think of the bio dad, think of Gerry Depardieu. My brother got his looks from that Frenchman, come to think of it, so did I to a greater extent. It wasn't until I was in high school that I discovered I had French ancestry. I was taking French in school and I said how easy it was, my mother pipes up, 'Well of course its easy, you are one!' 'I are one???' I got the chin. The french chin and the french fluff around the thighs/hips. People say French women don't get fat, well I'm here to tell you otherwise.

I got my Dad's nose. I got the Welsh mouth. I got the English skin. I got the family's deep set eyes. My brother and I look more like them than we do our own parents. If it weren't for every other trait, we would wonder just where they got us. I got my grandmother's French chin, her petite stature, and her hungry mind for reading. I got my father's mother's love of music and ability to play Chopin. We never knew each other, his parents were killed in a car accident when he was 19 years old. So, its definitely genetics because he doesn't play and my mother doesn't either. I also earned my quick temper from my Dad's side of the family. I have worked on that over the years. I used to be a terror. I had an acidic tongue, I was quite mean as a teen. I know that seems normal, but with my sharp wit, it was a recipe for bringing grown people to tears. I quickly learned that inflicting pain is not always the best nor is it the kindest thing to do.

So there is your history of me lesson for the day. The word of the day is 'genealogy'!
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    My family is similar - mostly Scottish and English with the Irish and Welsh thrown in. We are descendants of Scottish nobility and I'm sure total cads as well.
    1796 days ago
    i am a mutt, a regular heniz 57, scotch dutch german irsh hungary .
    1798 days ago
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