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Who Shot the Monkey?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

It was another exciting afternoon at the roller rink.

Being that it was such a beautiful day, most people evidently decided to spend time outdoors. It was not very crowded, very few teenagers, mostly small children there for birthday parties. We were skating away, having a great time, when they announced the Limbo game. I THOUGHT that it would be the perfect time to practice skating backwards, which I am just learning how to do. About 90% of the skaters were in the middle for Limbo, so very few were left around the outside edge.

Keep in mind that I have NOT learned how to turn around, or stop when going backwards. I just have to let myself roll until I lose momentum and come to a stand still, then slowly shuffle myself to the opposite direction.

I am going along just great, and hubby is skating close by to make sure I don't hurt myself, and catch me if I start to fall. HA! I'm watching over my right shoulder, when all of a sudden this tiny little girl behind me comes to a dead stop to watch the Limbo game.

I just know I'm going to run over this small child

and turn her into rink kill that has to be scraped off the floor.

About this time, the Limbo bar gets knocked off and his the floor with a super loud C-R-A-C-K! I holler for to my hubby for help as I try to stop, and guess what he's doing??? Turning around and watching the Limbo game. My feet fly straight up in the air

and I land flat on my back

which prompts one of the kids who sees me there regularly to shout out, "Who shot the Crazy Lady?"

Thank goodness for my martial arts training and all of the falling classes I attended!

I tucked my chin to my chest to keep my head from hitting the floor, and landed flat so that the shock of the impact would be absorbed. Master Zach would be so proud. I popped back up and continued skating...forwards this time.

No pain...and hopefully, next time I step on the scales, No Gain.

No small children were hurt in the making of this public spectacle of self. emoticon
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